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  5. Thank you all that attended the meeting! ❤️ General Points that was discussed: General community address and server health Staff roster updates Rule Changes in regards to civilians in a situation Government department updates Brainstorm of whitelisted gang perks / changes Q&A with the community For those who missed the meeting a recording can be found >here< Just be warned it is 3 hours long! - Kat
  6. Name: Rudy Hernandez Age: 27 Home: Mexico, Mexico City Favourite Colour: Yellow Favourite Stuff: Netflix, Talking to New People Family: Don't really have a family, but no idea where birth parents are Skills: Great Shot, Great Driver, Great at making others laugh, Committed to any Job Dislike: People leaving me, being completely alone Weaknesses: Almost to kind, Opening up to people Oddities: Too committed to my Job, little weird and Odd Habits: Being to kind, not opening up to people About Me: My name is Rudy Hernández, throughout my life I have bounced around from home to home, never really having a set family, I came from a Mexican immigrant family and then became an orphan for the remainder of my life, I was the first in my original family to graduate from High-School. My heart has always been to help people and deter others from evil. I have always wanted to become a cop to be a part of a family and make our city a better place for all. I'm very conservative with my emotions and rarely will open up to othes cause of a fear to be hurt In my jobs I am super committed and dedicated to whatever I may be doing, If i have a task I'll get it done. Sicne im fairly new to the city coming from Mexico, I do not know what my future holds, but hopefully whatever it is, I can help out others......
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  8. Name: Kiesa Penkisimtai (kiesa). Age: February 15, 1985 (35). Hometown: Somewhere near Šiauliai, Lithuania. First Language: Lithuanian. Favorite color: black and blue. Favorite things: cigarette and beret. Family: dead. Skills: Very good poet. Dislikes: When no one gives him cigarette. Weakness: Prone to alcoholism. Strange behavior: Shout on everybody. Habits: Create poems while smoking cigarette and drinking beer. Kiesa was born in small village in Lithuania. His parents was alcoholics and his family was poor. While growing up he decided to start creating poems and posting them on YouTube platform. It wasn't difficult to became popular in his country, because everyone look at it, like a joke. That is how he became popular. After couple of years of creating content for YouTube and his fans, Kiesa decided to travel to England to start new life. He moved out to London, where couple of hes friends lived and started to work there. He spent a lot of time in England working hard in fabric and then Kiesa got borred. He and his friends decided to travel to US, Los Santos to try something different. Hes friends met some local gangs near they lived and started committing small crimes with them. What happened after that we will see in a future...
  9. Hello everyone, As we continue to rebuild the community, we'd like to have our players (new and old), have an opportunity to have a voice. This will be everyone's opportunity to talk about what they like about the server, as well as talk about things they dislike or would like to see changed. The community meeting will be on August 2, 2020 at 12 noon CDT If you have questions that you'd like brought up in the meeting, you may fill out this form: Community Questions Form The questions will remain anonymous to the public, so don't be afraid to speak up on the form.
  10. Robbie Tobor


    Name: Robbie Tobor Age: Thirty-something-ish .... Home: An orphanage somewhere in London, on the banks of the Thames. Favourite Colour: Orange Favourite Stuff: A nice hot cuppa tea and a Jammie Dodger Family: Deceased as far as he knows. Skills: A bit of a hopeless case. Dislike: People yelling. Weaknesses: Stubborn and has his pride. Doesn't like the dark ..... or spiders, definitely spiders. Oddities: Can be overly dramatic, and clumsy. Habits: Milling about haphazardly Robbie was raised at an orphanage in London with no real knowledge of his parents or what happened to them. Growing up he was a bit of a loner, often found playing or lurking about on his own. He found it difficult opening up and trusting others, and coupled with his clumsiness was sadly never adopted. He stayed at the orphanage into his twenties but was asked to leave after he accidentally blew up the potting shed ...... and most of the west wing of the main building. Life was a challenge for Robbie. He has spent the last several years wandering from country to country, pillar to post never really settling down anywhere and mostly living rough. He has lately arrived in Los Santos to see wots-wot. What will happen to him there, we shall just have to wait and see.
  11. Hans

    It's not the end!

