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    10 November 2019 Removed everything Rewrote from scratch The new rules set are as follows, EFFECTIVELY IMMEDIATELY: General Language - All members must be able to speak fluent, coherent English. Age - All players must be 18+ upon joining the community. No characters will be under the age of 18. Character Names - Character names must be realistic, appropriate, and understandable. Famous names are subject to approval. Roleplay Unbecoming Behavior - Zero tolerance of racism, sexism, abusiveness, toxic behavior, harassment, suggestions of rape, or rape RP. This also includes trolling, cop baiting, being a nuisance/annoyance, and forcing RP. Fail RP - The act of failing to remain in character and not valuing your character’s life. No improbable, impractical, and fantastical roleplay. This also includes powergaming and metagaming. RDM/VDM - No randomly attacking another person with a weapon, vehicle, etc. without a reason or interaction. Gang on gang/turf war is acceptable with prior reasoning. This needs to be done in a careful and roleplay-conscious way to minimize harming innocent bystanders and with strong storyline reasoning/progression. New Life Rule - You are expected to roleplay all injuries. Players (on ALL their characters) must stay away from the scene of injury for at least 15 minutes. Dark Roleplay - No extremism, terrorism, or torture. Players can get admin pre-approval for storyline exceptions for dark roleplay. Mild torture towards another player may also occur, but you will need pre-written, dated consent from the target player before it is allowed. Corruption - Mechanical corruption is forbidden in any and all forms. RP corruption is allowed on an admin pre-approved basis only. Hostages - Hostages are defined as someone who is kidnapped with the intent of leveraging a person’s life to get a reaction or action from a third party. Hostages can only be taken when 4 or more cops are on duty. Hostages must be genuine, cannot be a willing party, and not someone you regularly associate with. There is a $10,000 max per hostage. Storm Prep - 30 minutes after and before a reset, major crimes are not allowed. Major crimes are classified as financial and victim crimes. Situations that start before the 30 minute mark when leading up to a reset may continue. Off Limits - The following locations and vehicles are prohibited: Fort Zancudo, military vehicles, quarry dump trucks, and vehicles with weapons or mounted weapons. Aircrafts are allowed for whitelisted pilots, EMS, and LEO. Combat Logging - You may not disconnect for ANY reason for at least 15 minutes after an interaction with LEO, EMS, or any criminal activity, including player to player hostile interactions. Players are expected to message involved parties if they MUST disconnect with the reasoning. Exceptions include going to prison or being hospitalized. Cheating - Weapons obtained by NPCs, vehicles, or other unintended means isn’t permitted. Cheats, hacks, dupes, third party game-altering effects, or exploiting any system for use other than what was intended is strictly forbidden.
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    Steps into the MRPD shower grabbing the standard issue luffa and turns to the camera Hi Folks, I wanted to take a moment and reflect openly about a lesson I have recently learned in a few instances and as I look back, I now question how many times this may have happened and lead me wrong. WTF you talking bout, Rigz? TLDR! GangShit Skrrt. 🙄 What I'm talking about is those little moments that take place in RP and sometimes outside it. Perhaps someone said something strange, made a decision about change or perhaps they took the magic created in one story and started another elsewhere or with another person. I'm guilty of what comes next. I'm guilty of reacting impulsively thinking one thing is another. Thinking, "why would that do that? Why me? Did they hate me? The logic applies in so many moments. Understanding, It can be just beyond our reach when we need it most, and frequently we don't know we need it until its too late. Your mind or your heart has already and expertly advised you of the worst case scenario. And like a well qualified self life coach, you have deployed your response, you've lashed back, said something you regret or you've denounced everything about them. Well... Bam! Good on you! You showed them! Feels good, right? Er, or until you find out the hard way that you had it all wrong. Well shit, turns out it wasn't what you thought. The new story was something bold inspired by your part in another. The change and new decisions wasn't to hurt you, it was protecting/challenging/for you even. You thought they hated you, when really they were happy and being creative with something new to share. Its a simple minded scenario, but through my own recent experiences, and observing so many others I often wonder how many times the damage never had to happen in the first place. Hearts didn't have to break, friendships broken, and stories destroyed over an innocent misunderstanding. The majority of us who role play are frequently escaping something else in our life. And, I feel its fair to say that the majority of us are well aware of this fact. We immerse ourselves into a virtual world where we can act out in loo or in spite of what we crave most in life be it fantasy or aspiration. I'm realizing more and more that its important to recognize that as much as possible, because it can train our minds to rather than suspect the worst we can help guide ourselves and each other to assume the best of instead. That it might be completely feasible to trust that someone didn't come here just to cause harm, pain or to be cruel. Role-play is personal, where we come from in it is a lot about who we are, fantasize to be, or need escape from. We feel and see things immensely differently because of it. Lets set aside that fact that we are a melting pot of language and culture differences as well. I can think back to my moments, had I taken the time