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  1. One of the biggest reasons I switched from Arma Life to GTA Life was that there was an ambient atmosphere of it being an actual city. That when I go down the road, it's not only the other 30 people in the server on the roads. That people can steal local vehicles, sell drugs to locals, and even interacting with them, even if they don't interact back. I think losing that ambience- that feeling of it actually being a city, and not some ghost town - would be bad. Car chases would just be races because theres no locals to avoid. Unless I'm misunderstood on the topic of getting rid of AI, I would much rather a 32 server than a 50-70 server with no locals.
  2. Its sad when rp changes from roleplay to rifleplay
  3. TokoVOIP uses range-based audio. So you'll only hear or be heard by people within range, dependent on the range setting in the top left. Hope this helps
  4. AFAIK Onesync itself (the server meshing program) will cause issues inherently. I'm not sure if new issues come up/if these scale as slots go up (40,50,etc). I know it gets worse over time
  5. I don't believe all of these issues are to do with Onesync - which goes to the point that the server can be unstable even without onesync. IMO we shouldnt give up the push, because that's where we eventually want to be. That and queue hell. If the constant crashes can be fixed a lot of the other problems can be mitigated IMO.
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