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  1. I have noticed quite a few profiles that are not in the correct format. It was brought up in the community meeting. Reminder that your forum name should be the first and last name of your primary character. You are able to change your username through account settings. Names should also be realistic and not famous. Thank you
  2. No its currently not working. Your name on the forums should also be your primary characters first and last name.
  3. Please join the waiting for support room in TS where you will be given the appropriate tags.
  4. We are implementing a whitelist queue not whitelist servers. So no it will not be required to play. Being whitelisted will give the player a level of prio queue above those who are not whitelisted.
  5. [TO: [email protected]] [FROM: [email protected]] [SUBJECT: Question] [BODY: Hey Emilia, I had wanted to talk to you the other night {{Deletes body}} Hey Emilia, Sorry to bother you. I was wondering {{Deletes body}} Hey Emilia, I was hoping to talk to you. I'm sorry to bother you. This is kind of a weird question. Is your mom taking new patients... Like without being a patient in her facility {{Deletes body}} {{Althea stares at the screen, tapping her finger on the space bar, before sighing heavily and closing the email}}
  6. Hey everyone!! I had a post on the last forums that I feel was really beneficial to the community and wanted to bring it back. In the United States: So I felt this was a good time to bring this conversation back. In my original post I gave a huge shout out to my husband @Tavis for finally speaking up about his long battle with anxiety and depression. Tavis has dealt with it most of his life. In 2010 he was officially diagnosed with severe depression and severe social anxiety. Both of which sometimes leave him in such a debilitated state he can not leave the house or function normally. Then more recently our family doctor told us he believes Tavis may have a form of PTSD and suggested we seek further evaluation. After dealing with a lot of things last year he had to step away from role playing and even stepped back from streaming. So when he openly shared his battle for the first time it was huge. What's disappointing is it shouldn't have been the big deal that it was. Unfortunately there is such a stigma about mental health, a person will usually associate those things as weak and shameful and thus will keep it to themselves bottling it up, etc. For myself, I have battled with a form of PTSD, Grief, and Depression since 2006. At some point my brain went into a survival mode and I began boxing those memories and feelings. But it got worse when I essentially boxed them and put them behind a wall behind a mine field in my mind. I couldn't really feel anymore. Only recently as I started to try to deal with these things have I been able to cry for the first time in YEARS. This post is to bring awareness to mental health. Break the silence. Break the stigma. It's okay to not be okay. This community is family and please don't be afraid to speak up. Much Love!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the Revo family Ryu!
  8. I like it that order exists somewhere, even if it shatters near me. - Elizabeth Moon, The Speed of Dark I was not surprised. I thought I was going to have an actual peaceful day. Then she got the call.... An officer. Her officer. Then it got worse. The poor paramedic was new... and had been close with the officer. My demons were ready On another note.... He is unreasonable and I will pay him back. {{Thea's notebook is rolled up in the driver door compartment of her new Mesa}}
  9. May community meeting notes This meeting format seemed to run a lot smoother. The meeting lasted an hour. Below are notes from the meeting and other announcements that usually would have been shared in the meeting. >Recording< (link has been fixed) Community Announcements Forum name and TS name need to be the first and last name of your primary character. New Livestream page! In order to be on the live stream page you must meet the Twitch tag requirements. Read >HERE< before applying We have opened Whitelist back up! We will be running a whitelist queue not a whitelist server. This means those who are whitelisted will get a level of prio queue over those who are not. Please make sure to read through and be aware of the prior necessities and conditions of whitelisting before applying >HERE< Floppy announced he does intend to make whitelist jobs along with the new whitelisting. LEO LEO applications are currently closed while they are getting the new batch of recruits trained. EMS EMS is actively hiring >HERE< We are training new paramedics and trying to improve our services across the board. DOJ DOJ is actively hiring >HERE< More to come soon Staff There was a question submitted about the need for more Mods/Admins available at all times. This is only possible through the promotion of Support team members. We currently have 10 support members and 5 mods/admins. We need more support members before we can promote more support members. So if you would like to help out the community you can apply >HERE< Topics that were discussed and can be listened to in the recording: Robbing local houses Ping friend's location The rewards of illegal jobs Fixing profession bonus system Stop the "win mentality" Allowing EMS/PD to have stories also Harsher punishments for OOC in Twitter Dress code when scuba diving/treasure hunting (FailRP) Why are the 9's not used more often for repeat offenders? Why are PD academy class numbers so low and rarely done? Bringing back storage, housing, and businesses. Any planned changes to these features? Will it be announced in advance?