    Life is hard in LS! I got a new place close to the beach, I have a small Van and a Taxi to get around and I got some acquintances that help me find my place is this big city. I also met a colleague from Sandy, he was my kind of guy. Straight forward, saying what he thinks and when necessary, letting his fist talk. I start to feel some changes. First, like most people in LS, I got my first plastic surgery. It was pretty much needed to get around. Without it, it was hard to purchase basic stuff like cloths in the city as the locas were refusing the service. Generally work is hard to come by. Yea trucking and Taxi driving is always an option but by drinking habit is getting in my way as I demolish way more vehicles than I can pay for. Recently my drinking came to an excessive. I was on my way to acquire a license for a rifle, I was planning on doing some hunting, but I was so drunk, I went into the wrong building, a building that only recently burned down. I fell down an elevator shaft. I thought it was the end of me. I was there, alone, all by myself. Thinking about all the damn shit I have done in my life and all the things I should have done. I passed out eventually. Luckely the emergency service found me and brought me to the hospital. I am still lost, now more than ever. I don't know what will happen next in my life, but something has to change. I just hope, I won't drown this memory in alcohol, as I always do.
  12. Direct Connection Information: Direct connect by pressing F8 then typing "connect gta5.rmog.us" You can also connect through the "history" section in FiveM with gta5.rmog.us TeamSpeak Information: ts.rmog.us TokoVOIP TeamSpeak Plugin: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/files/file/1-tokovoip-teamspeak-plugin/ Rules: http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/rules/ Key Binds: [B] - Backpack / car trunk / home inventory [L] - Lock/Unlock a vehicle or owned home [Left Alt] - Interaction key (You will use it for almost all interactions in the world) [T] - Opens the chatbox [Z] - Used to change the proximity of your voice (Whisper, Normal, or Shout) [Del] - Player List / Player IDs (hold down) [Home] - Pulls up phone (You must own one first) [Page-Up] - Emote Menu /e [emotename] /e c (cancels emote) /emotebind num[insert number] [insert emote name] (only number pad 4-9 are bindable at the moment) Example: /emotebind num4 backpack [Caps Lock] - Hold to talk on the phone when in a phone call or on radio [Enter] - Start Jobs and other interactions [Backspace] - Finish Jobs or delete rented vehicles [X] - Put your hands up [Y] - Point finger [U button] - Ragdoll (hit once to turn on, hit again to turn off) [F1] - Crawl on ground (use u w, a, s, d to move around, shift to switch to laying on back) F1 while in a vehicle allows you to select your exit weapon (take your seatbelt off before exiting the vehicle for this to work) [F2] - Get on knees with hands behind head (aka surrender) Players can be robbed while in this position [F5] - Toggle player HUD. or /toggleplayerhud [G] - Speed limiter while in vehicle Also hotkey for binoculars if you have the item and are outside a vehicle [LShift + S] - Toggles seat belt while in vehicle [LShift + E] Pushes a car if initiated while behind or in front of a vehicle Use A & D to steer it while pushing [LShift + Spacebar] - Turns vehicle on or off while inside Chat Commands: /411 [message] - Sends an out of character message to staff in game. Use this if you need technical help, get stuck, or have an issue that can't be resolved in RP /ooc [message] - Sends an out of character message to people in your vicinity Used to give out of character information that is necessary and cannot be done through roleplay Example: /ooc my teamspeak crashed, 1 moment. Example: /ooc I can't hear you or anyone else around me This is NOT for personal/private messages or information /ad [message] - Sends an advertisement out for everyone in game to see. Used to advertise businesses, events, etc. You must have a phone and $100 in your pocket /tweet [message] - Sends out a "tweet" that will be visible to all players in the city You must have a phone and $5 in your pocket /call [number] - Can use chat to call a phone number instead of opening your phone to do it /call 911 - Call's emergency number /text 911 - Will text the 911 number. You must have a phone /me [information] - Sends out a "me" to people in your vicinity. Used to enhance roleplay for things people can't physically see or do in game Example: /me is bleeding profusely from a wound on the head Example: /me starts to reach for the cop's gun /ondutycops - Will tell you if there are less than or more than 4 LEO on duty. Due to hostage taking rules being tied to 4 cops being on duty, this command can be utilized occasionally to ensure the player is not breaking any hostage taking rules /requestEMS - Will contact EMS services. The same function can be used from the EMS button on the phone too /toggleplayerhud - Toggles the player HUD /trunk - Opens the trunk of a car while standing behind a vehicle /hood - Opens the hood of a car while standing in front of a vehicle /roll [number sides] [number of dice] - Rolls a die. The 1st number indicates how many sides the die has, the 2nd number indicates how