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  1. Maybe Pirate Captain Augustus Wheatley may make a return looking for his indispensable yet pirate vocally challenged crew LOL "Arhh Captain my Captain" LOL
  2. "Nobody wants to talk to you Miiiiiiitch" - @Poppy Winslow 😞
  3. That sir is a two way street. If individuals want cops to respect them then the people have to also respect, if not the person in it, at least the uniform they're wearing. Its been awhile since I've been a cop here, but I can tell you that, 95% of the people who interact with cops do not show a modicum of respect for the uniform. I have no problem with any civilian challenging me, but there's a time and place. The time is not while I'm trying to deal with a bank robbery and the place most certainly is in the court room.
  4. Just as a side point, IRL or RP situation... anyone rolls up and pulls a gun during a policing situation (and isn't an off duty officer) they're just as likely to get shot whether they're helping PD or the criminals or just generally inserting themselves. When you decide to roll up, officers have no idea who you are. Are you there to help? Who's side are you on? I think in this particular case we're giving this guy to much credit continuing to using the term vigilante. This individual is not a vigilante. He's a Glory Hound. Someone who goes around sniffing to make themselves seem or appear to be more important. They want the fame of being someone who took out a criminal when the cops that he's literally standing over, couldn't. It really had nothing to do with catching the criminal. Actual vigilantes usually work under the cover of darkness or at the very least, anonymity, so they can continue being a vigilante. By inserting oneself into a policing situation in the middle of broad daylight, in the busiest part of the city, you're caught. You would never be able to insert yourself again. Your image would be all over the news. The criminals would be after you, the police would be after you. Cops would all know who to look out for and if they saw you approaching any situation they'd immediately stop you. This guy was just trying to get the glory of taking Sprinkles out when the cops couldn't in front of everyone. A real vigilante would've followed Sprinkles to a relatively safe area and taken him out then. Dropped the body in the drink and walked away with no one the wiser. Vigilantes aren't doing it for fame and glory, they're doing it because of a miscarriage of justice and thats all that matters to them. That super hero shit... that only happens in the movies and in video games :D
  5. I've played in communities that have both systems. I've found that I don't like systems which cater to focusing on playtime rather then what the individuals are doing. Communities that focus on playtime tend to have caps on jail time or fines or both. But in the end I see that all this allows is for people playing criminals to see what the next biggest thing they can do is, how many cops they can get rid of, how many people they can take hostage, how many cops they can shoot. It doesn't help with RP it just helps lesson the burden of committing crimes by maxing out how much they pay or how long they're away from "RP". But they're not really RP'ing they're playing a game of cops vs robbers with a bit of RP included. A community that doesn't impose caps tends to be more focused on RP because players just don't get away with what they're doing. If they kill 10 cops they know that those attempted murder charges will stack up instead of being capped at only 5. Not to mention they have a real reason to take things to court if they want to attempt to lesson their penalties or have a chance at getting off completely on a technicality. Criminals have to considering what they're doing before they do it, because it could mean they're stuck not playing a character for days/weeks because of a jail sentence. As a side note, I prefer seeing people serving their sentence online and offline. While yes they can do jobs to bring it down faster someone who racks up 400 hours in jail is still going to be awhile and the individual player shouldn't be punished outside of game by being forced to sit in prison on that character just to have their time served.
  6. I'd be some sort of ranger... known wilderness guide, renowned archer. Mostly a solitary life but the odd archery tournament I usually win to make a few extra gold and for my wolf pup that I rescued from near death and raised.
  7. Personally... I have no problem taking my chances against cheaters. In the end they always get found out eventually.
  8. even try reinstalling toko anyway, you may have tried to install the latest but something was corrupted in the process
  9. audio drivers for your mic and your speakers or headphones... you have to set them in TS maybe? Check under Tools -> Input, and, Tools -> Output Same thing in the game too, you may need to set your drivers.
  10. did you properly set your input and output drivers?
  11. Legion Idling has been around for ever. Hell it was common practice in predecessor games as well... who doesn't remember Arma Life RP's Kavala Square? I've been on servers that refuse to allow people these meeting places and let me tell you it gets way way worse when people can't idle somewhere. You think there's cliques now? Just wait until people can't idle places. People start to only interact with their small groups and you can't RP with them because they're immediately suspicious of anyone outside of their group. It is a path that I suggest we not follow. The best way to avoid the Legion Idle is to just not go around it unless you have too. Eventually when people start making more friends and moving around they'll move on and there'll be a new crop of Idle'rs to take their place and so on and on the circle should go.
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