  10. These donations are separate from the forum donations. Forum donations are to run our servers, forums, protection, etc. Patreon donations will go toward the developers who put a lot if not all of their free time into developing for our community.
  11. Floppy asked in the community meeting how we "the community" would feel about donating to a Patreon to help support our developers and also pay to outsource for additional development.
  12. @Jasmine Kali @Alex Chinrey @Killian Dawson @Dakota Simmons @Dave Smithley @Elias Ashe @Sean Callanan @Kenny McStepson @Sammy Parker @Nicholas Brown @Brandon Bradberry @tara @Dreah Johnson @Trevor Parker @Isaac Mendez @Kenny Miller @Atticus Goodman @Anthony Woods @Susie Carmichael @Olaf Jenkinson @Tony Jones @Billy Sprinkle @Taylor Faye If you fit the following criteria please follow the steps below in order to get on our live stream page. Thank you! Twitch Tags are required for the live stream page The twitch tags on teamspeak are reserved for those individuals who are serious about streaming and growing their communities through streaming on Revolution. Below are the requirements for the two Twitch tags that you can get on teamspeak. Purple Twitch Tag 1. Have 100+ followers 2. Be affiliated on Twitch - You don’t have to be signed up for their program, but at least prove you got the invitation 3. Have streamed several times on our server 4. Have your Twitch link in your description Gold Twitch Tag 1. Have 1000+ followers 2. Be affiliated on Twitch - You don’t have to be signed up for their program, but at least prove you got the invitation 3. Have streamed several times on our server 4. Have your Twitch link in your description We are doing something slightly different this time. Apply here http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/livestream/ Click "add new livestream" and fill out application Wait for stuff to approve it Then you're already there Now you just need to get twitch tags on ts unless you already have it.
  13. Althea Castillo


    Name: Harlie SkyeAge: 19Birthday: 09/09/99Hometown: UnknownFirst Language: English - AmericanFavorite Color: BlueFavorite Things: Mother Earth and nature in generalFamily Members: Parents - Don and Amber Skye. Considers Scooter Loggins and the late John Cavanagh like brothers.Personality/Attitude: Gentle, free spirited kind, hippieSkills: Growing and processing marijuana and other helpful herbs Dislikes: Violence and those who are toxic to others and mother earthStrange Behaviors: Living outdoors mostly on ChiliadHabits: Meditating in the mountains and helping "Grandma" on her farm Harlie grew up as an only child who would travel with her parents like gypsies selling natural products and remedies at different farmer's markets and fairs. Once old enough she decided she wanted to know more about the world and came to Los Santos to live with her Uncle Bud who was an Alturist in the area. She felt uncomfortable living there, so her Uncle introduced her to a sweet old lady who would allow Harlie to stay there in exchange for work. While staying there she met a lot of interesting people but became very close with Scooter and John. After John really died she became a bit lost and confused. Scooter wasn't really around anymore. Then due to unfortunate circumstances she was arrested at Grandma's house, unable to prove she was a hired worker and living there. Harlie decided it was time to go home. Several month later Harlie receives a letter from Scooter and is currently considering coming back. Not sure what she may find.
  14. One of the few sunset pics I luckily had on my one drive, lost everything when I had to wipe my comp in early April.
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