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  1. I loved it when we did this last time. Who knows, maybe Dr Miranda Grey will return to misdiagnose pregnancies everywhere before her next phalangee surgery.
  2. When you only make money through EMS pay, save and save for weeks to buy a halfway decent 4 door that doesn't look like balls, and someone smashes it up while you're in a meeting in Pillbox. DONE. WITH. LIFE. Insubordination in the top ranks of LSFR: Testing shiz with devs. Normal time in the dev servers 😄 @Matilda Lawson
  3. I had an NPC helicopter drop out of the sky and land on my EMS command hummer on Elgin Avenue. No one to see it and I wasn't recording. Nearly shat myself.
  4. I reinstalled FiveM and removed my graphics mods and I don't crash as much.
  5. EMS coming in like a wrecking ball
  6. I have 2 tramp stamps but neither of them are worth a picture.
  7. Not my actual car but same year, same specs, same colour. I drive a 2007 Honda Jazz. It's a nana car but I love it.
  8. I'm a sucker for any kind of crafting/survival game with a RP aspect. Project Zomboid (obvious reasons, my husband is one of the makers, buy it now! Cally wants a pony) is a long term love. Currently I'm enjoying Conan Exiles and especially Outlaws of the Old West - in fact, I'd love for RMOG to host an Outlaws server. Cowboy RP!
  9. Something similar to that is currently being considered, as far as I'm aware.
  10. Darcy would be the widow of a tradesman of some kind, running the show by herself now her man is dead. Expanding on this, women during this time period were commodities in the household to which they belonged. Before marriage they were the property of their fathers; after marriage the property of their husbands. Widowhood was possibly the only time in a woman's life when she was truly independent and it was by no means all women. Aristocratic widows were still pawns in the dynastic marriage game and poor women were still essentially the property of their lord (the owner of the estate on which they held land) and could not even guarantee custody their children if they were underage heirs to their husbands' property. Towards the end of the period there was a burgeoning middle class in towns and the guilds to which tradesmen and craftsmen belonged did often allow their widows to continue the business and even take on apprentices in their own right. History degree was good for something!
  11. SInce I love messing with the GTA V files in Open IV, I found all the t-shirt decals that show up on the GTA:O shirts that are missing from the basic t-shirts in the FiveM version. They appear to work similar to tattoos so having a separate menu to put these on shirts would be really awesome, it would provide a whole new level of customisation without taking away any existing jackets. Location in OpenIV of most recent patch's t-shirt decals https://gyazo.com/374bdd3f5bb52a5523f2731ef919e0b1 Video with obligatory awesome soundtrack:
  12. I had a really good time belting this out at the top of my lungs in the car I fluffin' love the 80s.
  13. I'm not a fan of any idling at all, no matter where it is. Now that we have queues for the server, I feel that if you choose to take up a slot in server you ought to have a reason for it. Speaking from an EMS point of view, I loathe Legion Square. It is impossible to park anywhere without attitude and having people around interfering in the scene is just rude when we're trying to deliver RP to the patient. I had an incident where someone had been shot and not one person was administering any kind of /me first aid yet all shouting at me to help their friend, all the while not moving from their seat. It's not an isolated incident. Just please have a purpose. Meet at Legion and go do something else. There are things to do in the server - go skydiving, dirt biking, go out on a boat and have some fun. It's a big island.
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