many dice you want to roll. "Tyrone" Issue Troubleshooting: "Tyrone" issue - When your character model doesn't load and you end up with the Tyrone ped model Try not to tab out when loading into the server If issue persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the server (without tabbing out) Clearing the FIVEM cache can also help Optional In Game Settings: Under Graphic settings > Pause Game on Focus Loss > Turn OFF Under Audio Settings > Mute Audio on Focus Loss > Turn Off Optional Graphics Settings: Tip: Every player should use 1 Anti Aliasing (AA) feature or none FXAA vs. MSAA vs. TXAA (find them in graphics settings IN game by hitting ESC) Anti-aliasing (AA) assists in smoothing object edges by sampling each pixel a count of times equivalent to the setting FXAA - Improves the image quality by reducing the jagged edges. Low impact to performance MSAA - Super taxing. You should choose to either use NOTHING or 1 of the 3 Impacts performance (FPS) heavily Lower end graphics cards should opt to turn this off to increase performance 4x MSAA, for instance, will sample every pixel four times TXAA - For NVIDIA Users. MSAA must be ON for this to be usable Has similar impact on performance as MSAA, but is temporally applied, so it combines post processes and high-quality MSAA with NVIDIA time-based filters to determine pixel color. This smooths-out movement with greater noticeable impact, but should only be applied in use cases where the hardware is capable of handling anti-aliasing performance hits. Turning VSync off is also helpful to uncap your FPS. However, some prefer to have it on. Play with the 3 different settings and see what works best for you and your system.
  13. My Taxi driving carreer is at a dead end. I tilted again a Taxi today and it almost costed two mechanics and a friendly bystander their lifes in the attempt to come and help me. I start to think the locals don't really want me around! I looked for alternative job options and I got an on-call job at the local Night Club. I learned it's owned by the Angels that saved me recetly, which is a nice surprize. Maybe it's a sign that they will make me a better man? Talking of signs, I saw a Blib first land on some buildings and then disappear! The other bystander say the Police towed them. I am fairly sure they were taken by Aliens! Got some work done mining and smelting, but I am not sure it payes out. It's not too hard of a job, but the income is ridicculous compared to the beers I consume digging. My usual buyer was not around (he was ignoring my phone calls) so I started asking around and a dude with a hat bought the stuff off me and told me he might have work for me in future. I invested in a van, but the Vallet driver took it again for a ride. I am going to kill them one day. So I had to steal a van to transport the goods. I learned to use lockpicks, so it's not too much of a trouble to steal cars now. I attended a small gathering at the Park where I saw the usual suspects plus a couple of others, including a man who got shot in the face for killing someone (I told him he deserved it) and a cop that likes to get high when flying planes. It was quite a long day. I will go to my room and rest some. Hoping they don't kick me out of that room any time soon.
  14. I must have taken something without knowing during the party! After the Storm I woke up black and my Taxi was at the other end of town (black as well). I went to the hospital and got it fixed, but it was a shock! Met a nice fella who likes things that belongs to others. He was so kind to drive me to my Taxi and offer me a job as miner. I will probably consider it. I keep destroying Taxis and even with the insurance it's not worth it. I was looking for some food in the trash and found some drugs and jewelery that I wanted to get rid of so I asked people on the street if they want to buy it. They called the cops on me 😕. Those cops are like the rain, only there when you don't need them. I tried to call them like 20 times but there are never there and when i try to sell one Joint, they show up in double pack... Dumb and Dumber by the way. I had some weed, stolen jewelery and uncut dimonds on me and the only thing they took was some dirty Cocain, that I usually throw away anyway since i have no clue what to do with it! They came after me later as well. I was mugging some people with a Taser that I got my hands on. When I saw the cop car I ran away. The officer saw me smacking a lady so he drove after me, I was sadly on foot so he caught up really quickly.... I told him that the lady ran me over and I smacked her because she did not want to give me her insurance details. The idiot believed me! I met J-Gang toay (I think his real name is Jay, but I like J-Gang). He drove me around and showed me some nice places, thought me a bout different alternative carrer opportunities like truck driving or working as a butcher. The idea of chopping up animals sounds intriguing, I might give it a shot. I gave J-Gang a tip for his efforts, stuck my head in a couple of bins and ran around (I tilted an other car). I went to mine some Iron just for funs but I think I have to invest in a vehicle with more capacity. It was a long day so I went to sleep. We will see what the next day will bring!
  15. Hans

