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    Very recently, our community was attacked. An individual recently blackmailed myself, attempting to get money from me. I don't know why I was targeted, or if I was a random target of opportunity. The initial message is copied below: It is true that I bought and sold bitcoin years back, but that money is loooong gone. There's only two ways they could have known this information. 1. They've been in the community for a long time, or 2. They had access to my information and computers for a long time, and uncovered that transaction history. However, the claim that I made a lot of money through rmog.us, is false. I don't make a dime. In fact, I've put in thousands of dollars over the years to pay for everything, but very recently, I simply couldn't afford to do so any more, nor was it something I that was financially smart for me to do. Every donation that comes to revo, goes to it's own paypal account, which is obviously only used for costs for the community. As you can see, the individual threatens to expose pictures and personal/compromise information. And yes, they did attach pictures of myself, and nudes (we're adults here right?). However, these pictures were very old, and I believe they were on the computer I believe was compromised, because i didn't even know those pictures still existed. I was at work when I saw the email, and I then immediately notified my staff to assume all my accounts to be compromised, and to act accordingly, which, they already knew what to do. I also then started receiving messages from various people stating the website had been hacked. The individual had defaced the website, with the following text: Shortly after, I received another email (in reference to telling my staff to assume I was fully compromised): Shortly after that email, the now defaced forms received some updated code: Around the time this was posted, the individual had begun deleting everything. The server files, the game database, and I believe the forum database. It is not my belief that they ever had any intention to return the files. I immediately told my boss what was going on, then I went to the FBI with some preliminary information. I bought a burner phone as well, and used it to communicate with my staff and the FBI until my phone was verified clean. After sitting down with the FBI for a couple hours, I returned home, and shut down internet access to every server. I started locking them down, and regained control of the servers (the individual had changed my passwords to some servers, or just prevented the servers from booting at all. At this point, staff notified everyone in discord of the information that we were sharing with the public, and to immediately change ALL passwords to every account they own as a precaution. Fast forward to the next day, I have my computer secured, and get to work. I let the community know that the FBI was involved, and to avoid antagonizing the individual, and that there should be no discussion of attacking back, as that would only make things worse for everyone, and that's nots not something we encourage here. I later received this email from the individual: I'm unaware of what videos they are referring to by the last line. I assume other personal videos? But I'm not entirely sure. Three hours later, I received this email: At this point, and still to this day, I haven't responded to a single email from this person, however, the last two emails do tell me he was knowledge of who I am talking to, which, is easily doable, since I had been talking about the situation on public mediums. Nor have I sent any money. Fast forward to today. I've recovered numerous logs from our various servers, linking some IP's the suspect had used. This, and other information about the individual, has been shared with the FBI. I also obtained logs showing that tables in our databases were being dropped, around the time I suspected. So how did all this happen? Sadly, I can't get into too much detail about that, and i won't be able to for a long time due to the investigation. What I can say, is that I believe that had obtained access to my computer, and my passwords for all the servers. This is why they were able to log into any server they wanted, under my name, and do what they wish. I do believe I know how they got access, but that can't be shared at this time either. For now, all existing servers that were attacked, and other servers that we were using for other purposes have been quarantined. Logs and files relevant to the investigation have been prepared and handed over to the FBI, as well as snapshots of the server that they will be able to comb through as well in case I missed something. I've deleted those servers now, and started new ones, while also (eventually) reducing our costs. I've changed my passwords everywhere they've been used. I've also enabled 2FA where possible, as well as some other security measures I won't be going into. I'm currently in the process of setting up a backup server on site, an off-site backup server, and a off-site cold storage backup server, for all of our databases, as well as necessary files and information. Again, there are some other security measures that have, or will be put in place to help prevent this attack in the future, but I won't be revealing them here. So where are we now? Unfortunately, wiped. We do have some information from the forums and other backups, but it would take far too long to comb through and vet all the data to make sure it was safe to be used. So, everything has been wiped: forums, game db, and forums. We MIGHT restore the forum database, but it will remain like it does now if we do. I'm very sorry. It was my responsibility to safeguard the data and access to all of our servers, and somewhere along the way, I failed. That's on me, and I'm sorry that my lack of self discipline resulted in our community suffering this attack, and being unable to play. I understand that it is a game, but it is a community I started years ago, something I've tried to make better and better for a while now, so an attack that brings us down this far, is personal for me, because to me, I failed everyone here. And so again, for that, I am sorry. (please keep this topic free of any remarks about the individual, it doesn't do any good, and it will be hidden. Additionally, I will not be answer any further security questions, as I've already stated everything I will about it here.)
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    Glad everything is back, here is a clip of Floppy and Green celebrating!
