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  1. Hi, my name is Austin and I play as rex hughes in the server as well as Lars Stone, and Tommy Salami. I am currently looking for feedback on how to improve my characters and role play experience if you want to share the good/bad feedback that would be amazing! ^-^
  2. Yesterday, A lot of people know about that are involved with pd and ems. But lately the role play in this past week on the server has been so strong its freaking amazing! I am truly enjoying it and the interactions.
  3. Dear Diary, I have been scared for my life ever since that one day with kika. The man chewy tried to kill me and kika out on route 68's town. I have had an empty feeling since it about trying to be emotional support role. I try to be myself but I've felt I've been changed. Now I have One of my friends known as Nathan Smith that was nice and super caring trying to kill me all over a joke? He stabbed me with a needle with his own blood and is actively trying to hunt me down. Part of me wants to know why just me since Lena was there... But part of me feels happy it's only me. Am i going to have to feel this way for couple weeks or an week? Will this end? Am i gonna die? I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE! I AM NOT READY TO DIE. ***Tears rest of the page off** I am scared FOR MY LIFE.
  4. Try during the day of USA time zones but overall just wanna share that staff are volunteers an do not get paid for there jobs, and they do have real life counters etc.
  5. (5/12/19) Dear Diary, Last night was an disaster but were just gonna leave it at that. But Today i GOT MY BADGE. I am able to drive alone and feel great about myself as ems! ^-^
  6. I was suggested by @Shem Coselli to try out revolution and told me all about it. So i took the step and joined revolution and started playing and enjoying the role play experience with everyone ^-^
  7. In my opinion the blackout set us pretty far back in development. Since developers are working on fixing current things vs. keeping up to current times/adding new things(Current things do need to be fixed so i respect that) But I do agree we should have more jobs in my opinion like mechanic, a business inspector, and so fourth but it’s the simple fact they’ll say “just role play it out” but it’s the fact no one wants to interact with you if you are pretending to be something.. when you don’t have a title or actual job. For example I had a character named tommy salami which was a 17 year old kid that was running a “fake cab” type thing but had issues of getting people into the vehicles do to the fact everyone has one since they just grind the hell out of things for money and showing no interest in role playing which in my opinion sucks to extreme. Because overall only two people I fully interacted with were Shem,Emily,Kat,Roxy. Other then that I had the worst time trying to get anyone to ride the taxi. Overall I do agree we lack jobs and the fact the server does lack role playing aspects but we can’t force people to be better right?
  8. Did you send me a friend request? Na - zbug
  9. (I don’t know why it double posted) But you all have lovely cars ❤️❤️
  10. Here’s my ride pontiac g5 2007
  11. I play League of legends, Runescape (Old / New), MC, Monster Hunter *pretty new to it atleast since the wii verison lol*, and DEAD BY DAYLIGHT DOWN TO PLAY THAT WITH ANYONE ❤️
  12. Is there a way you can make it as a add-on to the gun where it costs money or something?
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