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Sasha Dimitrijev

REVO Screenshots

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For all those glorious, sad, funny, sexy moments that you captured in game with your snapshot thing a common thread so we don't have to post it under 12843 different ones. Here are few from me.


Tequila Party


Swimming in the rain


Sexy time at Unicorn



Gopnik training day 


@Billy Sprinkle Will be angry


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Johnny Kimble's lieutenant exam aftermath: GFpMwcO.jpg


Darcy and Ruby on a Baywatch day off: 0Ao4JHU.jpg


Classic Araceli style:



Tequila-la back in the olden days, Araceli, Darcy and Dee:


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Officer Bane's excellent driving lead to this great moment. For reference we crashed somewhere around the intersection near malt fields.


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Civilians being pissy at the police 😛




Bunch of the same cars.


Traffic jam by cow.


Dude swearing he didn't have a waterspider on his feet, so I had to have proof for him.


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Posted (edited)


When you have so many EMS calls you end up in another dimension


Veteran fire fighters

Edited by Johnny Kimble
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When you only make money through EMS pay, save and save for weeks to buy a halfway decent 4 door that doesn't look like balls, and someone smashes it up while you're in a meeting in Pillbox.  DONE. WITH. LIFE.



Insubordination in the top ranks of LSFR:



Testing shiz with devs.  Normal time in the dev servers 😄

xMQUnU3.jpg@Matilda Lawson



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