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  1. yea, now that there is no more onesync we have gone down to our old limit in terms of people clocked in but again alot of LEO's enjoy their time off duty or playing alternative characters so just because you see them on the TS list does not mean they are all clocked in
  2. I do hope you realise that just because there are 10 cops in a server that doesn't mean all ten are clocked in, right? Besides there are regulations put in place that only let's an x amount of cops clock in at the same time
  3. So, i know there is a seperate thread already about getting rid of the white dot for aiming and that the concern in that regards is people will find other means to stil have an accurate "crosshair" hence why i would suggest that if at all possible the moment you raise a weapon it will force you into automatically using the ironsight to metigate the 3rd party usage to have a crosshair in game etc. now this will cause some mild issues in regards to the bug when you do go in 1st person that your torso will be twisted in a 180 degree angle (your legs will point backwards) however i do feel like this is the best in-between we can possibly get, it removes peoples imidiate abilities to have godaim with said white dot and it removes the chances for people too cheat in order to get an upper hand if the dot were to be removed
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