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  5. Date Day with the Husband @Edward Owen👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  6. We will now be holding a poll which will last 72 Hours for everyone to vote for who they would like to be elected as the new criminal community rep! The poll will be between @Edward Owen and @Robert Jesse Bronwyn! Thanks all and sorry for the delay in getting this rolling!
  7. Hey All! For those who was not able to make the community meeting held today, here is a recording so you can listen in! >>Click Me!<< What was discussed: Floppy addressed the community on communication Floppy & Jasmine discussed upcoming development projects White-listing discussion and what it may mean for the server Upcoming new donation systems and more topics from the open floor Q&A with the community If you have any questions or feedback you can post them right here! Thanks everyone!
  8. Jack Stone

    Jack Stone

    I moved to Los Santos from Hawaii, looking for a better life and a better job. Honestly, willing and open to any types of work. Not much else. * Male * White * 25 years old * Blonde hair, but dye it sometimes. usually mohawk.
  9. Jack Stone

    Jonah James

    I moved to Los Santos from Hawaii, looking for a better life and a better job. Honestly, willing and open to any types of work. Not much else. * Male * White * 25 years old * Blonde hair, but dye it sometimes. usually mohawk.
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  11. Rankford was born in the North West of England, back in 1970. Despite having a lucky and privileged upbringing, Rankford's parents could never seem to get through to him. A desperate desire for attention meant that as a child Rankford would often lash out, argue and spit back at anybody who tried to tell him what to do. This habit of defiance got Rankford into a lot of trouble at an early age, causing him to get expelled from High School at the age of 15. The death of his mother at 16 caused Rankford to fly off the rails. Suddenly everything in life turned against him and he felt the need to aggressively fight his way through every challenge. He wouldn't care for the feelings or well being of anyone, other than obviously his family and also his very few close friends- who were and still are like brothers to him. Rankford was first arrested at the age of 18 for possession of drugs and a knife- which was found on his person after the police arrested him for starting a bar fight for no apparent reason. At the age of 22, Rankford moved to LS for a fresh start, or so he hoped. It wasn't long before old habits returned and he was knee deep in trouble in a much more serious and violent city, filled with gangs and guns. He's spent over 20 years in LS on the wrong side of the law, moving a high quantity of drugs, fighting and recklessly speeding in his flashy cars. Rankford Rickford is the sad representation of an attention seeking kid going off the rails and resorting to violence, his short temper and desire to fight always has and always will land him in a heap of trouble.
  12. John Ross

    John Ross

    My name is John Ross and I am 20 years old. I am originally from the United Kingdom but recently moved to Los Santos. From the age of 12/13 I got suspended from school, was always in trouble with drugs and gang related business. At the age of 16, I joined the Army in England after they offered me rehab due to my poor behaviour in school. I was never the type of person to be liked. My parents hated me and the only freedom I had was the Army. After a year of rehab at the age of 17, I applied to be apart of the RAF (Royal Air Force). I got accepted and spent 2 years in training learning about the aircraft and learning how to fly in general. When I turned 20, they sent me on a 3 year additional training course in Los Santos and that is how I'm here today.
  13. I will be re-opening the thread, as I think a lot of good can come out of it. As a reminder, you are free to bring up issues, and questions for staff, but if anyone, from here on out, posts ANYTHING we deem as trolling/stirring the pot/etc, you will TBanned, and receive points for causing a disruption, especially since it's in a thread where we are trying to make things better for everyone. Posts like @Mike Michaelson, while controversial to some, are helpful, and welcomed, and we'd love to see more people posting concerns or questions. Lets act like adults here. kthx
  14. I'm happy to talk to you about that situation, just let me know.
  15. If I didn't make it clear earlier, I'll clear it up now. There was a break down in communication on the staff side, primarily me, that you had been notified on TS. So a notification wasn't sent, but the forum notification was sent. I apologize that it happened, it was a simple mistake on our side.
  16. Folks, if you cannot be adult enough to refrain from personal attacks on a thread intended to send a positive message, then please choose another course of action. Out of disappointment, this thread will unfortunately be locked.
  17. I rarely go to the forums bud and my ban lol! combat repair do you know how many people do that? Cops arent suppose to want to spike strip someone for like 5/10 mins yeah kinda give a chase? ohh naw lets go ahead an spike within 30 secs lol! Could of reach out an talk to me like normal admins an mods do but that didnt occur so Eddie i did @floppy i didnt do @Eddie Lee so thanks
  18. @Floppy Pancakes in regards to my ban. I wasn't reached out to at all on TS that is a fact. Only way i found out was cause i was scuffed an relog an was banned. After watching Mistato stream is when i found out about the ban an told to go to the forums thru a STREAM! If i was reach out too where was it?