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    I cosplay... ... And I change my hair colour a lot. and smol picture of kimono I wore for a couple weddings.
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    God this is fucking awkward, but this is the face behind Madmin and my pupper for cuteness.
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    How about a cute baby picture?
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    Couple of wedding pics. I am the bride. Tall blonde bridesmaid is my sister, little dark one is my best friend. You can also see the back of my mam's head, a reflection of another bridesmaid in the mirror and my niece rocking her sequin dress.
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    Seriously now...come up with your own RP scenarios rather than leching off others and chirping in trying to get into the situation in front of you, just because you can interfere with a situation doesn't mean you should. This is the 2nd time in a week I've had situation featuring "Vigilantes" that sandbag any progress just to look good in front of there idling legion square people. Last night something happened that was just down right stupid, the sight of 6+ people sprinting towards a gunfight was behold ridiculous. Rightfully they should have all been reported for FailRP but one "Vigilantes" stupidity stood out. Notice the legion idlers Tropper Barrett turns up as do the bored legionaries After a shoot out in with Barrett this guy "Saves the officer" in the middle of a shootout (sorry for the damaged clips) This idiot involved his self MID FIRE FIGHT and revived a 7 day ban And now they return to Idling... So next time you see and situation that does not involve you...keep it that way.
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    Nadeshko and her daughter Emilia
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    Hey everyone!! I had a post on the last forums that I feel was really beneficial to the community and wanted to bring it back. In the United States: So I felt this was a good time to bring this conversation back. In my original post I gave a huge shout out to my husband @Tavis for finally speaking up about his long battle with anxiety and depression. Tavis has dealt with it most of his life. In 2010 he was officially diagnosed with severe depression and severe social anxiety. Both of which sometimes leave him in such a debilitated state he can not leave the house or function normally. Then more recently our family doctor told us he believes Tavis may have a form of PTSD and suggested we seek further evaluation. After dealing with a lot of things last year he had to step away from role playing and even stepped back from streaming. So when he openly shared his battle for the first time it was huge. What's disappointing is it shouldn't have been the big deal that it was. Unfortunately there is such a stigma about mental health, a person will usually associate those things as weak and shameful and thus will keep it to themselves bottling it up, etc. For myself, I have battled with a form of PTSD, Grief, and Depression since 2006. At some point my brain went into a survival mode and I began boxing those memories and feelings. But it got worse when I essentially boxed them and put them behind a wall behind a mine field in my mind. I couldn't really feel anymore. Only recently as I started to try to deal with these things have I been able to cry for the first time in YEARS. This post is to bring awareness to mental health. Break the silence. Break the stigma. It's okay to not be okay. This community is family and please don't be afraid to speak up. Much Love!
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    Well here we go. My wife's water broke on the evening of the 13th, and we went to the hospital as planned. We spent the next few days with her being in pain due to contractions. I asked the doctor to perform an epidural as my wife was in agony from the contractions and exhaustion (nerve block of most pain from the middle spine down). An epidural is common in America, but uncommon in Japan. The doctor attempted this, and failed twice. No low pain birth for her. From that point until today they have been giving my wife pain meds and trying to have a natural birth, as here a C-section is last resort. At around 1700 JST+9 on May 20th, the doctors came into the room in a large quantity, and had the ultrasound machine. Afterwards the doctor called away for an emergency c section. I later found out this was due to my son entering a temporary death state. I actually got all of it on my GoPro IRL, scary stuff. Fortunately after a short surgery, Ryu was delivered at 3426 grams or a bit over 7.5lbs. He is huge and very tall compared to the average baby in Japan. From what we can tell both he and my wife will be fine and recover quickly. If you find me in server (as I have about 1-2 months off work for the baby, and mostly work from home) please don't mind a bit of background noise. This community really helped me through the last week, and has been a nice distraction to the very real and scary situations that have unfolded the last week. Couple of pictures. See you all around town, and thanks to everyone, as it is you who makes the community special. Respectfully, - Mike
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    So this is the face behind Luna Forest. I'm 24 from the UK, im a trained cocktail bartender but I currently work for one of the UK's biggest mobile phone provider. You cant miss me in the city, I've also got bright blue hair 💙
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    So I just read this: And I was thinking, this is probably common knowledge and it comes intuitive to some people who have experience but more often than not opt out of using an emote to better their RP due to the fact you have to hit K and browse through the list to find the emote that will go with what you're saying/doing. And then you have to go and stop the animation through the menu again. Having the command to /emote would make interactions much more smoother and you won't get yourself in a situation where you're stuttering or you don't respond immediately to someone/something because you're looking for the emote. And instead you can just do a quick /emote or /e smoke , for example. I have found out that /emote Sit currently works altho you still have to go to the menu to cancel animation to stand up as /emote stand /emote getup, etc doesn't work. Also adding some more animations will always be awesome, for example the "come at me bro" type of emote where your character puffs out their chest and spreads their arms sideways will be a good addition. Or having a face-palm emote, I'm sure there are many more that can be added. Also having the option to Walk while in some emotes will be amazing, like looking at your phone, smoking a cig, drinking, for example. And lastly being able to hotkey does emotes would be fantastic. I mean if you have macro keys on your keyboard/mouse you can macro those to do -T- /emote example 1 -ENTER- but it would be convenient if we can do that in game somehow.
