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Araceli Quinoa

Dear Diary It's Celi. Again.

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4-30-2019 2:00 pm


Araceli frantically drives over to a set of apartment buildings where she once lived, her brand new Faggio that seemed to have been purchased not too long ago, now on the verge of breaking down.

She attempts to park next to the bust stop before getting off and walking confidently to the apartment receptionist, her pink converse making splat noises as she tries to avoid puddles from the raid storm earlier

Hiya Mr.Jake hows it goin'! Sooo... as you can imagine, I'm in the same situation as I was some months prior. I need my personal belongings and... my dog.

Araceli tries to speak calmly and nibbles on some gummy bears but in the span of a second he proceeds to talk loudly and assertive but all that comes out is a tiny sweet yell

I need... MY MOTHER FLUFFING DOG! How many times do I have to tell you, you don't just LET THE DOG GOOooOOO!! He's not a PERSON MR.JAKE HE'S A DOG! MY DOG! CELI'S PUPPY!

The receptionist seems to have ignored her; while laughing to himself he drops a set of keys in her hands. "Be as quick as you can"

Araceli lets out a sad squeak before taking the elevator up to her old apartment proceeding to gather the most important things of her personal belongings. She walks over to her bedroom making sure to grab the items that are most sentimental and letting out a reminiscing sigh before putting them in a medium sized cardboard box. She starts to walk out of her room with a box in her hand. She waddles over to Rango's dog bed and puts it on top of the cardboard box almost blocking her vision. She nudges the box against the elevator button before hearing a ding and stepping inside.

MR. JAKE! I GOT MY THINGS!! If you see Rango just call me!

Araceli stumbles out the lobby doors while yelling out her number but all that is heard is "242.." 

She sits down on her moped balancing the box on her legs, she pulls out her phone and pouts at the empty contact list.. she then hopes to herself she can get the numbers of those important to her as soon as possible.




<3 Celi 

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Posted (edited)

Araceli walks through the front doors of an apartment looking at the new surroundings, feeling the presence to her left walk towards the kitchen to.. maybe make food, Araceli walks to the bedroom and quickly gets in the bed and pulls out her diary. 


Dear Diary,

I somehow forgot my fear of heights today for a little bit. I was distracted. I was so close to the fence, while hearing the cries to my left It didn't hit me that I was that close. It's something simple in someone else's eyes; being up that high.. but it just shows that what was on my mind was far more important. Fluff. Focusing on my breathing, the two figures in front of me trying to work through their conflict. Offering the best support I could with my presence.

On another note, I don't have to exercise for approximately 2 weeks. Fluff If I do my math correctly.. no gummy bears for one week and the bike riding from the bridge to town totally counts as two weeks of workouts, compared to if I did work out everyday.. and then decided to eat gummy bears. I know Romeo is very into fitness. I wonder if I ask him if he will approve. 



Araceli raises an eyebrow at what she just wrote and laughs at herself, she feels the urge to write more about her day but closes the diary and places it on the bed while quickly getting out of bed and making her way towards the kitchen 

<3 Celi

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