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  1. This was a TON of fun last time. I hope this takes off again.
  2. Hope I get to see me beating your ass outside pillbox medical in there. 😂😂
  3. Welcome aboard! You and Billy singing God save the Queen in the MRPD cells had me rolling in my chair!
  4. Officer Bane's excellent driving lead to this great moment. For reference we crashed somewhere around the intersection near malt fields.
  5. The general public doesn't need to be organized for people to not interfere with other's roleplay situations. It literally takes 2 seconds to go, should I interfere with this serious situation that could ruin it for the others, or should I just move on or watch from afar. Saying it's not possible is just incorrect. It's selfish behavior to want to take away someone else's fun for your own.
  6. Please see my previous post.
  7. I think what she meant by fear is fear the consequences of impeding/interrupting an investigation, not fear the people themselves. And to the point of someone smuggling human organs or drugs, why would that person be running up to an active police situation anyways? You'd think they would want to be as far away from the police as possible.
  8. Not the best shot, but I love it.
  9. This is already the case. It used to be better edit:higher, but then people were doing it TOO much. Just need to find a happy medium with supply/demand. I had a suggestion in for it about 8 months ago I believe, or one of my buddies did cause we were talking about it. Might suggest it again in the future.
  10. It's not that I don't want people committing crime, it's more along the lines of how often they commit murder or go on rampages etc. Running coke and stealing cars is one thing, but shooting 5 cops 3 civs and robbing a bank should have dire consequences if caught. Getting off topic here, but on the other side of that coin, payouts for major crimes(bank/jewelry heists) should be significantly higher. I think the last time we succeeded with the big bank the payout was only like 20k-30k each for 5 or 6 people.
  11. It's not so much about punishing them harder, but getting someone in to the mindset that they should think twice about going on a rampage robbing the bank, shooting 7 people, and stealing a couple of cars. I'm also fine with the current fines and times system though. Just putting some other thoughts out there on the topic.
  12. Another thing with lowering / capping times would be for them to be served online only or have a substantially increased offline timer. This is coming from someone who has played criminal almost exclusively since joining RP servers and I've always felt that if you can just serve it off line, there's no real consequence as people just char swap. If you don't wanna do the time, either be better, or don't do it.
  13. Are you making sure you're in the TokoVOIP waiting room channel? It should auto move you to the correct channel at that time.
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