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  1. 1993: March 12th at 1:08 am, a girl named Taylor was born, buffalo, New York 1995: family moved to Akron, Ohio 1998: eight staples to the head due to a rock dropped on her head from her brother throwing them off the slide platform 1999: Started Grade School Several years of uneventful times. 2011: graduated highschool and got accepted into a good college for criminal justice 2013: met boyfriend Damien Maddox 2015: graduated College with a 4 year degree in criminal justice Feb 2016: found beat and bruised, but for unknown reasons. October 2016: engaged to Damien Maddox April 2017: disappeared from home November 2017: relocated in Los Santos as a police recruit December 2017: becomes a police cadet January 2018: started to date former chief of police May 2018: join the Blaine County Sheriffs Office July 2018: left LEO to join the PDO July 2018: returned to the LEO November 2018: promoted to Sergeant of LSPD January 2019: Adopted a child Feburary 12th, 2019: married March 14th, 2019: accepted into San Andres Highway Patrol as a State Trooper by Director Trooper Grinnin Barrett May 14th, 2019: divorced Now: I will serve and protect those who cannot protect themselves, at all cost.
  2. But please dont spam your adverts too. Someone did that and really kind of messed up their business because people got annoyed
  3. an in game way is /ondutycops this will tell you if there are 4 or more officers, if not, it will say 'there are less than 4 officers on duty' the reason why that is in, is for those who want to commit crime that requires 4 cops, such as hostage taking, so they don't break rules. Pd knows how many officers are clocked in, I clock in many times and check that to see if i'm needed.
  4. Taylor Faye


    Name: Tuukka Koivu Birthday: 03/10 Birth Place: Finland Hometown: Boston, MA Occupation: Senior Public Defender About: Tuukka was born in a small town of Finland, when he was 5 his family decided to move to Boston, MA. During that time, they were transitioning from Finnish to English. One day while driving home from just starting school, they were in a severe car accident which resulted in the family becoming hurt, Tuukka suffered severe cuts to his throat. Nothing extremely life threatening, but it was enough to cause the young boy to lose his voice at the age of five. Tuukka spent his life hoping to get his voice back, but it never seemed to happen. So when he had the chance to hop on a random plane an go wherever he wanted, he chose a city where his family didn't know and wouldn't need to worry about him. that is when he got to Los Santos and started to try and make a life for himself. He met a fellow guy who was mute, Adrian Holmes, the two bonded quickly over their muteness. During that time, Tuukka met a few friends, learned how to hunt, robbed a few things. But not once was he caught, in the end when the city made a law stating that all should have a voice. Tuukka went home to get a surgery to help with returning his voice. Knowing in the end it could cause him to not have one at all, he was shocked when he had one. Upon his return to the city, he joined the public defenders office and couldn't be happier, defending those that were like him, or even doing worse things than him. that is the life he seems to lead now.
  5. Name: Taylor Faye Former name: Taylor Dawson Age: 26 Birthday: 03/12/1993 Birth Place: Buffalo, NY Occupation: Trooper of the SAHP Family: Vitami Gattington, Tom Hunter About: Taylor was born in Buffalo, NY before her family moved to Akron, Ohio. During that time, she grew up with her parents, one brother, and a few animals. When she started to get older, she knew that she wanted to do a job with the law enforcement field. Taylor even went as far as to go to college and got a 4 year degree in Criminal Justice. After that, she started on a slow downward spiral. Her boyfriend at the time didn't want to see her go into that, and things started to change. Things then started to get better, they got engaged, and as that time went, he changed. After getting away from that, she moved to the city of Los Santos, that is where she ran into Captain Kurt Leonard, and a few other officers that she decided to join the LSPD. Free of her past, she became a recruit, a cadet, and so on. She went on to date Tavis Curio, and after they broke up, she went on to date Harris Mint, who sadly passed a month after their break up. That is when she started to see her former Husband Killian Dawson. Their marriage lasted for three months until they started to grow apart. And during that time, she climbed the ranks, left BCSO, joined the PDO as a public Defender, and than went back to PD. She now is a Trooper within the SAHP, a free woman. Now is the time to protect and Server. To Server and Protect those who can not Protect and Serve themselves.
