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  1. The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is sad to report the passing of Deputy Drey Demelza. We will begin making funeral arrangements and would request that those interested in attending mark when they would be available. We aim to have as many family, friends, and colleagues attend as possible. Please fill >>this<< out to mark your availability. We will update this notice when we have scheduled a day and time. Regards, Sheriff Jasmine Kali Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  2. So, I'll step in here for a moment and say 1 thing about the ID. When a person is searched, and I mean fully searched not just terry frisked for weapons, you look everywhere. Irl it would be pockets, shoes, socks, hats, etc. In game, we search and many of us use /me to say something like "pats down" to have more interaction than just saying "im searching you now, anything on your person that can poke, prod, or hurt me" and then just standing there while the game tells us what's on your person. However, to the ID point. Theoretically, you CAN say that when they search you, they tossed you completely, found your wallet with your ID in it and read your name off of it. But, in RP, you were not made aware that any of this had happened, and for that I can see the frustration. At that point, it would be a good idea to say something like "I see there's an ID here in this wallet, Mr. Sasha Dimitrijev is what this says, is that you sir?" To which the suspect would either say yes or no, depending on the RP. So, in all, I can agree with you that not asking what your name is and verifying your identity is frustrating, therefore we can try to ensure we have our officers RP it out better going forward. Whether we directly ask the person for their name and RP out "I'm gonna search for your ID, where might I find it?" or we search and RP finding the ID with a name on it, then verbally confirm with the suspect. Since we cannot see your driver's license without you showing it to us, we could then further say, "I only have a general ID with a name on it here, where can I find your driver's license?" We will do our best to spread the word to RP it out better and be more clear on HOW we are identifying the person and HOW it was confirmed. I appreciate you bringing your concerns forward. At anytime, you may PM a command member on the forums if you have further concerns or issues that are not reportable in character. If you don't know who the command members are, just ask, anyone will tell you who to contact.
  3. Jasmine Kali

    Grace Cha

    Grace Cha, sister of Jasmine Cha (now Kali), came to Los Santos when she heard that Jasmine had disappeared. The only information she had was that Jasmine was a cop with decent ranking and had gotten into some trouble, but hadn't been heard from since. Upon arrival in Los Santos, she began to search for her sister and and ended up meeting the group that Jasmine had last been seen with. After linking up with them, she decided to join them and began her life of crime in the city. She joined them for a few jobs, but ended up taking a vacation when she heard her sister had been found and returned to her job in PD. After returning from her vacation, she'd found that the majority of the crew wasn't around anymore, so she decided to go out on her own and find a new crowd. She ended up joining the Soldiers of Samara after she found out that the leader was actually her sister's mother in law. She ran with them for a while, until a high ranking member of the gang (who had also been her boyfriend at the time), was killed by a rival gang. She left town again, unable to handle the distress and only recently came back after a massive blackout hit Los Santos. Prior to the blackout, she was living comfortably with a nice house bought for her by her boyfriend, a nice car, and a decent amount of cash to live off of for a while. But now, she's returning with absolutely nothing to her name. She'll have to decide if she wants to continue on the path she'd started down, or change directions and go her own way.
  4. Twitch name: www.twitch.tv/Effxcts18 Steam/TS name: Eff(x)cts/Jasmine Kali [S1-1]
  5. I have the realistic sound and dont have that error, but i did use Shred's and got that error. I'm vanilla now and have not seen that error code since.
  6. Remove visual mods helped me. I don't get that anymore. U can find another visual mod if you need to have one.
  7. We can look into optimizing emote use after we get the major bugs fixed. I've never worked on emotes before so it will take me some time to learn how they are coded in revo and edit to be more user friendly.
  8. To cancel an emote that u used / for u just use the same command again (/sit)(/sit). There is a short list of /emote commands that work for quick emotes. It might be possible in the future to expand that list. Walking while using certain emotes was an accepted suggestion on the previous forum if I remember correctly. So perhaps we can work on making that happen.
  9. A donations section has been added: Donations Page
  10. We realize that if we don't have onesync, we'll need 2 servers to meet demand. It's our top priority this weekend to get an increased player count whether it's by using onesync or 2 severs.
  11. We realize that. We just haven't been able to get a 2nd server ready. Please be patient. The weekend is here and we will sort out Onesync and severs when we can.
  12. We also tried that during one of the live tests. We tried with 42 players and everyone still complained about the locals. Increasing to 64 didn't change how bad the locals were. It just happened in more places because there were more poeple. That argument in itself might lead one to believe that performance would be better if it was happening in less places, but no one has reported the server being any better at 42 vs 64. Just complaints about low FPS and too many explosions /crazy locals. . Needless to say, we are exploring 50 slot option. But we'll cross that bridge when we get the major bugs out of the way.
  13. It's unfortunate it seemed that way. The countless pokes, discord messages and @everyone, and on duty tags, the meetings. We tried so hard to balance and it's unfortunate that no one really gets to see how hard we tried. I assure you, our leadership has gone through 2 servers in the past and this time around we exhausted every option we could think of to help balance between the 2. It's just not an issue that can be solved the the manpower we have now (which is why we have academy running).
  14. A lot easier said than done. You can't predict where a person is gong to go. And even if you discuss it, it still ends up a mess becsuse by the time cops go to a server to get the numbers up, the 2nd severs has already had every cop clock out and go to bed. So then u decide to switch to the other sever, at the exact same time 3 other ppl see the need for cops in tat server. U switch over and before u know it, server 2 has 4 cops and server 1 has 2 or 3. It's just so hard to balance
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