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  1. Thanks all for participating last weekend. Was pretty fun last weekend from what I heard, so I'm going to extend the challenge to this next weekend on Sunday 5/26 as well for those who didn't have the chance to join in! Edited the original post to reflect this.
  2. I've noticed we have a lot of cookie-cutter criminals treating RP as GTA Online lately which has been demotivating for many folks. With inspiration from the original community challenge by @Rigzby Rollins a long while ago, I am proposing we do it once more. THE CHALLENGE: Create a NEW character of something you have NEVER done before. IE: If you are typically a criminal, become a nerd or something, work at burgershot, become a convenience store clerk, or doctor, or whatever... just anything that isn't cookie cutter / game mechanic related / grinder. I want to see people putting EFFORT into their character. RP it fully. Put yourself into that character and enjoy something different which you may never have otherwise. RULES You cannot have a 'winning mentality' - Losing situations leads to RP just as much as winning situations does, and sometimes even more-so. Pursue opportunities If someone is /adverting a unique service, visit them and give them some RP. Have fun with it I think if even half the server is new and unique characters, we will have a lot of fun with it. Last time lead to some amazing RP. Roleplay Guidelines for New / Experienced players Random RP Character Generator Challenge yourself. Break out of your comfort zone. Let's make this happen. Cheers! - Zeke / R. Devine
  3. A NEW MESSAGE IS BEING BROADCAST ON 5/14/2019 @ 8:50 pmThis is being broadcasted on repeat from the Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness Village (nudist camp) on public frequency
  4. A NEW MESSAGE IS BEING BROADCAST ON 5/11/2019 @ 8:50 pmThis is being broadcasted on repeat from the Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness Village (nudist camp) on public frequency
  5. Alright enough time has passed since the last post that I will chime in as a DoJ official; The current times / fines have been altered quite a few times since their implementation and the DoJ is always taking feedback, and we discuss these things at every monthly DoJ meeting. We use a 'complaint' approach to balancing times and fines; if both sides are complaining about them in both directions, it must be somewhat balanced. What I mean is that many (not all) LEO have made mentions that they are too low and should be doubled; whereas civilians / criminals complain they are too high and should be halved - Which means that they are currently fairly balanced between the two. Additionally, we have many degrees when it comes to certain Crimes - Assault / Battery up to 1st / 2nd degree attempted murder; Different degrees for Possession/ Trafficking / Distribution / Manufacturing / Cultivation depending on amounts. We recently adjusted sentencing upwards for violent / property crimes because we had an outbreak and sharp spike in violent crime in when the 'new wave' of folks came through in March/April. We split 'attempted murder' into 2 degrees, whereas first degree is punished by 50% more than second degree. Now, in relation to the community cited; it's a completely different community that is setup differently than ours, and has different factors to consider than we do. Could we cap it at 30 mins and force everything else higher to go to Court? Yes, but we do not have the manpower to do that, and we are a public server. This topic seems to come up every few months on the forums. It was discussed and there was a poll back around October (iirc) if we should force people to go to Court for all violent Crimes; a majority of people were in favor of it in some degree; even if it is just an arraignment in front of a Judge + to be sentenced, but at the time the DoJ was very bare-bones in roster to facilitate it and was shelved. In December, it came up once more and before I took a vacation for College, I was pushing to have certain certain charges be forced to go to arraignment, such as 1st degree murder / torture / hostage taking / terrorism, but when I left it was still in a state of being discussed and wasn't ready to implement with the current state of affairs and was shelved. Individuals are currently Forced to go to Court if they are accused of a Homicide charge that includes a Permanent death. For the most heinous Criminals who do repeated violent crimes, we do have the Repeat Offender system. Additionally, in the Code of Law we have sentencing outlined to be fairly flexible. Furthermore, we can go that route of people being accused of certain crimes that they are forced to go in front of a Judge, but that has been taken a backseat due to current affairs. If it is demanded by the community, the DoJ will facilitate it. We react to what the community wants, while also pushing our own projects and initiatives in attempt to benefit all. Respectfully, C. Justice Devine
  6. I'm interested in hearing an expanded explanation and feedback of exactly what you mean, and other's opinions before I respond with anything further.
  7. A NEW MESSAGE IS BEING BROADCAST ON 5/ 8 /2019 @ 11:5 pm This is being broadcasted on repeat from the Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness Village (nudist camp) on public frequency
  8. I have a few personal favorites I created that I enjoy sharing. The people involved made the experience 10/10. @Kai Flippinton had an accident and needed a Stick Removed from his ass (Dorsett University Medical Clips) with Doctor Bellingham ( @Rigzby Rollins ) That time when @Araceli Quinoa had been eating too many gummy-bears and needed a gummy - Gram "Tommy Phoenix, from the Ashes, to the STARS!" Movie Trailer This interview with Kent Jonson This coerced interview with Public Enemy #1 That one time they couldn't find Gil McGill blending in with the Nudists I'll edit and add onto this as there are too many favorites on my channel. Cheers!
  9. This is being broadcasted on repeat from the Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness Village (nudist camp) on public frequency (ooc: This thread is supposed to be in character, please do not comment to this post. This information is publicly available via the proper RP)
  10. Don't forget the classic 'Chief Queef' Rap dedicated to Chief @Daniel Warren Hyped for the Diss-track.
  11. The following are links to the "Code of Law" ***SAN ANDREAS CODE OF LAW*** (Published Version) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SAN ANDREAS CODE OF LAW (Source / Sheet / Adjustment Version) Respectfully, C. Justice Richard Devine.