  19. When I was still kind of new to rp, I was banned for talking about breaking a rule. Even though I had read the rules, I had forgotten about this particular one and was insta-banned for 3 days with no communication. A simple teamspeak message would have stopped what I was doing and wouldn't have left a bad taste in my mouth. I am over it now, but at the time I was genuinely upset that no one came to me, or even even replied to my ban appeal. I believe the majority of people here are adults, and things can be overlooked or go wrong in the heat of the moment..so please just use words not authority when you can. also this People are going to make mistakes and bad decisions. People also grow and see the errors in their ways. I believe a conversation would be more effective in fixing the issue while keeping people here, especially when people have been here for awhile. I guarantee that most people would not want to lose a character they have worked on for months/years, and a simple conversation would rectify their wrongdoings(unless they are trying to get banned intentionally). If I can be honest, and this is probably not going to be liked by many of the community leaders, but I miss the fast money. The thrill of doing drug runs and other stuff has gone away for me and I dont really see or hear about people doing it much. I know that you guys would like more interactions and story building, but its pretty overwhelming to even begin a process and commit hours for a small payout. No, I dont think everyone criminal should be riding around in supercars, but it has to be somewhat rewarding. To be fair I haven't been around a lot lately and don't even know if there has been significant changes that affects this, so if it has been balanced better disregard this. P.S: Making bank is in some characters personalities, just ask mr @Paul Gale I would also like to say to the devs, not everyone knows how time consuming and difficult it is to do what you guys are doing. Don't take the "were not seeing progress" statements people make to heart. I do agree on being more transparent with the progress to the community, I don't really attend the meetings and would love to see whats happening behind the scenes on the forums. Since I have been here revo has had seasons in regards to activity. Im sure it is just a slow season. It is sad to see but rp can be pretty taxing at times and people take breaks, at least it is to me. Anywho I do appreciate all you guys have done and for bringing me hours upon hours of entertainment.
  20. I know I hardly play here anymore but just want to take the time and say Jasmine is one dedicated dev member that as an "old-time" member I would personally vouch for any day. I know Revo is going through its issues and what not, but putting down the Dev team won't make it any better.
  21. In my first reply, I failed to discuss second chances in detail. Maybe we can give the community a second chance, and maybe the staff can give some of the persons I listed, and even those whom I missed a second chance. My initial reaction to the Mod Team post was somewhat fueled by frustration as the server has been nearly empty or completely empty on days and times when we were used to seeing 30-40+ people. It would be nice to see people give things a second chance over this weekend. There is so much good, and enjoyment that countless persons have contributed to in this community over the years. I am going to be on tomorrow, and I hope others are equally inclined to do such.
  22. So what I am gathering from the responses on this is a few consistencies. Members want a bit more visibility on things in the background of where things are going. We are and will look at how to improve this. We hear you. Members would like a more engaged process when it comes to communicating bans and warnings. We hear you, there is room to grow on this and will look into some changes. Members are hoping for more unrestricted mechanics. We are and have been 100% looking into something about this, I can attest I am leading part of the model around the who's and hows There are a lot of misleading understandings of how things work that are festering in the member base. Please please, ask questions before you believe what you hear from someone else. There are a lot of statements here being made that are way off base and getting followers. There are a lot of good points that have been made here, and some sadly have lost their cantor of helpful conversation but I am glad people are responding. It shows that there is life here that is pleading for a positive experience. That is something we can all keep close and run with. Thanks to all the constructive feedback.
  23. I realize I left out 1 thing. ESX code IS possible, but there is a conversion process to go through before it can be used in our sever. The skills and knowledge to do that are limited, but we're working hard to learn it and be able to do it so that we can have the more fancy things that ESX provides. However, most of the time it's simply quicker to write our own.
