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Rob Boss

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About this blog

Rob Boss was born in Canada and moved to Boston with his family when he was a young child. As he was growing up, he was always defiant against authority figures. He'd always get himself into trouble with his friends, causing issues with other neighbors in the streets and generally running amok. When he was 18, his father, who was a Lieutenant for the Boston Police Department was shot and killed by his partner, who was a corrupted cop working for one of the gangs. This made Rob furious with any form of police figure. This eventually turned Rob into something that was nothing short of evil. He formed a gang and started out with making deals for drugs, placing a few hits on rival gang members. After gathering his gang's numbers, Rob stepped it up a bit by taking on contracted hits for other gangs. He had gotten to a point where torture and murder were not only second nature to him, but he was completely emotionless to the screams of agony, the sound of terror in a person's voice, or the cries of help. He didn't care to know the person's names, stories, or anything to that sort. He'd just use their family members and loved ones as leverage to get at the intended target. Then one day, after Rob had eliminated his target, he looked at the man's face. Rob had recognized it. Rob looked into that target's file and saw that it was one of Rob's closest friends from when they were kids. Rob had severed ties with his crew and moved back to Canda with his mother. After soul searching for a number of years, he had decided it was time he wanted to make a difference and help out. He decided to move to Liberty City alone and do everything he could to help, rather than harm.

Entries in this blog

Rob Boss

Maria Diaz

Maria was born in an impoverished family in Mexico city, Mexico.Maria was born to an impoverished family in Mexico City, Mexico. She was raised by her mother along with her 10 brothers and 2 sisters. Her dad had been killed in by a gang member while during a drug deal gone wrong when she was just 4 years old. While growing up, Maria always did her best to provide the best she could for her family by whatever means necessary. Her brothers were the ones who would bring the income in and she was the one who would cook and clean for them. Once Maria's mother passed away, her brothers went in their separate directions and Maria and her 2 sisters moved north to Texas, where they started their own cleaning business. Unfortunately, the cost of living was more than they were used to and their cleaning business wasn't quite enough to sustain their life. They decided they needed to do more than just clean businesses.  They used their cleaning guise to be able to get into businesses, learn how the security of the company was laid out, then rob the place blind, stealing supplies, computers and anything they could get their hands on, all the while destroying any sort of security measures there were. They continued to do this throughout America, going from city to city, state to state, never leaving a trace.

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