  12. DEAR SAN ANDREAS; If an individual is an overbearing nuisance, and traditional rehabilitation and sentencing is not effective in dissueding repeated daily and excessive crimes, the individual may be placed on the REPEAT OFFENDERS list. The procedure is as follows; LEO / DA Office will check if the individual meets the minimum requirement to be considered for the program Pre-Requisites for bare minimum to be considered for Repeat Offender Status The LEO / DA Office will submit a “Repeat Offenders Petition” to the COURT DOCUMENTS. The Petition shall include a comprehensive history of Criminal History and relevant factors which warrant a Repeat Offender Status. A Judge / Justice will review the petition, and either accept the Petition for a Hearing, or deny it based on lack of due cause. A Doodle will be setup, and all parties will be subpoenaed A Hearing will be scheduled If Defendant / Plaintiff fails to appear for the Hearing, Default Judgement will be made. If APPROVED, the Judge / Justice will place the individual on the “Repeat Offenders List” located below, and also prescribe an increase to sentencing for every conviction henceforth. Each case is different, and a 150% (1.5x) to 500% (5x) increase in sentencing may be applied The individual has the right to appeal the Repeat Offender Status after 2 weeks if they so wish. REPEAT OFFENDERS LIST; [None at this time] Respectfully, Justice Richard Devine
  13. San Andreas Code of Law Amendment Process To ensure due diligence for every amendment made to the San Andreas Code of Law, the amendment process is typically long, arduous, and difficult. ALL Amendments must be unanimously agreed upon by all sitting Justices to be approved. The following is the conditions of Amendment approvals; May be Amended by the Justice(s) at any time with unanimous agreement that said amendment is necessary for clarification of perceived and unexpected loopholes in the language of the Law.. Amendment must not alter the spirit of the law, only clarify. Unforeseen situations (new game mechanics) arise whereas it is deemed an emergency and an Amendment is immediately necessary. May be Amended after a Formal Court Case in which the presiding Justice / Judge’s opinion includes that a specific Law and Language should be Amended. May be Amended via a proposal from a BAR Certified Attorney during an Official "Department of Justice Meeting" If an individual awaiting trial with alleged charges that would be affected by an approved Amendment, the Amendment will take effect after the verdict is reached. Respectfully C. Justice Richard Devine
  14. The two following resources are the Department of Justice's Primary Resources which are available to the Public. DoJ Handbook is the DoJ's 'Standard Operating Procedures'. It includes everything that is Justice within San Andreas Includes Roles, Court Proceedings, Bailiff Duties, Appeals, Judge / Attorney Code of Conduct, ect BAR Study Guide Includes detailed explanation of Court Procedures, and what is expected during a Trial. Respectfully, Justice Richard Devine
  15. Part 1 Principles uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice; act with integrity; not allow your independence to be compromised; act in the best interests of each client; provide a proper standard of service to your clients; behave in a way that maintains the trust the public places in you and in the provision of legal services; comply with your legal and regulatory obligations and deal with your regulators and ombudsmen in an open, timely and co-operative manner; run your business or carry out your role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles; run your business or carry out your role in the business in a way that encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity; and protect client money and assets. Part 2 General Code of Conduct As an acting Attorney you are required to wear formal attire. Attorneys should be familiar with all aspects of San Andreas Law and be familiar with Law Enforcement Practices. Attorneys are required to pass a BAR exam to be able to practice in the state of Los Santos. You must be a qualified Attorney to represent any clients, private or public. Attorneys are NOT permitted to carry weapons of any sort while in restricted areas of Government Property unless agreed to by the LEO. (Police/Sheriff Departments) Attorneys caught and convicted of a felony will be disbarred and no longer able to practice Law in Los Santos. An Attorney may not be a part of a gang or other criminal organisation. You do not need to pass the bar to represent yourself. Private Lawyers must have a registered & approved business to be able to practice Law in Los Santos. Part 3 - Confidentiality and Disclosure Once hired, all actions between Attorney and Client become privileged. This includes; Any verbal conversation Any written conversation All prospective Lawyers will undergo full and extensive Background checks. Prospective Lawyers will be free of felony charges for the past 7 days Part 4 Conflict of Interests A lawyer shall not represent a client if the representation involves a concurrent conflict of interest. A concurrent conflict of interest exists if; The representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client; or There is significant risk that the representation of one or more clients will be materially limited by the lawyer’s responsibilities to another client, a former client, or a third person, or by a personal interest of the lawyer Part 5 Strikes and Dis-BAR Paralegals Felonies; Felony Conviction = DisBAR Misdemeanors; If convicted of a Misdemeanor, the Paralegal will be suspended for 2 week per misdemeanor 4 Misdemeanors = lifelong suspension from the BAR Association BAR Certified Attorneys / Lawyers Felonies; Felony Conviction = DisBAR Misdemeanors; If convicted of a Misdemeanor, the attorney will be suspended from the BAR association for 1 week per misdemeanor. 4 Misdemeanors = lifelong suspension from the BAR Association The Chief Justice may suspend / dis-BAR any individual at any time with support of the (Jr) Justice and (Sr) Justice. IE: Heinous crimes / felonies, unfit ethics, misconduct, ect. Respectfully, Justice Richard Devine
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