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  1. THE TRIAL ... Born in Dundee, Scotland. Paddy McGuinness never truly had a colourful past. After a relativley normal upbringing, educated to degree level with a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Criminal Justice at the age of 22; Paddy moved to Glasgow to begin a career as a Junior Barrister for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) where he specialised in the management of violent and sexual offenders. Paddy's hatred for these people was unfathomable and he had felt such passion about making sure that the people that had caused their victims so much emotional trauma, physical pain or at worst even death never saw the light of day outside of a prison cell again that before every trial he would put a contingency in place for what would happen if they were to walk free. Paddy sat as second chair on 73 cases before he took the lead on his first, every single one of those 73 cases he would meticulously plan his sadistic actions if that person ever walked free; but luckily for him - they always received the justice they were due. On Paddy's first case as lead council he was prosecuting a male, 22 years old. He had stabbed his Fiance thirty-two times in the chest before slashing her throat; but it didn't end there ... after he stabbed his fiance he then took a drive to her parents house and poured petrol through the letterbox before throwing a lit match in the house and lighting the place in flames, but with the flames also went any proof that he was ever there. After a 13-week trial the defendant was found NOT-GUILTY through a lack of evidence to prove that he was even at either of the locations, and he also had allibies for both of the murder sites. This resulted in Paddy acting on the contingency that he set forth for every case he'd ever worked on. JUDGE, JURY & EXECUTIONER ... From working on the case for so long, Paddy knew the defendants every move - from the minute he woke up; to the minute he laid in bed at night grinning about the heanus crimes he had committed and how he managed to walk free. Paddy knew that he went to the gym at 5:30AM every morning and caught the bus to his work getting there at exactly 8:40AM. He knew that at 12:20PM every day the defendant would go for his lunch and park on a secluded road in the middle of nowhere so he could smoke some weed on his break. Paddy also knew that the locks on the defendants car didn't work - as this was used in his defence during the trial. On the 14th Feburary 2016 (Fitting, right?) Paddy made his way to the defendants place of work with only a phone, a knife and a plastic bag. He opened the rear passenger door and pushed the button to bring the rear seats down, but just enough so that he could push them down from inside the trunk. Paddy then crawled into the trunk and laid in wait. At 12:20PM the defendant went out to his car and drove to his normal spot. As soon as Paddy felt the vehicle stop, he quietly and slowly pushed the rear seats down and crawled up behind the defendant in the drivers seat. Paddy lifted his head so that he could see the defendant in the rear view mirror and the defendant made eye contact with Paddy. Before he could take his seat belt off Paddy had placed a bag over his head stopping him from breathing and pushed a 12 inch kitchen knife straight through the drivers seat, perforating the defendants lung. Leaving the knife and the plastic bag in situe, Paddy crawled out of the vehicle and walked to a taxi rank nearby, as he got to the taxi rank he knocked on a window ... "Glasgow Airport Please" he said to the driver in a calm deep voice. THE RELOCATION ... Paddy caught a flight to Los Santos, with nothing other than his phone ... he'd purchased tickets online to the states and fled the UK, still to this day not knowing if the Police found the body, or even linked it to him; however to this day, Paddy had never been caught. 6 Months ago Paddy was appointed as the District Attorney to the state of San Andreas after working in legal since he had arrived in Los Santos. The scariest part? Before every single trial - he still writes ... his "CONTINGENCY" ...
