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  1. New video @Floppy Pancakes and @Trevor Parker get memed (sort of)
  2. If I've spent nothing but the last 3 months losing...does this mean I can finally start winning? 😄
  3. I is Billy "Bruce Springsteen" Sprinkle, a street legend who owns the bins behind legion square bank (HANDS OFF) is a old git but I ain't tell you how old I am so sod off, I can't actually remember to be honest... I came from South Wales in the 80s to visit my estranged mother and farther how moved to Los Santos and forgot to take me, but the meeting was cut short when I arrived when they told me they left me on purpose cuz I was annoying. I decided to stay however and signed up to the Air force. After a few years I got into a plane crash I did, I did see aliens in the sky and they messed with my head they did. After the plane crash I lost my job and apartment then eventually my mind. I spent more and more time at the bar of the vanilla unicorn but kept getting thrown out for shouting at the girls. My day to day life consists of checking the trash for food, shouting at the idiot Marvin and prank calling my brother Dick Sprinkle who is an EMS idiot. I live under the freeway (box 4) it's a nice box that is located near the underground entrance that i can pee in also 🙂
  4. I'm an upstanding citizen and I want to help give the people of Los Santos something back after my mother gave them the curse that is Billy Sprinkle, I will be a credit to the EMS/rescue. I want to help the drunks, addicts and idiots of Los Santos whom are all spiralling out of control, seeing my brother take this same path makes my heart bleed. He often takes credit for my achievements due to our similar names and voice, however I want to make an impact on the people of Los Santos and let them know who I am and discredit the fraud known as "Dr Billy Sprinkle" I am the complete opposite of my brother, I never lie, never cheat, and never rob. And I also admire trooper Barnaby. I need to thicken this out to get to two hundred words, it seems like a lot of words but im wondering if anyone will actually read all of this? if you do sir/mam please forgive me, but im a dank roleplayer not a hecking typist, so yeah may seem a bit lazy but lets just forget that ok? yes? please almost a two hundred words NOW!
  5. "Mr Sprinkle..." @Floppy Pancakes
  6. updated with Barnaby gif.
  7. Prepping for the video where I meet Barnaby outside fail for the first time
  8. New vid for you Revos 😄 this video we take a little look into Billy's past!
  9. Twitch name: Banana_Duck_ Steam/TS name : Billy Sprinkle
  10. I'll rp with anyone who comes around even if they interject, at times it can even make a situation more dynamic.
  11. There's a huge difference between interjecting into a conversation and an active gunfight with no motive other than "I'm a vigilante" it's something thats becoming far too common is my point.
  12. That's right, I forgot that was him. He laser beamed in on my location. Wondering if he overheard you talking to me where I was? or maybe he used "other means" of finding me. edit Also sorry @Slippy Isquist
  13. What was unnecessary was your involvement in a situation you had no part in from the start. You SPRINTED over, delivered some piss poor RP, ignored trooper Barrett's request to back up, still refused to leave when trooper Dawson cut in front of you and still risked getting shot by the police. All just so you could be able to shoot me at the time. Sounds like something an ordinary person would do right? Oh and I'd expect a vigilante to use a crosswalk, please don't J walk again to ask an officer why he's parked somewhere.
  14. No of course not, but I'm well past not shaming the other people with piss poor RP.
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