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  2. 1st of all i like to say ive been apart of Revo going on 3 years now ive met some good people ive met some really bad people ive had awesome rp and ive had some well crappy rp but ive always stayed loyal to this server...Ive seen and tried other servers but it never felt like home and it never felt right...Ive got to know some awesome people around the world and some i see as real life friends....Ive had the feeling for along time that anything i say or do did not matter and i always felt i was unheard but i sucked it up and i moved on in hopes things get better and maybe just maybe something
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  4. Things to keep Housing and/or some number of cars per character Manufacturing / Economy I'm actually of the opinion that all things should definitely be craftable, and shop owners should very much be able to put up buy orders. Put some thought into the player-to-player economy, it pushes under interaction. For example, I started supplying Dan and Lexia with Mk2 weapons, it occasionally brought people in from all sides (LEO, civs, and crims) and tbh I'd have been happy to grind a little in the off hours to provide the mk1 weapons cheaper for them to carry as well. Max
  5. I have only been part of Revo for just over a year and its because of this server that I have made so many friends across the world. I would hate to see our little family go! Yes we have our issues, but one thing the community does need to know is that if you do have ANY issues with anything you CAN raise it to us staff. We're with you not against you on this and we want the server to thrive as much as you guys do 🙂 What features are most important to you to have in the new server? I feel the features that we currently have would be important to the new server, but with these
  6. I do like your idea, however I think one of Revo's issues is how grindy it had become and how everything has to be crafted etc. If we were to do this, I think the best way is to have shop owners "order" items from a catalog/computer and have it shipped to their store and then sell it for whatever price they want to sell it for. When things have to be crafted, it takes more time and takes away from more people RPing because they are worried about crafting a bunch of items in order to make a profit.
  7. It's the Sheriff! I'm very sorry to see the server slowly get less populated, myself is mostly interested playing as EMS and sometimes stir up some ruckus with the LSPD and obtain shady friends in the Sandy area with Balboa. Sadly I never got to go all the way with Balboa, I had some really nice plans going on but it got stranded with the population going down and no LSPD around. So sadly a long time running RP got stuck midway of the storyline. But I sure had fun on the way, and I plan to have double the fun when the server returns in all it's glory. Maybe Balboa will run for may
  8. What features are most important to you to have in the new server? I can really only speak on the LEO side of things here, but broader options when it comes to LEO tools. Not tools that necessarily promote winning but things that encourage more RP and are more engaging for cops in general. What do you dislike about our community now that you hope changes with the new community? Attitude in general. From the few people I've been talking to, including myself have been deterred from coming back to the server merely because of the attitude along with snide comments from both members and
  9. I would like to preface by saying I think a rebranding is an excellent idea and I think and hope that a fresh look, name, and features that promote fun playability will be great for the server. In regards to your questions here are my thoughts: What features are most important to you to have in the new server? Features for criminals and civilians alike that are engaging, fun, and rewarding for the amount of work put in. This would include: a proper gang system in which gangs have benefits for running territories or drug locations. Giving gangs a reason to have rivalries and figh
  10. I know my time has already come to an end on Revo, and so has Revo's apparently... That being said, myself and many others have always liked if not loved some of the ideas behind the features of this server, but always thought it needed a major re-envisioning/re-working to truly realize the potential of the assets, ideas, and people that called this place home. I think this break will be that re-envisioning. While I unfortunately have nothing for the comments posed at the end of the post as I have been gone long enough to no longer feel I have any understanding of what would be best rec
  11. Dear community members, Excuse the long post, but this is a quite important one. It's been a few months since I've taken over now, and since then the staff and I have been doing our best to try to reform Revolution Life RP and restore the population to what it once was. We usually bounce back after hitting low population points, but this time, we haven't been able to manage that in the time that I've been owner. Throughout the months, staff and I have tried several different methods to try to grow the community without much success. Which is why this next option, I feel, is our best
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  13. It's time for another Halloween Party at Vanilla unicorn again, so make sure you come up with an awesome costume. The ticket sales are open from today and the price is $500 if you purchase it in advanced. It will cost $1,000 if you purchase at the door on the night of the party. To pre-order, or if you have questions, just contact Kat (#44321) or Roxy (#60666). Please be aware there will be NO WEAPONS or TOOLS allowed on the property during the event for anyone aside from staff and law enforcement. No Exceptions. If you come to the door and have some of these on you, they will b
  14. 1GreenNV

