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  1. I'm just outside of Chicago.
  2. Is it something that is actually feasible in terms of getting One Sync to work? If so then I’m fine with sticking it out. If not then just got back to two servers
  3. Hey Dolls! My name is Florence Miller and I've been in this dang city forever. You probably haven't seen me because I've been spending my life down in the basement of the PD over on San Andreas working with the evidence in storage. Some of you have been very, very bad boys and girls. Anyway, worked for the PD for 15 years in that dungeon and those bastards claimed "budget cuts" and laid me off... just before my pension was going to get good. Budget cuts? Have you see those fancy new cars they've gotten recently? Oi. Anyhow, my beloved Abraham, devoted husband of 50 years left me as well. Thank goodness it was before the lay off. He would have been so worried about me. I have two children, and four grandchildren. I love them all dearly. Except Louise. She's a whore. I call her Wheezy because she's a bit fat and wheezes when she has to walk up stairs. But don't tell her that. These days I just sit outside of MRPD on my bench. I'm still waiting for my plaque that Chief Warren promised me. It's meant to say, "This is Florence Miller's Bench - Do Not Sit!" I've still not seen it. Likely because I've called him useless a couple of times. Oops. My life is quiet and peaceful for the most part aside for the occasional hoodlum but I do miss my days at the police department. Such nice boys and girls.
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