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  1. And why exactly was floppy mad at you? 😂 I did hear him say on stream once that he's dropped whales on people. For me craziest thing was being kidnapped with @Sasha Dimitrijev by burger heads and aliens. That story is still ongoing.
  2. Exactly this for me. I spent quite a bit of time looking for a server, played a little on Eclipse but didn't like the RageMP system. Absolutely loving revo.
  3. It was a lot of fun for sure. I only clipped my section because some people told jokes that might get them in trouble and I don't want to be responsible for that.
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that'll make the difference we're looking for. If drugs have more complaints, then people will just sell when there's less cops. Limiting storage units may encourage more gang activity, in that you'll have to have more people to split drug storage up between people. Or else people will keep soloing it and store less drugs. As for treasure weight - Most people are already getting vans or transport trucks to transfer treasure. If we had a limited amount of drugs able to be sold, and someone goes online and finds that they can't sell because someone else flooded the streets, then there's a pretty good chance they're gonna look at trying to stop it from happening again. I think it would lead to more Gang RP.
  5. I'm just sad that Boffo is front and center of all the pictures of "Legion Square Idlers" when He was actually getting legal advice and organizing Los Santos' first Open Mic Comedy Night
  6. My suggestion would be to limit the amount of drugs that can be sold. Like, the people of Los Santos will only purchase x amount of coke per hour. If you try and sell when they're at the max, it's an automatic CDS complaint. Remove the ability to put drugs in storage, or make it a high chance that the police will be informed when drugs are placed in storage, and who's storage it is. RP it as the storage company noticing drugs being stored. If you can't store drugs, and you have a limited window to sell them, it may force more RP, with turf wars for drug territory. Make treasure heavier. And maybe make it illegal without a salvage license. Then you'd have to work for H&C or start a business. Your always going to have the people who grind cash to have super cars at legion. But if we make it so they have more chance of getting involved with a story, maybe we can change a few attitudes.
  7. I don't know what Jim would be, but Boffo would for sure be a Bard
  8. A few ones I've liked recently: And a Canadian classic for my American friends
  9. @Sasha Dimitrijev per our conversation on twitch, this is the tub I was installing. As I explained, people usually fill these with water, and then sit in them to remove dirt from their bodies. I, and all the people who interact with you would reccomend you get one yourself :kappa:
  10. Gotta say @Young Casper I'm loving the tattoos. We'll have to start a tattoo thread at some point. I'm starting a sleeve on the 14th. The face of boffo the clown. Plus a rat named edgar.
  11. @Sasha Dimitrijev You live on a boat? I'm almost as far east as you can get in North America - Nova Scotia, Canada
  12. Overwatch Workshop. It's only on the PTR right now, but the game modes people are making are incredible. My favorite so far is Infection. Each person picks a hero, and if you kill someone they become the same hero as you. game ends when everyone is the same hero. Its a lot of fun.
  13. I like the idea of it being an economic crash, as the city is undamaged we just lost all out money and houses (and debts!) The Great Dickpression
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