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  1. @Ivan Rumenovthank you, this is me. He is my primary character. I, with the help of my good friend who cant play on the server (no pc), put a lot of thought and time into him. He’s based off of a few people, real and fictional. He needs to get a little more established in town before the RP i have planned for him can take place.
  2. *scribed on a warped note covered in dirt found in Robert's residence. Date is unknown of when written. We must find it. We must do whatever it takes friend.
  3. Day approx. 3,437 It appears the bank has completely liquidated all of my belongings, the wretched fools! Kain says I should end them all but I can’t bring myself to do it or how to go about it. It seems I must find a different route of endorsing this hunt for my rightful riches. I ventured my way into the city, unfortunately, to find advice from the petty souls that walk the streets. I hate them! They are of no help to me! ...but yet, I did find one individual... that seems I can take advantage of for information. No... he is a friend of ours Demon! He helped us! He helped us find a way to continue our search! Oh... but how am I going to keep this secret, I do not know... I have plunged myself back into the wretched world. I knew I should’ve never gone back. We’d always been able to help ourselves... haven’t we friend? These people that walk the streets may be of good use for us though. Look at us! Do we look approachable! They are scared of us! ...then we must learn to be friendly. We must learn to spare them...
  4. Name: Graves, Robert / alter ego: Kain Occupation: Prospector DOB: December 30th, 1978 (40 years old) Last Known Address: Zancudo Avenue, Sandy Shores, San Andreas Backstory: Robert Graves was once a middle class man with a family. he had a decent job as a prospector, had a wife and two sons. After the death of his father, he was one day going through family heirlooms that his father had saved in his attic. There he found a picture of a man that his father had saved, he opened the back of the frame to see if there was a name written on the picture. When doing so, an old torn up note feel out. The note turned out to be a confessional statement of his wealthy great great grandfather's that stated he was full of selfish greed and decided to be buried with all of his riches. But unfortunately for Robert, the portion of the note that included his great great grandfather's first name and site of burial was torn off. To Robert, finding this treasure would solve all of his financial struggles. He would never have to worry about paying bills and debts ever again. At first the search for it wasn't unhealthy but after a couple years of searching, it started to become frustrating to Robert. He started obsessing over it. This began the deterioration of his marriage. Long nights gone 'on the job' made his wife, Karen, question him. And soon enough, Karen left and took the kids with her. Robert's obsession caused him to start spending what money they had on finding the treasure. Months go by after Karen's departure and at this point, Robert is doing it to win his family back. But, one day, he sees Karen with another man. This drives him mad. he no longer is in search for the treasure for the sake of his family. His sanity begins diving even further down the rabbit hole. The Birth of Kain: "Adam Raised a Cain". - James, Robert's brother, finds out about Robert's situation through a phone call with Karen. James is not of San Andreas as he is a businessman in New York City and decides to fly out to Los Santos to find his brother. he of course is concerned for Robert's well-being and health. Eventually, James does find Robert's new home in Sandy Shores and confronts him. Robert is reluctant to let James come in as he still has some sanity left and knows his life is going in the wrong direction because of his greed and obsession. Eventually, Robert does let James in to talk. There while in Robert's home, James sees the note on the counter and a list of names that all have a common last name, "Graves". James asks Robert what this is. At first, Robert doesn't tell but he eventually lets it all out. James demands he helps Robert as he knows it means that much to him to find it. Robert plays along and lets James help out. But, Robert's paranoia begins to kick in. He devises up a plan. On a dark night, Robert tells his brother that he thinks he might've found the location of the burial site. They grab their gear and jump in James's car and head to the location that is somewhere in the secluded desert that surrounds Sandy Shores. When they get to the location, they get out of the vehicle. James grabs the flashlight and Robert grabs his trusty shovel he's been using for so long. James, standing in front of Robert says to him, "So is this it?" with his back turned to Robert. Robert replies with, "yeah, it's right over there." James unsure, asks again, "where". At this moment, Robert smacks James in the back of the head with his shovel. Robert repeatedly and viciously beats his brother with his shovel screaming "YOU SON OF A B****! I KNOW YOU ONLY WANT ALL OF THE RICHES TO YOURSELF! YOU'RE NOT STEALING MY RICHES, THEY'RE MINE! THEY'RE RIGHTFULLY MINE!" There, Robert digs a grave for his brother, dumps his corpse, and drives off with his brother's car... This is the birth of Kain. Soon after Robert kills his brother, he begins hearing a voice in his head and starts seeing a figure. eventually the figure identifies his name as 'Kain' but Robert refers to him as 'Demon'. When Robert is questioned about his paranoid schizophrenia, he justifies it by saying "it's my demon. We all have demons do we not?" About: Paranoid, Schizophrenic, Split Personality. carries a torn up note that was his great great grandfather's that states he is buried with all of his money and treasures. Unfortunately the location of his burial is the piece of the paper that is torn away. The only information Robert has of his great great grandfather's burial site is that it's within San Andreas. Has an alter ego named Kain but Robert refers to him as 'Demon'. Kain tells Robert that everyone he meets could possibly have the other half to his note. When he doesn't dig up the grave he's looking for, he takes the valuables that are buried with the person and sells them. He disregards the law and will stop at nothing to find his great great grandfather's burial site. His life revolves around finding this treasure. Robert's first murder was his brother, James. The murdering of his brother is what drives him to complete insanity.
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