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  1. When you have so many EMS calls you end up in another dimension Veteran fire fighters
  2. And the people thought I was joking when I served alien ice cream up in paleto bay! @Mitchel Jansen @Isaac Mendez , it is quite possible Mitchel IS the alien.
  3. The pieces are falling together now
  4. Well here's my puppy. Not as fancy as my BMW ingame but it'll do. 😁
  5. I would be living in a shack, making my own booze, be drunk all day and talk bad about the fancy castle people with their fancy clothes and fancy underwear and fancy food. Rest of the time would be to avoid the kings soldiers cause I am badmouthing them and probably did not pay my tolls and taxes.
  6. People really enjoy getting knocked out nowadays. But why do that when you can serve alien ice cream up in paleto Bay? @Isaac Mendez @Mitchel Jansen
  7. Not really that hard to start and get a entry level car that you can drive around legally. I ran directly from the train station to go postal and had enough for one of the cheaper cars within 30 minutes. Prefer to have that until I get money for the car I want over stealing cars or using the taxi.
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