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  1. Personally I am a big fan of the AI. They bring life to the city which makes the role-play feel incredibly immersive. Its a big reason why GTAV + fivem is currently the most popular gaming platform for RP. There are a lot of challenges with RageMP, like getting enough people to populate the server so it doesn't feel empty, as well as staffing and managing a player base of that size. However, that being said, I'm willing to keep an open mind, give it a shot and help with the testing.
  2. For context this was over two years ago, shortly after dance emotes had first been added and people were just having some fun with the new feature. For some reason I also still have a vod from this event:
  3. One of these pictures is me one is Leonardo Di Caprio. If you are having trouble figuring out which is which don't worry thats normal.
  4. Good performance is extremely important to me. Nothing is more hampering to RP then constant bugs/glitches interrupting the experience. I would 100% rather play on a 32 man server with smooth performance then with 64 but constant bugs and glitches. Aren't most of the one-sync issues out of our control? Things that need to be sorted out by fivem / one-sync devs? Can we really say how long it is till it is more stable or if it ever will be? We could be "working through this" for weeks or even months. Personally I would rather revert to 32. If we ran one with one-sync for testing and one without that would be a solution i could get behind as long as devs are prioritizing keeping the 32 man server running smoothly and treat the one-sync server as a test bed. Also as I suggested above, would more frequent restarts for the one-sync server be better? I'm fine with 4 hour restarts especially if it improves performance
  5. While I took a break for several weeks I recall restarts being every 6 hours. For at least the first year I played on this server restarts were every 4 hours. Now restarts are every 8 hours and to me that seems counter-productive considering the state the server is currently in.
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