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  1. That's great man. I feel more people should do this, if you are struggling to come up with a character and his quirks, just ask someone for help/advice. I personally got the inspiration for Takashi from watching the asian characters on No Pixel ( Chang, Buddah, SunMon, Tim Lee, etc.) I have incorporated some of their quirks and they've helped me think up a story for Takashi, and I am waiting to meet certain people in the game (or for someone to create certain characters, for me to meet)
  2. I have to say whoever was playing the skitzo person yesterday (his name slipped my mind), long hair combed on the side, grey coat, dark blue jeans, drives a Warrener. That character was absolutely amazing the devotion to the being twitchy and paranoid, both with your voice and movement and also the custom face you've built, please play it more often and don't let it be just for this event. We need more unique characters like that ! (I was the blonde asian dude)
  3. I joined a few months ago (2-3?) during the GTA RP boom on twitch. It was the first time I was introduced to GTA RP, it seemed like lots of fun when all the big streamers started playing on No Pixel, and like most of the viewers I realized I won't be able to get on NP due to the amount of applications they got, so I googled "GTA 5 RP servers" and came across this reddit post from 20.04.2017 and here I am.
  4. I don't see how this is something solely for one person, I've thought of the whole idea so it involves the whole community. It provides a new legal type of work for people, be it as mechanics, sales reps, or managerial roles. Not to mention that the new cars will bring a diversity on the streets, people will get hyped up about races with the new cars, which will mean the police will have something new to look up to as well. In fact even the Idea of this has already impacted the community. My plan was to have interviews with clients purchasing the vehicles and set ground rules. One of those have been that people with a big criminal record will not be able to purchase the cars themselves. Last night I found out people who used to do a lot of crime prior to the server getting hacked, have purposely stayed away from that in the hopes of getting a car. The other thing was that general shit-lords who thing RP servers are GTA Online would not be able to purchase a vehicle which is a motivator for people to improve their RP. I haven't listed the names of everyone involved in the planning of this and the discussions I've had because I didn't want to give them false hope as I was waiting to hear back from you guys. I can guarantee that a lot of people have been excited at the opportunity to work for and with me in the import shop as it's an exciting project. To be honest I was told that At the time developers can't be devoted to this project. I imagined due to the fact that you just had a restructuring of dev team. And again I don't see how this is something that only I would benefit out of it. Heck in the end I don't even care about getting the money from each sold vehicle, that can be spread across each employee or just disappear in the thin of the air. Racing, fast cars/sports cars have been a part of GTA 5 since it was released and that has naturally transferred over into RPing as there are plenty of car enthusiasts out there, and at the end of the day even if no one sees a dime from the sale of said vehicles they'll still be happy work there and be involved in that RP.
  5. I have now setup a discord channel for the people involved in this (employees, enthusiasts about the idea, etc) to discuss this further and share suggestions. If any devs are interesting in joining the discussions lemme know and I'll send you an invite
  6. Yeah idk if it Can be affected like that, if yes it would be amazing obviously. I honestly believe the majority of civilians and criminals do Not want to want to drive the same cars like everyone else. Right now everyone drives the same thing because they see other people driving it and assume it's good. There are plenty of cars who look good buy drive like shit and vice versa. And people can't really know that because they can't test them out to see how the handle, and to see what customization they can do to them. As an above comment said you don't want to buy a supercar (upper hundred-thousands to a mil price tag) and it gets outperformed by a car worth much less. Being able to test the different cars will prompt more people reporting abnormalities in terms of cars not performing correctly which then might get the Devs to look into it and re-adjust the handling of some of those cars will will mean that we'll have a bigger variety of cars on the street.
  7. Yeah i'm familiar how it works, I've done it. But I can't seem to figure out how to put stuff from my inventory to the vehicle one. I open up the veh inventory, it comes up on the left and then a big empty box on the right. Do I open the veh inv and then hit b for mine or wut 😐 p.s. apologies for offtopic process
  8. Yeah a rebalancing of payouts from different legal and illegal jobs would be amazing. In my opinion Illegal jobs should be a tier or two higher in terms of payment as a bigger risk should yield a bigger payout. From what I've seen diving for treasures doesn't work right now as there's no vehicle menus, or well you can't put stuff in/out of it. But yeah when that gets going you can easily make 500k+ in a night if you have the nerves. But it's rather silly that the best way to make money is the one with the least RPing. Cos let's be honest if you're RPing diving you can't even talk, you're underwater and you have a tube in your mouth for air ...so you know. I think lowering the payout for sunken treasures and selling coke (maybe? I haven't tried it so I'm not sure how much it pays), increasing the payout from bank/store robberies and an increase the fee per towed car, and slightly boost the taxi payouts (once the script gets implemented again)
  9. So I was sitting here thinking ... man everyone drives the same cars in the city (one of the reasons I want my Import shop). Why's that I was thinking, well maybe people don't know what car is good and fits their needs, do they want more acceleration, better handling, more raw power, etc. So they just know that their buddy bought "X" and it drives nice so they buy it too, but that's cos they don't know that Y is a killer car too. And why don't they know ? Cos they haven't been able to "test drive it" legally. So what if we could have a script or mod that allows us to test drive vehicles, maybe you have X amount of seconds until the car gets "returned" back to PDM. Or once you get out of it you can no longer get back into it to not abuse it as free cars. I saw this script that has test driving In it, I'm not sure if that particular piece of code can be extracted and used tho. Or if not can we at least be able to see the stats of the vehicles prior to purchasing like in the vanilla game like this:
  10. Oh ok, yeah I completely agree that should be the case. Maybe held indefinitely Until a court case is assembled and if the criminal(s) fail/refuse to go to court, they automatically get a big prison sentence ? Also This is sad for me to hear, I created a second character with the sole idea of being a criminal that does something else besides slinging coke like everyone else. Now I see why everyone's in the coke business, the risk is much higher and reward much smaller with heists. Wanna do me a favour and put that a separate suggestion, I haven't experienced that yet but I"m planning to very soon so I can put in some input myself.
  11. Those are customly made by Eddie the guy that sells them. He uses software to design the "skins" for the wide/custom body kits and the server devs implement them for him. So we'll either need to find someone who can create these textures and then get a dev to implement them. Or you need to find ones already made online and give them to our devs. @Sean Callanan the guy in mention is called GTAWiseGuy
  12. I completely see your point of view on this, but I personally feel people will feel like their being punished and this is chore if they have to sit out their sentence online. At the end of the day it's all about having fun doing your RP regardless of which side of the fence, I know that not punishing criminals harsh enough will resolve to more violence, etc. But punishing criminals too hard will push them away from the server or from commiting crime, and if there's no one committing crime , the whole motion of the server will go very very stale, there will be no will no dynamic on the server.
  13. Yes but my question is Why are people idling there, isn't going out and exploring the world and creating new RP scenarios more fun or is that everyone's thing, is it lack of features on the server? I'm trying to figure out the Why. I'm not going to go and shout at people to leave the area or whatever, everyone's their own person and can do whatever they want at the end of the day, as I said, it's just curiosity.
  14. Yeah that's why I sort of corrected myself at the end that you Can do that with your phone nowadays.
  15. PD/EMS already receive a ping of your location when you /request it or use the phone app. Giving the option to civilians would be cool indeed, altho I'm not sure how realistic it would be for everyone to be "carrying" a tracker on them. But then again ...share location is a thing on Facebook/Viber IRL.
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