  24. We do have a trello, but we rely on the forums for public information. Anything that's suggested gets looked at every single day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day on the same suggestion over and over. If there isn't a comment, there hasn't been a discussion or reason to comment. If it's on hold, it's typically because its low priority, or we're still trying to figure out the coding to make it a thing. Many times, I've released sneak peeks of things that I think people will enjoy, but if it's not something related to housing, businesses, putting people in cars or any of the other hot topics, people usually scoff at the post. It was our way of saying, hey, we've got some neat stuff. A lot of those fun features are things we worked on while taking a break from the big projects. As floppy stated, his mechanic and business code is extensive, sometimes you just gotta stop and do something else. Maybe inspiration for something else will hit and it's a very simple thing. The 1 or 2 day break working on the other fun thing, can be a welcome break from the really hard stuff. I'll discuss maybe having a public view trello, but for now, we're still gonna do our best to relay info and so dev updates through the forums. Without removing those cars, we were not able to get past 50 players. We did have over 55 one day when we increased it in the middle of RP randomly (we did announce it too). Suddenly after the 55th person joined, we had a MASSIVE influx of reports from people in game saying their textures were popping in and out, they couldn't see the floor, etc. That's when we knew, if we wanted to have the capability of 64, the cars had to go. Yes, population is low now, but for the time when we were up there, we had record stability after the import cars were removed. You're in the discord, any questions you have can be asked there. If we haven't communicated anything new in the channel, it's because there isn't anything new to communicate. Even though a lot of people are at home because of this COVID-19 debacle, many are playing other games or just doing family things. Don't be afraid to ask questions in the discord. LEO got new cars (handling is being tweaked constantly but they are not up to par with civilian cars by any means) LEO can see into you bag and drag and drop things That's all LEO got recently. The community got: Black market changing over to be dual currency (which included a new tool) Food delivery service job A lot of new interiors Putting people in cars General bug fixes (both ones we created after an update and old ones that just took us a while) Many other optimizations that benefited the whole server, not just one group of people. Most of the suggestions that are outstanding right now are criminal, civilian, or quality of life related. I see one suggestion that would benefit only cops, and it wasn't even suggested by a cop. Even the accepted/completed suggestions are majorly civilian/criminal focused. I'm sorry that you feel like LEO are overpowered, but this is sadly not the case. Cops cannot search you for no reason. The Code of Law, available >>HERE<< outlines what can and cannot be done. This is in game information and if you have been searched unfairly, or believe you have been, you can take RP steps to file a complaint and get it resolved. Cops are taught to give time and fines off, so I'm not sure what you've experienced, but MOST cops I know are always giving time off, even when someone just shot their co-worker. Many of these features DO exist, perhaps you haven't found out how to do them? Yes, zip ties are broken, but after your suggestion I put it at the top of my bug fix list. I've actually made a really big deal about testing it the last 2 nights, even up to 5am one night. I'm just stumped at this time on solving that issue. You can rob people AND stores, you can transfer money to players (yes, you gotta be standing next to them), but soon we'd like to roll out a digital currency where you can transfer to people through your phone. Which, yes, we're also trying to re-vamp. We do NOT use ESX, so we cannot just drag and drop like every other server. Converting to ESX is out of the question, mostly because it's not even a better coding system, it's just easy. That is a topic for staff. We historically have struggled with numbers in LEO. What we need is good, clean cops at this time. Having corruption is fun, yes, but if everyone wants to be corrupt because it's fun, then we'll just get ourselves into trouble with the community because our guidelines are strict on what is and isn't punishable. Are you talking about on discord? Because we have a fully active development section on the forums. It even has all of the patch notes and blogs about development (with a roadmap that is ever changing). If the forums aren't enough, we can see about mirroring that on discord too. We do. I know to everyone it doesn't seem like it, but we do listen. We've been bit in the ass before by just giving and giving, so now we're trying to give properly so the things we do implement don't ruin RP or any one group or groups. There's always multiple sides to making a decision on suggestions. What seems easy to many (just do it, what can go wrong?), we can tell you exactly what can go wrong, how, and sometimes even why. Past experiences do shape our thoughts, but we still listen to people when they constructively and respectfully counter our arguments with fact and truth. As I stated a little higher up in this, not possible. We'd have to re-do the ENTIRE server and shut down for a long time. There was a suggestion to do a "revo restart," wipe the code, start over. It's just not something we're willing to do in order to be able to use the poorly made pre-made stuff out there. ESX is widely available, but it's not great code at all. It's not something that's worth giving up 3+ years for. Things that aren't ESX based though, we do try to use. Some of them take minimal conversion effort, others take an extreme amount, but they still save us time, so we don't let that go to waste.