    Part Time!

    Been invited to a party to the Vanilla Unicorn! Met the whole lot, Jakson, the dealer, Eve, Roxi and a bunch other. I said, I am bad with names. It was fun. The DJ had a rifle for some reason. Some Jerks showed up to shoot which required some of the attendees to work as Security. Drinks were good, music was a bit something for everyone. Not much more to say. I was confused not to see any lady of the night in the club. I heard stories about it before, but they were totally different from the reality, still fun though. Will likely go again to get smashed! Managed to make some ride without killing anyone. Looks like I am getting better in driving.
  16. Hans

    Alive thanks to Angels

    Another day, another sotry! The friendly dealer from last time called me up to do some farming. It was boring at fist, but then his son showed up from Armenia. We had a nice chat while plucking the weeds and time flew by. I got payed enough to afford accomodation and an own Taxi! Right about time too. I was driving a rented Taxi later that day after a couple of Pisswasser and while I was on the ocean freeway, out of nowere, a light pool appeared. The vehicle was done for, the passender died and a couple of trucks got stuck in the fire. Fortunatly a lady ran off a car leaving the keys, so I had a ride back to the city. The fun did not last long though! I had a severe concussion and while I was looking for some snack in the trash bins I fell unconcious! The EMS was no help, the slacker were doing what they can do best, nothing! Fortunatly two angels heard me scream and picked me from the back alley. Not sure what happened, I lost consiousness but I woke up in the hospital with all my belongings so everything for the bbest. Turned out my friend from before knows the two Gals and so I was introduced to them and another group of their friends! A colorful and happy lot, can't remember their names though, was drunk again. I think a car exploded while I was hanging with them but I am not so sure. Back to driving my Taxi I guess. Just have to remember where I parked it!
  17. I am looking for my father, his name is Armin... Has anyone seen him? He left 24 years ago to buy some snow? Like who's buying snow... it melts... now i heard he is in this city... Call me if u know his whereabouts, my name is Gregor Brusnikow... and my number is 94906!
  18. Hans

    Finally life!