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    The face behind the very bad mix of 2 accents.
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    This is me 😄 I'm married to this sexy guy (Tavis Curio) for almost 10 years!!! My primary job is as a medical assistant and office manager in an Urgent Care/Family Practice.
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    I've noticed we have a lot of cookie-cutter criminals treating RP as GTA Online lately which has been demotivating for many folks. With inspiration from the original community challenge by @Rigzby Rollins a long while ago, I am proposing we do it once more. THE CHALLENGE: Create a NEW character of something you have NEVER done before. IE: If you are typically a criminal, become a nerd or something, work at burgershot, become a convenience store clerk, or doctor, or whatever... just anything that isn't cookie cutter / game mechanic related / grinder. I want to see people putting EFFORT into their character. RP it fully. Put yourself into that character and enjoy something different which you may never have otherwise. RULES You cannot have a 'winning mentality' - Losing situations leads to RP just as much as winning situations does, and sometimes even more-so. Pursue opportunities If someone is /adverting a unique service, visit them and give them some RP. Have fun with it I think if even half the server is new and unique characters, we will have a lot of fun with it. Last time lead to some amazing RP. Roleplay Guidelines for New / Experienced players Random RP Character Generator Challenge yourself. Break out of your comfort zone. Let's make this happen. Cheers! - Zeke / R. Devine
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    So currently if you want a outfit to stick every time you join the server you have to go into the character creater wich is hella annoying, You redo everything from scratch each time, Would be nice if the outfit you put on at the clothing store sticks on you till you change again even when relogging. This would be awesome and I think alot of people agree, Alot of people always go to clothing stores after restart because they gonna switch to there main outfit and it's tidious going there everytime you crash, relog or restart and it would make life easier being able to have a permanent outfit without going to the character creator each time.
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    Take a look at our bouncy new baby boy @Rex Hughes who went down via dehydration while bringing a patient in, 2 feet from a water machine and after a dehydration call.
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    so recently the little aiming circle came back. Sure its great at gang area's where its needed at times. But lately now, its causing for all gun fights to end so quickly due to you just headshot so easily, could we please get rid of it? Its making gun fights not fun anymore.
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    The smile behind Nova....also the back of the head behind my husband aka Zach... did not want to put a pic of his face without his approval lol
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    Fuck it, I'll do this again. TwitchCon 2017 Then a couple from last year (One with a friendly puppy that I met) Then the last one is me like 5 minutes ago (ignore the messy room)
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    Some pics of me Here i am in my close to 10 year old Satr Wars shirt that just so comfy Me playing Games Me at work. It's too cold here in England to have beach parties so we have them inside
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    Guess I’ll help break the ice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some peeps know me as Jack
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    Inspiring, a few people around me (many I spend a lot of time in-character with) know that I'm not quite alright for one big reason: I have combat-induced PTSD. While that may be difficult for many people to relate to, it opened my eyes when I finally had to step forward, in my uniform, and admit that I was not ok. I expected my career to be over immediately, but what i was met with was more support than i knew what to do with. However, these things tend to trough and crest, and quite recently I'm being re-haunted by some specific incidents i had to endure. Noodle ( @Nova Taylor ) had to wake me from a flailing nightmare my first night off of my night shift. The same nightmare that kicked off a 1-2 week bout of barely sleeping, barely eating, and being incredibly jumpy that several people in the community i had to let know of because of my rapidly shifting attitude. I used to cope with my issues by playing an unhealthy amount of Arma 3 Milsim, where i believe i felt better by using my skills to win fights, kill the enemy, and contribute to a fireteam/squad/platoon again. Since these nightmares came back, the thought of doing that only makes me uneasy, paranoid, and (once again) jumpy. If you're battling demons now, I'm there with you. They may not look or sound the same, but I'm more than happy to lend an ear for however long is needed for you to make your way through it. Many people have come to me ooc to vent about what's going on "in their head" and i can never judge them for doing so, regardless of what they say because i wouldn't want them to judge me for the things that hang over my own head. If you think you need help, take it. I was terrified too. For my relationship, my career, my future, and my life. Now I'm further ahead in my life than i ever thought I could be. I am inspired to continue moving forward for the sake of those left behind, left unattended, and left without help because to not do so, to me, feels like i am letting them down. (again) "As always, take care, and stay safe." -Zach
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    just some random GIFS. More to come
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    This list is probably incomplete. What's new? New Inventory UI. New types of alcohol. DoJ Roster Update Stolen vehicles will always be reported as stolen. AI no longer drop guns. Various backend changes. Bug Fixes: Too many to list holy crap. Known Issues: http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/tracker/gta/ Developers that worked on this patch: @Floppy Pancakes @Dan Hasuki @Sean Callanan @Jasmine Kali
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    Collage of me in my fancy uniform ; after combatives training ; military ball ; and some randos
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    Well fuck it. Meet the face behind "mitch"
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    (Ignore my unibrow or ill murder you in a backalley.)
