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  1. Does Anyone agree that we need more interactive and involved jobs? other than standing in one spot for a bit to do something simple?
  2. Twitch name: Pharon - https://www.twitch.tv/pharon Steam/TS name: Pharon / Anthony Woods Tag needed: Purple Tag
  3. My two cent's doesn't mean much around here cause i never had a single problem with the 64 man pop in terms of performance, (head only exploded once) but i do belive that 64 man pop is going to be the best bet to make everyone happy in the long run because they human interaction is more often and enjoyable (IMO) The single 64 man pop server will also keep from having to constantly server hop to be with your gang. (Personally i have harsher frame drops in the 32 man server oddly enough)
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the high population of the city when there was the possibility of 64 people being in town at once, personally i found myself looking over my shoulder constantly for a cop or someone to mug my sorry butt. I really hope the single Server 64 gets pushed after the locals are fixed, the were the real problem I am believing with frame drops. Loving the community! (Bug Report on the locals i put in) -
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