    Paul Heartly

    Age: 46 Hometown: Macon, Ga Raised on a farm. Only job I ever had was working the farm with my parents. Lived with parents, never had a place of my own. After Ma and Pa died, I was forced to leave the farm. Made my way across the nation to Los Santos. Now looking to find myself and become independent. Just need to find a job and see if I am as 'special' as Ma said I was. Only time will tell.
  15. Kent Stud

    Bobby Skanndall

    One of three brothers, who are very professional in everything they do. They have no boundaries, but do not cross the line.
  16. lasergeek

    Julia Power

    Name: Julia Power Sex: Female DOB: 22/07/2000 Age: 20 From London UK, brought up in a very rich family and spoiled, however living off my parents wasn't what I wanted to do in life - I wanted to live off myself. And so I am moving to America for a new start...
  17. Hans

    It's getting real

    Another day, an other adventure. I met some more firends and my work is finally starting to pay off and with the success, there come the enemies. I had again an other runup with the Incest twins. This time it was Sean Sipp, a wanna be biker with an easy trigger finger and a really bad mouth. I have been having some barter with him over twitter throughout the day to the point he threatened me. Not a big deal, I can handle a simpleton like him. It was evening, I decided to do some maintainance work in the hospital and clean up some of the mess the people leave every day and so I
  18. Kat Sweetser

    REVO Screenshots

    Serious business at mission row @Nick Stevens The secret behind @Thomas McCandless 's mask...
  19. Hans

    It's been a while!!

    I did not write journal for quite a bit. Stuff went down. I think I found a profession that suits me. Get shit for people and deliver it way too late because they never show up in time. It is exactly as boring and unprofitable as it sounds but it's fine, so is the rest of my life, so I guess that's why it suits me so much. A lot of nice stuff happened too! I had a party with my dealer friend and met his wife. I think she is way too nice for him but he does not need to know that! I had a nice Sandy stile party! Burn some people, end up in a shoot out, hack people calling the cops....
  20. Thank you all that attended the meeting! ❤️ General Points that was discussed: General community address and server health Staff roster updates Rule Changes in regards to civilians in a situation Government department updates Brainstorm of whitelisted gang perks / changes Q&A with the community For those who missed the meeting a recording can be found >here< Just be warned it is 3 hours long! - Kat
  21. Name: Rudy Hernandez Age: 27 Home: Mexico, Mexico City Favourite Colour: Yellow Favourite Stuff: Netflix, Talking to New People Family: Don't really have a family, but no idea where birth parents are Skills: Great Shot, Great Driver, Great at making others laugh, Committed to any Job Dislike: People leaving me, being completely alone Weaknesses: Almost to kind, Opening up to people Oddities: Too committed to my Job, little weird and Odd Habits: Being to kind, not opening up to people About Me: My name is Rudy Hernández, throughout my life I have bounced around from
  22. Name: Kiesa Penkisimtai (kiesa). Age: February 15, 1985 (35). Hometown: Somewhere near Šiauliai, Lithuania. First Language: Lithuanian. Favorite color: black and blue. Favorite things: cigarette and beret. Family: dead. Skills: Very good poet. Dislikes: When no one gives him cigarette. Weakness: Prone to alcoholism. Strange behavior: Shout on everybody. Habits: Create poems while smoking cigarette and drinking beer. Kiesa was born in small village in Lithuania. His parents was alcoholics and his family was poor. While growing up he decided to start creating poems and posting them on YouTu
  23. Hello everyone, As we continue to rebuild the community, we'd like to have our players (new and old), have an opportunity to have a voice. This will be everyone's opportunity to talk about what they like about the server, as well as talk about things they dislike or would like to see changed. The community meeting will be on August 2, 2020 at 12 noon CDT If you have questions that you'd like brought up in the meeting, you may fill out this form: Community Questions Form The questions will remain anonymous to the public, so don't be afraid to speak up on the form.
  24. Robbie Tobor


    Name: Robbie Tobor Age: Thirty-something-ish .... Home: An orphanage somewhere in London, on the banks of the Thames. Favourite Colour: Orange Favourite Stuff: A nice hot cuppa tea and a Jammie Dodger Family: Deceased as far as he knows. Skills: A bit of a hopeless case. Dislike: People yelling. Weaknesses: Stubborn and has his pride. Doesn't like the dark ..... or spiders, definitely spiders. Oddities: Can be overly dramatic, and clumsy. Habits: Milling about haphazardly Robbie was raised at an orphanage in London with no real knowledge of his parents or what happe
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