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  1. I have money, but not the skills to code or time to learn to do so. I would happily contribute significantly to a developer or developers to work part or full time on improving the servers, and by doing so expand the community. I think it would be a fantastic idea to give financial assistance to those whom selflessly work to make the servers better on a regular basis.
  2. From a lawyer POV and you as a new coworker I think you are doing great. RPing with you offers a fresh and often different yet beneficial perspective on things. I can't wait to tackle a few cases in court.
  3. Well here we go. My wife's water broke on the evening of the 13th, and we went to the hospital as planned. We spent the next few days with her being in pain due to contractions. I asked the doctor to perform an epidural as my wife was in agony from the contractions and exhaustion (nerve block of most pain from the middle spine down). An epidural is common in America, but uncommon in Japan. The doctor attempted this, and failed twice. No low pain birth for her. From that point until today they have been giving my wife pain meds and trying to have a natural birth, as here a C-section is last resort. At around 1700 JST+9 on May 20th, the doctors came into the room in a large quantity, and had the ultrasound machine. Afterwards the doctor called away for an emergency c section. I later found out this was due to my son entering a temporary death state. I actually got all of it on my GoPro IRL, scary stuff. Fortunately after a short surgery, Ryu was delivered at 3426 grams or a bit over 7.5lbs. He is huge and very tall compared to the average baby in Japan. From what we can tell both he and my wife will be fine and recover quickly. If you find me in server (as I have about 1-2 months off work for the baby, and mostly work from home) please don't mind a bit of background noise. This community really helped me through the last week, and has been a nice distraction to the very real and scary situations that have unfolded the last week. Couple of pictures. See you all around town, and thanks to everyone, as it is you who makes the community special. Respectfully, - Mike
  4. Well the typical vehicle over here is tiny, and i'm a typical American. The C55 is my first European vehicle, but I have been impressed so far. I am thinking about an Audi convertible for my next vehicle. @Hans Krieger I only wish the roads weren't so congested, and speed limits so low over here.
  5. Bought this car used, and super cheap back in 2017. Japanese take very good care of their cars!
  6. The way I view the current state of the economy, is that people are grinding hard to get back to a somewhat similar state to where they were prior to the attack on the community. This is either in order to continue stories, or accurately portray their character as they wish to do. I think if the proposed civilian whitelist / priority system were to be implemented or promoted, we would see much more focus on creating stories than farming cash. The other reason I think people are grinding money so hard, is in the past, anything too lucrative tends to be altered or removed all together. Most of the time illegal jobs have paid more than legal, due to the associated risk. In the past, banks used to be very lucrative and created great RP. Hopefully in the future we can see the return of them, jewelry store robberies, and potential greater or unique rewards for successfully robbing a bank. Possibly robbing an armory would give a decent cache of rare weapons only otherwise found at the black market? There are many directions that could be taken when it comes to balance, but I do agree something needs to be slightly changed or tweaked. That being said, I am confident that the development team is aware of the issue and likely has plans for the short and long term.
  7. You and your team are awesome, great news, and thanks for the reply.
  8. Floppy, and developers in general. First and foremost thank you for the amazing inventory update. While it has only just released, I immediately noticed improved ease of use and utility. With that being said, is there a way myself, or members of the community can help to supplement icons for items that are currently missing them? I figure this is somewhat tedious, and simple enough that the community could help out a bit. If so a possible list of missing icons and the file size limit + dimensions would help, as well as any restrictions that apply. If not, thanks again for the great update. Very Respectfully, - Mike
  9. From Northern California, but have been in Japan since 2017. I live near Hiroshima, and encourage everyone to bucket list a Japan vacation. This country, its people, and everything about it are amazing.
  10. I can verify this. If it is of any assistance, the owned vehicles are view able if you look at the option to sell the vehicle.
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