to assume the best rather than the worst I could have protected some well cherished bonds. Times I could have elevated a story into something epic rather than bring it down to the ground. Times I could have seen a moment of need or a chance to challenge myself and others that were lost from quick minded reacting. Ask questions my friends, ask before you think, ask before you feel if that's possible? Ask if what you are feeling already is rightly placed. Chances are, if it hurts, there could be a disconnect. Ask... ask and take the chance to risk investing in someone for a even a moment because you might just surprise yourself; they might surprise you. It's worth saving from a regret later or protecting the loss of another person you will never see again. Maybe that person being a bit of a savage has absolutely no idea and had the intention of something great. I can say I wish I was better at this, I'm pretty good at making those kind of mistakes. Wish I had asked in those moments. Anyways, shower thought complete for now. Happy Role-playing. Hangs up the soapy luffa and steps away from the camera whistling the tune of a piano. - Credits roll -
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    'Grab me leg' Alisa Fox to @Ruby Blaze Drunken attempt to save my BBF from a dumpster
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    'My brain is leaking!' - Nova price (@Charlotte Paige)
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    So on a random whim and nostagia kick I decided to start an (what I would like to think is) interesting playthrough where my main and only battle Pokémon is the glitch MissingNo. (also an inside joke or two between me and @Eddie Lee) For those who don't know what MissingNo is, its one of the most famous game glitches of all time thanks to some programming oversights and the original Red/Blue/yellow being about as stable as a house of cards in a hurricane as soon as you do anything outside the intended set path. Issues can include but not limited too: Glitched graphics Glitched Audio Corrupt Hall of Fame Anyone interested in learning more about MissingNo can click this link >here< Now onto the rules of this challenge: NO Cheats, Hacks or Exploits. (Beyond getting 2 free Masterballs and a Wild Pokemon Modifier to get the challenge started) I will be doing my best to use MissingNo. Only for battle, the game cannot be completed without HM users and if MissingNo faints another Pokémon will have to be used in a trainer battle. In this instance I will try to intentionally lose the fight, and as a last option use a revive on MissingNo. In Battle Item's are OK to use. As a side note: I did not vocally commentate on this video but if there is demand for it, I will. also I have skipped all the walking unless its a 1st time entry into an area or a key moment to the game's plot (or something crazy happens)
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    Ying and Yang LOL @Jesse PinkmanJay Kang and @Kat Sweetser
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    "I Waaaaaaaant gooooooooolfish! ~" 🎤 @Charlotte Paige (The goldfish chomper) 2019
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    "I like to keep you on your toes, with our odd sex line intros to our phone calls" - @Kat Sweetser
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    "Yes." -Literally every Verrier
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/RPClipsGTA/comments/dowr15/gta_rp_101_tutorial/ crim RP. @Ma-nu Kai
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    "I am not a nice person" - @Maya Janssen 2019
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    @Cole Palmer When the label finally drops.
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    Halloween Party at Vanilla Unicorn 2019!
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    When in Sandy Shores... Respect their way of life! @Johnny Kimble
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    "I'm the best driver there is on the force" @Nicholas Brown *Not even 10 seconds later crashes*
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    Take my follow you bench ❤️
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    Happy late womb extraction and umbilical cord severing anniversary! ? @Floppy Pancakes
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    Here's to the one man I'd happily take the punishment from for posting it on the forums! FLOPPY PANCAKES
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    29 September 2019 Removed Fail RP Rule #2 (You may not restart a robbery if the timer glitches, stops, or you back out before it completes. This would be considered a failed robbery and the roleplay must continue as such. This includes not returning to the area for 15 minutes after making a getaway and attempting to rob the same store. ) due to it being outdated Adjusted General Rule #4 now reads: Major crime initialed during the first and last 15 minutes of the server restarts are prohibited. Adjustment from 30 minutes to 15 minutes Changed from all crime to major crime Adjusted General Rule #5 now reads: At all times you must value your life Adjusted to remove "and the lives of others". We found that wording to be counter-intuitive to the criminal roleplay. Adjusted Fail RP #23 now reads: Hospitals are a crime green zone, this means: No crime initiated within a hospital Intentionally using the hospital for safety (metagaming) Roleplay that starts outside can continue into the hospital We feel that this will expand on roleplay opportunities, as well as deter some meta behavior
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    "Mr Sprinkle..." @Floppy Pancakes
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    "I'm going to sue you Mitchel!" Kat Sweetser ( @Dan Hasuki )
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    “Stupid locals can’t drive” [email protected]
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    For the record, the girls and Rex. ??
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