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    I would like to see us not hide from this hurdle but take it on directly pushing through the bugs towards a better experience for everyone.
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    Probably Goran Višnjić for Sasha I also found @Billy Sprinkle
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    This document has been edited 27 times. Last Edited: May 1st, 00:09:01 Vi lay on the floor of an empty room and stared at the ceiling. The storm finally passed and the skies cleared. People started to step out into the side walks and drive on the streets. Los Santos was waking up again after what felt like ages. She lifted her phone over her face and scrolled by some images as she sang softly to herself. "To be or not to be... me?" the immediate response in her mind had been obviously; 'which?' With a sigh, she dismissed all thought. Conflicting muses of what she could do to improve the city or herself. Everything had some goal. Maybe she should just focus on simply existing. https://soundcloud.com/vidiavitami/vi-gattington-entry [This entry is saved in Vi's phone on her person]
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    So the lights went out. For those at ground zero, it was a silent chaos that cannot be unheard. You almost forget their faces, their voices, their actions. It felt like a week. The blackout left no one untouched. A relentless rapture on our reality which we still are not privy to understand its nature or reason. The city lights came back on without warning. Suddenly mans ambitions become their unruly masters, instantly slaves in servitude their own forgotten toys and desires. I watched today, I watched them scramble to make sense of the new world. Unlikely bonds of those that did not carry a torch for each other before the darkness. It didn't just reset what we know, it some cases, it reset who we are. I remember now. I remember everything, all of you... I remember the feelings. I remember the game. I remember the losses. And you... You are the lost memory I did not know I wanted to keep away... I remember when you came... And what you are... I remember your ambitions... I remember what you are willing to do... I remember what you made me into... What took you so long... "You"
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    This isn't the place for you discuss your ban, however, you ran into an ACTIVE situation, which most people assumed a bank robbery, and when you arrived on scene across the street, I instructed everyone to LEAVE immediately, and you failed to do so, thus willfully interfering with a police investigation, and obstructing justice at the very least. As the shots rang out, you then STOOD THERE for a few moments, instead of fleeing. THEN you shot the suspect, while other officers were on scene, which in this case, you weren't authorized to do. Then in MRPD jail cells, while you were handcuffed, you started doing armless pushups, stating you were doing "dick-ups." If any of this sounds like something you'd do in real life, you let me know, otherwise, the ban stands. If you wish to discuss it FURTHER, you can take it to a ban appeal.
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    *sneaks in* *sneaks out*
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    1. Nova and I 2. Engagement photo (pretty accurate representation of the characters in that one, lol) 3. Me with cooper and hera lurking in the background
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    Community- We understand that there have been some issues with the server, these are due in part to what happened recently and we are trying our hardest to fix all the bugs. Your frustration is fully understood and we sympathize as it's making us as angry to figure out and patch what's wrong. Your continued bug reports have helped us a ton by helping us to track down where they are and fixing them up. Please continue to help us out and post all the bug reports that you encounter. And even if you see the same bug report please add any additional information about it that you can. It helps us out a lot! We will have a community meeting soon to address some of the concerns and let you know what's going on. EDIT: IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE STAYING LOGGED INTO THE WEBSITE PLEASE CLEAR ALL COOKIES AND CACHE.
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    My kittens! Diza and Atlas 😍
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    Just want to take a moment to thank all the staff, developers and our community for not only keeping together as a group through discords and teamspeaks during our blackout but also for being patient and working together so well after what we have gone through. The collaborate efforts and positivity made a lot of this possible and survivable as a whole. A special thanks to @Floppy Pancakes for once again persevering through a dark time in keeping this community together. You've been through a lot for this community multiple times and it does not go unnoticed by the masses. Thank you for all the hours and stress you put in to keep this alternate reality alive. You are greatly appreciated, -Rigz
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    Hello, I going to use one thread to post my videos. Sometimes I might releases them on the forums before youtube. Thats why they have no thumbnail.
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