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  3. Reminder there is also a #twitchcon room on the Revolution Discord to help coordinate meetings between everyone. Can't wait to see pictures and hope everyone has a blast!! https://discord.gg/KycNFj
  4. Hi Everyone! When I get to TC, I'll pick a spot, take a picture and post a time we could all possibly meet up. I'll always have my phone with me, so you can just ping me on forums and I'll see it.. within... the hour? Maybe? If I remember the venue correctly, the atrium (the main entrance way space thingie) there's meeting spots and chill spots on the upper floor before the rooms and stuff. I'm going to try and find the place we can all leave a mark. Last time at this location, it was a massive chalk board. Looking forward to seeing you all ❤️
  5. Rob Boss

    Maria Diaz

    *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* Maria was born in an impoverished family in Mexico city, Mexico.
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  7. Just a normal day with @Eevee Lowe and @James Vice
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  9. IMO, the service images should really just be in a menu of their own, or in a sidebar item. From a web design standpoint, the current header is visual murder.
  10. @Maya Janssen Armin still wants your caaar yeees! But great pics!
  11. @Morgan Freeman Does our forum development and may be able to help better or give new insight.
  12. Right. I get they are dynamic. They just feel a little large. No big deal though.
  13. I'm assuming this is the header you are referring to.Everything lines up really nicely and is in one row beneath the top menu. The size of the image links don't adjust when you change the size of your window unless you reach a point (for me just above half screen) or are on mobile then the links disappear all together.
  14. IMHO the header is HUGE. the ts, discord etc icons that look like the background is really large. Maybe we can shrink them up a little and have it in one row under neath the main header?
  15. The issue should now be resolved if you notice any odd behaviour while manufacturing please contact someone from support on the issue. Thanks!
  16. Please be aware that there is currently an issue with manufacturing items, the development team is already aware and a hotfix will be going live shortly to address this! In the meantime, we ask that people if they can help it avoid manufacturing for the time being and this post will be updated by a developer once the patch has been pushed to the live server! Thank you!
  17. The results of these polls was announced in the community meeting but in case you were not there and have not seen the community meeting notes here are the results. Should player reports be privatized? Result- No, we already have the issues tab if someone wants it private. If you would like to make a private player report- Use the same player report format Include your name A private message will be sent from the Admin team to the players involved so it can be handled privately. Repair costs? Result - Could be reduced a little. Costs have been reduced by 90% since the last community meeting and is currently active. Mechanics will still make it cheaper. Key Cards? Result - Punish those who are excessively rob or are robbing with no RP Still in discussion on how to proceed with this.
  18. Couple of pics I grabbed on Saturday during the LSFR afterparty. Chief, DC, Paramedic Flanagan and EMR Paige in the private booth. We got 7 people in here. Darcy and the Sluts
  19. Date day! @Jean Boudreaux 💕
  20. 60!!! 😛 im about to kill SOME SCRUB ALLY
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