  6. I wanted to bring this back just for this lovely quote~ "Look at me, I got big boobs..... Look at me I got a big dick!" - @Vitami Gattington Post some of your biggest and funniest quote there are that you hear.
  7. I know it's weird, but with being an officer here. I love the well thought out hostage takings. We had a few where the stories were so good, I didn't want to end them, or see them end. Because it went months on end. Think my favorite would be with @Jericho Bane and @Samara Blair group that they had
  8. She looked at the papers that were in her hand, a smile... yet... at the same time the frown appeared and she couldn't help but wonder why. This was a good thing...she was back to being Taylor Faye. She was... she was finally back to being herself. But the whole day, Creed would call her out on being grumpy. Maybe it was due to the fear of the papers not being signed. But here they were, in her hands, and they were signed. Taylor sat in the corner of the Vanilla Unicorn with Chaos half in her lap and she gently scratched the back of his ears. She almost didn't want to write in the journal that sat next to her. So instead, she just hugged Chaos close to her and buried her face into his neck fur. Taking in a deep breath and just holding on there. She was happy, yet, so sad at the same time. And while she sat there, the weight of everything was falling upon her shoulders. A mixture of happy, yet sad tears were in her eyes, and she just held onto the pup in her arms. Even as she just allowed herself to sit there. Chaos licked her face and just seemed to want to make her happy. Gently rubbing his back, she sat back and smiled at the pup. 'I can't wait for us to get this new home, you'll love it.' Picking up the journal, she just wrote one thing on it.
  9. Holland hit it on the head. I literally showed up, immediately got fired upon and this guy yells 'ILL SAVE YOU OFFICERS' as I'm hitting a panic button before passing out and trying to call on the radio that we have a down officer. People dont care for their lives when we are at traffic stops. Hell, I had one recently where two people decided to jump on myself and another officer during a traffic stop on the highway. Like are you crazy? If we were alone. Sure I can see it. But we were in a traffic stop and other units were in the area. On top of that, only one of them could be heard by everyone on scene until I manually had to un toko him. Even then, I had to toko him again because i could hear him in prison. Yet they got prissy when other officers got to the scene and managed to rescue us. Not realizing that we were unable to hear one of the two and that's why the situation went how it did. Please be more thoughtful. We are trying to do a in game job and it's hard to want to be on duty when we constantly are getting flack for it
  10. Its idiotic if you ask me. Going to a drug area for gems? Seriously. I can see like going to the mines, or like a dif site. But an area where criminals go to gather drugs? Yeah no
  11. Yep, same thing visual mods are being funky now
  12. Twitch name: skulehd Steam/TS name: skule/taylor dawson
  13. Looking out over the floor plan of the room she was in. Taylor reached down and scratched the back of Chaos ear. Smiling softly at the pup who was growing so much still and yet thought he was a lap dog. It was amazing how much he grew in three months after getting him from her mother and Paul. And yet... Taylor couldn't see her life without Chaos in it now. So I did it. I filed the paperwork and now I just gotta wait for him to sign them. But now I got people questioning some things in my life. Questioning the person I am hanging out with most, the person who I am working to get a house with. Creed has been the greatest friend I could ever have right now, outside of Lily, and Paul. Hearing the knawing from below, she chuckled as Chaos found the bone that she brought down to the Vanilla Unicorn. Chaos is right now staying at the VU for his own well being due to some concerns. Kat called in and offered it to me and I couldn't refuse it. So here I am for a few hours after treasure hunting... I hope this goes well. And I cant thank Kat enough.
  14. This situation I was part of. I was the other trooper truck that showed up. And while yes I was upset that I was shot right away. And I didnt even hear the shots. I was more frustrated that a civ took it upon themselves to save us. While is a thoughtful gesture. Is not the right idea. We had another unit on their way to help us from up the road. I rather people keep safe and listen than go running into a scene
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