  25. Bren Bashley

    Bren Bashley

    Coming straight from Little Italy, he is wanting to avenge his father's death when a rival street gang gunned him down at a small age. Bren's goal is to create the biggest racing business in the San Andreas area, and pioneer a seemingly sparse activity in a different area of the country. Coming from a family of hard-working immigrants, he will not let anything get in the way of his goals. Gender: MaleAge: 25Date of Birth: 08/07/1994Nationality: ItalianBlood Type: A+Sexual Orientation: StraightEducation Level: Fresh out of racing tech school of New York
  26. It seems people keep getting the wrong information about how things are handled around here... I don't know if you guys are noticing how often heating discussions / attacks are happening. It seems to be happening at least once a month, and it always inverts to people feeling like they can't say something or just not being heard. Ever since January you can notice the difference of the community specially since on forums since the idea of "community reps" being introduced. We really haven't had a real community meeting or discussion on what's happening behind the scenes from departs / staff (developers as well). I personally know their's a lot of projects going around but others don't know or hear about it... which is very misleading. Solutions that might help is bring back monthly community meetings or make a post about what's being talked about! Allow a google doc that allows people to ask questions directed towards either the departments/staff/or anyone and allowing them to be completely anonymous. Anyways I love you guys, Stay float of water and groovy ^-^ ❤️
  27. Why dont we just all agree to disagree and close this thread before it gets sour 🧤 Instead why not announce a community meeting where we can talk about whats being done and what need to be improved for us all! At the end of the day we are all in this together and want to make this a better experience for everyone.
  28. My suggestion based on Floppy's response. Get together with people in the flight program to write up a proposal and submit it to staff. If staff has not come up with something already, then perhaps you can help get them started. Already a thing. I put out the patch notes for everyone so they know when something they've been wanting has finally become a thing. However, I don't appreciate when people read the patch notes and use that information immediately in game, without learning it organically. Sure, some things are "common sense" and "we should have always been able to do this" however, there's a huge difference between utilizing a feature immediately, and waiting until the RP situation calls for it. For example, say we put a new interior in Paleto hospital. Instead of making a beeline up there to look at it, wait until the RP takes you to the area, whether by chance or because you end up needing a hospital trip and you're closest to Paleto. Just because you are aware of a feature/mechanic being implemented, doesn't mean you need to use the knowledge of it ASAP. Let your discovery come organically. As Floppy said, already being done, and still ongoing. Instead of squeezing the server dry of high powered weapons, we're doing this slowly. Anytime we make a change to a feature that changes the balance, half of the community will say "that was completely unnecessary, they would do this" and the other half will say "it's about god damn time." We'll never please everyone with the decisions we make, but we're doing our best to make decisions based on the suggestions that are put out on the forums. Development is influenced by the community. The staff and owner, along with devs all discuss what the community is saying and doing, both on the forums, in voice channels, and in server. The decisions that are made take into account all of those factors. If the owner decides he wants to do something that other's aren't on board with, that's his right, however, the majority of the time, everyone discusses it and we make a collective decision and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Sometimes what the community says they want differ from the actions. For example, I told the community that we intended on bringing housing back this year as the first major project. However, after a month or so of trying to make that happen, we saw that everyone was kicking up the leasing/ownership of businesses (Benny's, VU, etc). That IG shift and how the RP was unfolding, influenced us to push housing aside and put business mechanics first. Yes, I'm sure everyone would be happy with being able to own businesses through the forums in the mean time, but the decision was made to focus our heart and soul on the mechanics of it and release something massive and complete. The actions of the community influenced that shift, not staff. We're doing our best to find people who abuse mechanics or break the rules, but we can only do and see so much. I've said this before and was met with a bit of sarcasm, but it's not that simple to find the abusers and remove them. We're constantly told "PD is abusing x" "crims are abusing y." It's at least something to know that we need to keep an eye out, but we can't punish anyone with that kind of information. Proof is also another issue, without proof, it's hard for them to take action. I'm not speaking for them on that matter, just stating that if things don't turn out the way you want, most of the time it's due to lack of proof. Don't be afraid to ask them why. Who (name/charid) What (what feature/what did they do) Where (where did you see this, in server or through a stream?) -- That is critical information for staff When (time/date) Proof (video is best. Send them anything and everything you have to support your claim) Those are the things staff needs to know in order to even attempt to investigate or take any action. Does this mean that we're not gonna give you guys a feature you want? No. Everything is subject to discussion and we will always remind the community that it's your duty to report anyone who breaks the rules or abuses a mechanic/feature. Help catch those who are ruining that feature for everyone so we can keep it.
