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    • Craighton Miller

      Inappropriate Steam Names   04/22/18

      Inappropriate Steam names are not allowed on the server. Because our communications plugin changes your TeamSpeak name to your Steam name you are subject to our rules and terms for appropriate names. You may be removed without warning for any vastly inappropriate Steam names, if you choose not to change it or ignore requests you will be removed from the community. 
    • Tavis Curio

      Monthly Community Meetings   08/07/18

      Real Men Of Genius holds monthly community meetings on the second Sunday of every month at 4pm EST
      These meetings are to discuss things happening in our community. In an effort for our staff to be prepared at the community meeting, please post any questions or feedback you would like addressed here ---->  https://goo.gl/forms/hX7fG9lkx6pgQi6c2  

      Questions asked in the TS chat box during the meeting are not likely to be answered so please post them on the link preferably ahead of time. 

      Thank you!   -Community Relations Team
    • Morgan Freeman

      RMOG Finance (Very Important)   09/21/18

      Since RMOG began, we've always accepted donations for the server. However, sometimes we don't get enough donations to pay for the costs of the server. When that happens, I'll pay the difference. Some times, we have no more than $20, and I have to pay the majority of it. I always want this place to thrive, and be a home away from home to people to come, hang out, and enjoy themselves. Occasionally I've let staff know that we need more donations, and they'll help out, but it's been incredibly rare that I speak up and ask for donations from the community. I've never liked doing that. We've thought about ways we can give rewards or perks for donations beyond what we do, but nothing we've come up with is ever really feasible, and we can't offer in-game rewards for our GTA RP server. Unfortunately it's come time for me to stop paying for the server, as it takes a fraction of my pay, every month. There are personal reasons why I need to save the money as well, which also influence this decision admittedly. The monthly cost for the servers is $250.19 a month. This pays for all of our web, ts, game, and other servers. The largest is our game server, which is a dedicated box. The reason we use dedicated, is because we like to make sure that the server is NOT going to be a performance bottleneck, and we like having a beefy server so if a new game comes out that the server would like a community server started up for, we already have one ready. Starting next month, I will no longer be paying the majority, or any of the bill. It'll depend strictly on my finances, but that's just what I have to do. I will do my best to make sure that the teamspeak and forums stay up all the time, regardless, but I can't promise anything. Since I am no longer ensuring the server stays up, I've re-directed all future donations to a new paypal setup just for revo. If we get enough money for it, I'll open up another account at my bank and link it directly to RMOG, so it'll all stay the same. If you have questions about our servers or why the cost is as it is, please, feel free to ask below. I'll be reviewing all the servers again in the coming days and seeing if I can consolidate or lower our operating costs before the next payment is due.  If you enjoy playing here, if you enjoy the community, or what it can become, I would ask you to please consider making a monthly contribution to help with the community costs. Thanks.   

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