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Getting Started


Step Description
1 "Important Links" Some links you could look before or after registering:
2 "Forum Account" Registering a forum account.
  • - You must be 18 years of old
  • - You must have a mic
  • - Your display name must be your main character's first and last name

    If you need to change your display name, visit Account settings

3 "TokoVOIP" In order to play on our server, you'll need to download and install TokoVOIP

Need help installing TokoVOIP, one of our community member have made a youtube video

Note: TS should be Run this program as an administrator

4 "Support" The final step of the registeration process! Support will finish up your process by giving you the tags needed to join server and rooms. Make sure your username is your character name! Any other questions or concerns you may have, may be answered during this time.

Character Creation

By clicking ENTER you are accepting that you have read the rules and will accept any punishments for breaking them

You can have up to 9 characters!
Click Create a new character to begin and you will be prompted to fill out the following.

After clicking submit you will be sent to the closet.

You will be able to choose between one of the many preset models or choose a freemode to customize.

Need help on how to use the character creation. Head over to Advanced Visual Character Creation Help


Main keys

Key Description
B Opens backpack inventory
L Open and Close vehicles locks
Left Alt Interaction Key (You will use it for almost all interactions in the world)
T Opens chatbox
Z Change the proximity of your voice (whisper, normal, and shout)
Del Player List
Home Pulls up phone (Must have on you to use it)
Ca[s Lock Key is used to talk on the phone
Enter Start Jobs
Backspace Finish Jobs
X Put up your hands, or when in a vehicle to select a weapon you want to step out with (LShift + X while in vehlce)
Y Pointing animation
U Ragdoll animation


Command Description
/411 [message] Sends an out of character message visible to staff. Should only be used to relay important out of character information or for troubleshooting.
/ad [message] You must have a phone. Sends out an advertisement visible to all players in the city. Used to advertise a service, business, event, etc.
/call [number] You must have a phone. Type /call, followed by the phone number. (eg: /call 911)
/call 911 OR /text 911 [message] You must have a phone. Will contact dispatch for PD.
/me [message] To simulate actions that you cannot carry out through game mechanics.
/ondutycops Will tell you if there are less than, or 4 or more LEOs on duty, please limit this to when you are trying to take someone hostage.
/ooc [message] Sends an out of character message visible to everyone in your general vicinity. Should only be used to relay important out of character information.
/requestEMS Will contact EMS services. You must have a phone and be conscious.
/toggletwitter Toggles twitter
/toggleooc Toggles OOC chat
/toggleids Toggles player ID's
/toggleplayerhud Toggles the player HUD.
/trunk or /hood When you are in the front or back of a vehicle you can use /trunk to open the truck or /hood to open the hood on a vehicle.
/tweet [message] You must have a phone. This will send out a "tweet" that will be visible to all players in the city.
/clear Clears animation props

To find the full list of keybinds, commands, dances, etc. Visit this forum page Basic Server Information


  1. In-game Laws

    Code of Law

    Find out what all our in game laws are.

    In-game Laws
  2. Server Rules

    Important Rules

    Carefully read what is and isn't allow on the server.

    Server Rules
  3. TokoVOIP


    Allows you to communiticate with others.*required.

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