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Holland Stiles

The parents of Holland Stiles were Corporate and Criminal Lawyers. While her mother defends criminals, her father counselled corporate businesses including dealing with whatever lawsuits against them. Holland spent most of her life living in the shadows of her sisters and brothers who found similar careers as her parents. Not wanting to follow the same path that was expected of her, she dropped out of University of Chicago in order to join the LSPD Academy and become a cop. Even though it went against her parents, it didn’t stop her. She did it out of spite. Her goal was to be something different. 

During her training, she met Andrew Hart and they both became partners once out of Academy. After her Cadet phase with LSPD, she realized the importance of her job and was committed to it. She eventually got to Sergeant due to her superiors seeing her as a capable leader, however, she took a break for a few months to get her life in order. Now she is back in LSPD, looking to get back in action with her family of the LSPD in hopes of keeping the streets safer as she initially intended to do when she left. 

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