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The biography of Johnny Sullivan

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Lil Kev

The Return

Born June 25, 1982 in a small Manitoba Town. Marcus Munson. It was April 15, 1996, a date that would change Marcus' life forever. His mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver after the driver failed to stop at an intersection, she was pronounced dead at the scene. The pain of losing his wife was almost too much for Marcus' father to handle, he would repeatedly bring out his angers and frustrations on Marcus. His father eventually turned to alcohol and other various substance abuse, often coming home and beating Marcus for no apparent reason other than his inner demons needing an outlet. Around the age of 16 Marcus started running around with a gang of local bikers, that his childhood friend Billy introduced him to. Getting into all sorts of trouble with the law, but nothing was ever enough to land him in jail. It wasn't until Marcus was 19 that things really started to get out of control, following in his fathers footsteps and turning to substance abuse as a way to deal with his pain he would soon find himself in a whole pile of trouble. He was approached by a few of the bikers, Skeeter, Hank, and Billy, they asked him if he was interested in perhaps trying to rob one of the local banks, with no hesitation at all Marcus agreed. Long story short, the robbery was a disaster, Billy was shot and killed by local PD, Skeeter and Hank were able to make out with zero money, but Marcus was the only one arrested. As things turned out, Skeeter happened to be an informant and rather than  blowing Skeeters cover, Marcus was hung out to be a rat and was placed in witness protection. Due to the far reach of the gang in Canada, Marcus was moved to Eagleville, PA. It was at this time that Johnny Sullivan would be born, no more Marcus Munson. After about 10 years of working at a small tire shop in Eagleville, PA Johnny would be informed that the threat which had put him into witness protection would be no more. With cash in hand, a new identity, and not a single thought of his garbage of a human being father, Johnny would take a bus and head to Liberty City. 

Years had passed since moving to Liberty City, Johnny was now apart of the Gambetti crime family. Things were rolling smoothly until Sammy Bottino was wanted for a murder he committed in Vice City, forcing him on the run. Sammy would be relocated to Los Santos, and with fears of him turning snitch, Johnny was sent to Los Santos with a task to find Sammy, and kill him before he turned. Sammy would soon be arrested in 2011 for murder, he turned snitch and pinched a lot of the higher up members of the Gambetti family. Johnny now in Los Santos, and not sure whether or not they would be looking for him in Liberty City, he decided to stay where he was. He would soon meet Leto Atreides, Hans Roulette, Finn Misteke, Kayden Del'ano, Sin Rostra, and Kenny Williams. Years would pass and crime was a common occurrence , in and out of jail for petty crimes, the gang would soon fall apart. 

The whereabouts of Sin, Hans, Leto, Finn, and Kayden would become unknown, and Kenny was murdered by Paul Atreides, Leto's father. Paul disappeared and hasn't been heard from for  a while. Johnny left for Colombia after Kenny's passing, with nobody to help him lay Kenny to rest he figured it was time for a break from everything. A few months have passed since Johnny had left, with a fresh conscience, and an aching in his heart to find Paul and hopefully settle a debt he didn't pay, Johnny would return to Los Santos.

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