  2. KILLIAN'S EARLY YEARS ... Killian was born in Cardiff on the 6th March 1996 to a middle class family who worked full time and earned enough money to life a comfortable lifestyle. It was never difficult for them and they were extremely happy as a family. Killian's dad was a general manager who worked in many different hotels across the country and his mother was a sales manager who primarily took over the position of Sales Manager in whichever hotel his dad got posted at. Killian also had a twin brother which in his earlier years he would be inseperable from. Killian moved from Wales to Scotland at the age of 4 and then from Scotland to England at the age of 6 where he went to school. LIFE AMBITIONS ... When Killian was coming up to taking his GCSE's at around the age of 14 he had a firm grasp on what he wanted to do in life, what direction he wanted to go in and ultimatley how he was going to get there. The only issues he really faced were the ones at home as him and his brother got older. His brother always hung around with the wrong crowd in school and it was a constant battle between Killian and his brother to win their parents affection, but Killian was always the favorite of the two, this caused an unhealthy rivalry to develop. Once his brother found out that Killians life long ambition was to join the Police - this quickly spread around his brothers friendship group and they did everything in their power to make Killian's life a misery. THE DAWSONS DOWNFALL ... At the age of 18 Killian had finished all of his exams and was well on the way to achieving his life dreams. He had applied to his local Police Force as a Constable and been accepted awaiting a start date. On the 15th October 2014, Killian and his brother were both at home and Killian was getting ready for work at a bar in the town he lived near, it was coming up to 9PM and he should have been leaving shortly, what Killian didn't know was that in 10 minutes his life was going to completely change. Shorlty after 9:10PM a car pulls up outside of Killians house and his brother is upstairs. A loud knock on the door draws Killians attention to the two bright yellow figures that he can make out through the translucent glass on the front door. As he unlocks the door and slowly opens it, he is greeted by two Police Officers, one male and one female both wearing high-visibility jackets wearing flat caps; they come inside and Killians brother walks down the stairs; white as a ghost. Their parents had been out for dinner after work and had been in a fatal collission, neother of which made it out alive. Killians brother just looks directly to the door and then bolts ... Killian screams ... "AJAX!!!" A YEAR ON ... Despite the passing of Killians parents, he knew how much joining the Police meant to them and he wasn't going to let them down, but instead; in their memory - join the police and serve his country and community to make them proud, whereas Killian's brother did quite the opposite and fled to the United States to start a new life. Killian did two years service until he was 21 years old in the Police in the UK before also moving to the United States where he decided to attempt to carry on acheiving his dreams ... PRESENT DAY ... A divorced, father of one adopted child. A Senior Police Officer with the Los Santos Police Department. Meet Killian to see how the story develops ...
  3. Twitch name: https://www.twitch.tv/theonlylupo Steam/TS name: [TheOnlyLupo™] Killian Dawson Tag needed: (see below) Gold Tag
  4. This worked. Thicc visuals caused no problems. Thank you. /closed.
  5. Yeah I'm using Shred's, I have been for a long while and never had this problem. I think it's highly unlikely th I am using a realistic_weapon_sounds RPF addon. I've not looked inside that, but when I get home tomorrow (fml) I will have a look! I've never used this weapon sounds RPF so that could be a fair diasnosis. Will update this post once I've checked!!
  6. If anyone knows how to fix this, that'd be great. I have raised the "CNetObjPed" pool size in the quoted gameconfix.xml to 500 from 174 but I have no idea what's going on but my game keeps crashing and my head is both hurting too much and im too tired for this shit 😛 Any help would be appreciated. o7
  7. +1 This. The SACC (Warrants database) produces this information anyway, it'll tell officers where the vehicle is (but not down to which garage, because that could be helpful). I'd be more than happy to work on something like this, really like it. (Disclaimer: I can't actually work on it yet but I would if I could)
  8. I agree that this would be good, however to be a cynic ... If you are Roleplaying injuries. You could find that lengthy /me's could look a little f*%ked up, unless they were forced onto several lines? other than that +1.
  9. @Floppy Pancakes For you: https://www.tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard
  10. @Floppy Pancakes - FYI Hi @Dakota Simmons There is an application out there called Tapatalk (https://www.tapatalk.com/) This supports all forums types, however the service owner (Floppy) would need to make some changes backend to integrate Tapatalk into the forums to make it compatible with the app. I set this up for a community back in ArmA 2 OA that had over 30,000 members and it was very well received, we actually saw a huge increase in forums activity; as most people would click onto the app while they've got a few minutes spare in the day ... like when you're having a shit ... (we know it's true ...) This could be a consideration?
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