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About this blog

Birth Name: Lillith Ravenscroft
Date of Birth: 07/27/1989
Born in State: Wisconsin
Sex: Female
Height (Current): About 5 foot usually 5'4 with her heels 
Hair Color: Red


Lillith grew up in a small town in the northern mid-west. She hated it and always wanted to see bigger and better things, go places where people understood her. Not be singled out as the freak and black sleep of the small town she grew up in. She moved as soon as she hit eighteen and graduated high school. School was never really for her so she never did continue on to college. She ran off to Liberty City thinking that was going to be where she'd be accepted, but she was so wrong. She got involved with the wrong people and seen a few things she shouldn't have. She became a big target for the [REDACTED] and she had to flee for her own safety. She eventually made it to LS with the money she had saved up in Liberty City which wasn't much. She found a few friends and eventually started to find her place in life. She's had a few ups and downs like getting married and then getting divorced....been shot...been stabbed...but she's still living and having a blast doing that with friends and now family again after her twin sister found her and they settled a old battle they'd been having since high school.

Entries in this blog

Lillith Ravenscroft

Birth Name: Adrian Holmes
Date of birth: 06/27/1990
Born in State: Illinois
Sex: Male
Height (Current):  5'8
Hair Color: Teal


Adrian grew up in Chicago, just a normal kid who loved to run around constantly and get into trouble here and there, but nothing major. Just a little punk rebel who never caused to much of a fuss. His high school life was pretty plain. He worked hard to keep good grades so he could stay in track and field. He wasn't a big jock or anything he just liked to run. After high school his counselor asked him what he wanted to do now that he was stepping out into the world and he said he wanted to help people. That put him on the path to becoming a nurse. He was hired on to the big children's hospital in Chicago and he worked his ass off to make the kids smile, hell even the parents sometimes. He watched every day though as kids got sicker and sicker and there was nothing he could do to help them. He watched families fall apart from the loss of loved ones and it started to get to him. He started to close in on himself and feel worthless. It eventually got to him and he did something he never though he would do. He tried to take his own life by cutting his throat. Luckily some of his friends found him in his apartment, but unluckily he had sliced to far and destroyed his vocal chords making him mute and leaving behind a huge scar across his neck. He had to live with the fact that he could no longer talk so he lost his job and moved on to schooling for sign language. His friends and family turned away from him because he could no longer talk and they didn't want to deal with learning for him so he packed up with what little funds he had and ran away. He found his way to LS and struggled writing on notepads so people could understand him. Most of the people he met were patient and loved him and cared for him helping him out here and there and teaching him how to survive. He met up with some doctors in LS and they said they could help him get his voice back. He jumped at the surgery and it worked. He got his voice back, but it still isn't the same as his old voice. It's changed, but he's grown used to it. He still doesn't talk much and mostly just hums and listens to his music or just gives people breathy laughs, but he's opening up and learning to care again and hoping to maybe help some people in LS in any way that he can.

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