  29. I haven't been in the community for the longest, probably for just around a month and joined because a couple friends got me into roleplaying again. After hopping across a few servers, I have noticed how under developed the server really is, (not to slate or say that you aren't doing good work) Alot of the core things people desire from these servers are freedom to do actual physical things and have NEW. I saw in a post that the custom cars were all taking out to increase server stability with the 64 player change, not once in my month of being here have I seen it tick past 53 players. There are so many features that other places offer, with the opportunity to get into that quickly and easily and with the current state of the roleplay I have experienced on the server its always going to gradually decline, if people aren't enjoying the roleplay anymore and then they ain't really got much besides a few cars cause the housing system and all sorts haven't been implemented, theirs nothing really keeping them here, since I've joined the server I've made a few friends not too many mainly cause I chose to play a particularly weird character (sorry to anyone that i've come across that way) haha. But everything that happens on the server (bad) usually gets taken out of context, and taken out of roleplay. Not to say names, but ooc i told my "gang" that I was going to be hopping some servers, just for change and to see how stuff is, and that I would still be around on Rev just waiting for general population to come back (considering it dont get busy until later EU times, meaning i would have to stay up till 3am to have any fun, where as during the day there would be 3 people on the server just grinding) and immediately got kicked from the gang even though in roleplay technically nothing happened. (not to throw shade); but anyway thats what i mean, the level of roleplay generally isn't super fantastic (myself included) nor is there really many people around to create a story with since most people already have that "group" and don't confide or go around town to create stories, most places have just been cliques i.e the people at bennies or the people who sit out legion, the gangs, rarely does there have any cross-play interaction with anyone without it having to be about some kind of gang related drama, instead of just creating stories and making friends with people. I also applied for the police on a seperate character, and theres almost 0 communication but if you look it says if you bother command or w/e about it they can kick you, like I'm just trying to have fun and roleplay and give the criminals during the day something to do or have risk involved with. I feel that although I'm sure the developers are hard at work and of course appreciate your time in what you're doing, there has to be levels of communication. We need to see common changes making it fun not only for cops but civs aswell since alot of the suggestions are just a way to better the cops recently. Cops is just a huge powerplay right now, don't think its fair to civs in any situation, especially when people pull you over with any excuse to strip search and all that or no leniency in roleplay to the fines or jail time, no matter how good/bad the roleplay is. The thing that is more irritating is that there is no way to do certain mechanics which is frequently used on roleplay servers such as restraints, robbing, transferring money, there are so many things I can think off but are being held back. If you look at my most recent suggestion I had made, it got denied because there are zipties ingame but broken, but the other half of it wasn't even replied to from last May or something from the post someone else had linked probably cause they know people will abuse it. People will abuse anything, that is the problem, but that shouldn't stop developers from doing what would genuinely make the server better for everyone instead of the abusers. People abuse = Ban, Especially like mentioned somewhere above about the carry system, if people are abusing it and the victim clearly not enjoying it or the level of roleplay from it, then take action. I think people take the rules too seriously, if the person is enjoying the interaction in roleplay whether its abuse or not, then what is the real problem? It's just very situational. I see a bunch of stuff about the corruption in the police too and I mean if the corruption is levelled with fun roleplay and not just giving guns and stuff to civs etc then why not? I.e doing something bad to someone your character is in a close Roleplay scenario with, like kidnapping them or w/e. Idk what these people are doing to be corrupt cause I don't pay attention to those things but Roleplay over Ruleplay any day. As long as its reasonable. What I recommend: Make the discord better; Over surfing through some places I see the most common point of interest around talking about anything is in discord. - A development category, Annoucement, Patch Notes, Teasers (Will help the community see whats going on) - Automated ticket systems - In character categorys, OOC categorys. -the incharacter stuff on other servers have twitter and instagram linked to the discord and can upload pictures ingame or tweet and it shows up in the discord which would be lit. More advertising of the servers, problem is theres barely an influx of new players and the server is just getting more and more quiet every day. Make polls, or a suggestion on discord to allow people to post what people may want. Discord is far more accessible to any living person then actively disputing things or being on the forums. (cheaper too if you're with a host). I rarely check the forums myself unless i got something to suggest or someone mentions it to me. Make it so when you make a character, you have to include your discord name or something similar so if people are breaking rules you can create a player report ticket or something and mention said user and talk it out privately instead of on posts. Listen to what the general population want, of course theirs exceptions but its hard to include everything that people want but some stuff you can clearly see everyone loves unless its a disadvantage to a faction. I'd suggest using more public assets of mods or different mechanics rather than all down to your own code, as much as it'd be cool to say you did everything and stuff, I think that server needs NEW to keep people busy. And most importantly to everyone, to have some fun, chill out, relax. It's a game, playing another character just enjoy yourself and give others around you a good time, thats what it's all about.
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