    Woke up wasted in the desert today. I had no clue what happened, must have been drinking after my taxi shift yesterday. I doubt I even clocked out. Someone tweeted while I was on the freeway with a car which now I know was not mine, I don't have a car! Because of my state and the fact that I was tweeting while driving, I crashed the car. The guy, a friendly businessman dealing in organic combustion (if you know what I mean) was so friendly to pick me up and even drive me around a bit. I got a coffee and was able to wake up a bit, only to fall a sleep in front of an office building. I guess I'll have to go back to taxi driving. Found his contact on my phone though, will probably ring him later!
  19. Starting to find my way in the City. Even though, for such a big place, I sure feel lonely. The only contact i had were a couple of jerks laughing at me while I was drunk. My first job was a failure. I saw an ad "looking for food delivery assistant" and thought "how hard can it be, take food from A, bring it to B". Turns out in LS, you need a car to do that... man folks here sure live far away from their food. I usually pick mine up on the highway on the way home. Well anyway, trashed the car, ended up paying more than I earned. New day, new life! Started a career as taxi driver. Turns out the pay is good, way better than food delivery. Most of the passenger are mutes though, always staring at their phones. At least i got a cab and a radio now! The pay is also enough to pay for the constant repairs. Ah, almost forgot. Had my first visit at the hospital. Drunken motor driving in the City is harsh. Ended up crashing on a bed there. I realized, the Taxi is the only place I can sleep safely at the moment. Might look for a room in a Motel soon.
  20. Born in the summer of ‘94 In Queens New York Bishop was told he’d be many things by his parents. A doctor, a lawyer, or the president. None of which were things he wanted, not after a cop saved his life from an deranged bum on the streets. He realized there’s more to life than just yourself, putting yourself in dangers way to protect those who can’t help themselves. He had a goal, but his brother had a different agenda. Not at all like Jay, Marcus was the complete opposite, he saw the weak as an opportunity rather than something to be protected. They used to argue a lot due to Marcus’ high opinion of cops being the scum of the world. Jay felt differently and was determined to prove him wrong. Coming back into the summer, Jay had just obtained his bachelor’s in criminal justice, proud as ever and ready to celebrate his accomplishment until Marcus happened. While Jay and a few friends were out on a night in the town Marcus decided to make a visit, came by to the restaurant they were and mocked him for pursuing this goal. It didn’t take long for Marcus to draw a temper, it didn’t help that he had drank and had a few drugs in his system. It all happened so fast, one second they were arguing and the next Marcus drew a gun on him and threatened everyone in the restaurant. Jay tried to defuse the situation but Marcus was too far gone, before anyone knew it he fired the gun. Everyone looked shocked, Jay wasn’t hit but his best friend was, he immediately rushed Marcus and threw the gun away clouded by his emotions and held his own brother down until the cops arrived. He was mortified, he just watched his best friend get shot and sent his brother to jail. He didn’t know how to face his parents, so he didn’t, he got in his car and left the city. He knew of a place he could go after one of his classmates mentioned it, a place nobody would even know you’re there, a place called Los Santos. Bishop had finally made it, he was a cop and he was doing his best to prove there’s more to the badge. The stress was catching up, day in and day out he had to discharge his gun more than once. The more and more this went on it reminded him of that day, the day he had to lock up his brother. He thought that memory was locked in the vault but things have a way of coming back to you. For the first time in his life he decided to head to the departments shrink and not for a mandatory checkup this time. Told him everything going on and after it all he realized that he needed a break. Turned in his badge and gun to the chief and told him he’d be back when his mind was cleared. Headed up to paleto and bought a house by the beach, for months he’d just be out on the patio drinking whiskey and watching the sunset. Listening to the high speed cars and gunshots in the neighborhood, until he couldn’t sit idly by anymore. He knew what he signed up for and it was time to get back to work, can’t fix the city drinking whiskey all day.
  21. James Peterson was born September 29, 1994in Austin, Texas and spent his formative years growing up much like most children with nothing too far from the norm. He was raised with good morals through boy scouts growing up and spent many of his weekends exploring the wilderness. His mother and father split up while in middle school with his mother remaining in Austin and his father moving to Los Santos. He was torn by the option to move away somewhere new or to stay with what felt comfortable and normal in Texas. He chose to remain in Austin with his mother where he continued on through high school. As a child he always said he would be a police officer and during his high school career day the APD had a booth showcasing the difference the police were making in their neighborhoods. This re-ignited the spark he had as a child to become an officer, and he quickly decided this was definitely the path he wanted to take. He went to his guidance counselor and told them he had decided what his career path was and wanted to know the best way to get After high school he decided that he wanted to move somewhere he felt he could make a difference. His father had lived in Los Santos long enough for him to receive resident rates for school and he was accepted to ULSA. He graduated from ULSA with a degree in criminal justice and quickly applied for the LSPD shortly there-after. After serving several months in the LSPD and beginning to rise through the ranks of his career, something inside him was starting to change. Day in and day out of getting shot, kidnapped, robbed, insulted, and beaten down began to get to him. He wanted to remain faithful to the badge, but it seemed the city had gotten to him before he could get to the city. He decided a hiatus was necessary and left the city with nothing but a bag of clothes and his car. While away he spent much of his time travelling the states, going to therapy online, and meeting people from across the country. Finally one day he had decided his travels would end and he would return to the city of Los Santos once again to try to make things right.
  22. ......... this is awkward. Christmas in July I guess. EDIT: Class A's look WAY better now.
  23. "So it's been a few days since i moved into this random ass city.. not seen to many people but those i have seen seem ok! I need to get a house.. i cannot sofa surf much longer, my back is killing me" next few days: Guns, Booze... decent job.. (maybe driving lessons) keep my head down! i got plenty of time to make friends.. easier to scout places if people do not see you..
  24. Courtesy of @Althea Castillo Some people haven't quite got their load in outfits corrected yet... 🤣
  25. The staff at Revolution RP wanted to share the expenses with the community to allow for more transparency. Therefore, we will be posting monthly screen shots of the previous month's finances. _______________________________________________________________________________________ May 2020 Finances _______________________________________________________________________________________ June 2020 Finances _______________________________________________________________________________________ July 2020 Finances
  26. At least Rehab as some good views
  27. @Kat Sweetser @Roxy Sweetser @Micky Jackin
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