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    Policing like real life eh? You're probably one of those same people who just watch youtube videos of cops fucking up, and going at it hard core in the comment section. By your own admission, remarks were said that others found foul and didn't enjoy IC, or OOC. and *SOMETHING* tells me, this is a major indication of your interactions with other people in the server. You have this MAJOR anti-cop bias, yet preach how the cops must be terrible here, just like IRL. That in itself, is limited your enjoyment of RP. Yet the hilarious part, is you try to justify your position by making definitive statements, as if anyone disagreeing is simply wrong, and uneducated. Let me give you some advice there "pal," that's one of the top was to lose any debate. Someone telling you to go to another server isn't cool in my book. But if all you wanna do is encourage behavior that others really DO NOT enjoy, then I'll have to just shed my snowflake tears for 1 less person in our community, that so many of use put a lot of time and passion into. Please, don't leave... https://gyazo.com/35b2c545356f9ad2a19cc5e97c771ab8 /thread
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    Does anyone else think it's pretty funny that a gang called The Can't Catch Us Gang gets annoyed and leaves the server when they get caught?
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    Congratulations goes out to @Lexia Hasuki and @Vitami Gattington who have been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
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    Big deal and Little deal (@Kai Flippinton gave me permission to upload this)
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    BREAKING DISCOVERY: In the absence of the ever-reliable and award wining journalist, Gene Weathers (@Zeke / R. Devine), reports have surfaced that we are in the midst of an invasion from unknown Extraterrestrial beings whose sole purpose is to infiltrate human society and learn our deepest, darkest secrets so that they may attack and enslave mankind forevermore. Could it be too late to act? Would we have known sooner if we still had the investigative prowess of Gene Weathers? Who knows... All we do know is that your neighbour may have already been compromised and inhabited by this cruel alien species.
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    So low key can we bring back the shoutbox
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    If this thread is any indication of how you act in server, c'ya! 👋
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    Its all fun and games at the end of the day 😄
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    New Theme! Dark and Light Variant 🙂 New header setup (desktop only) You'll be able to message, ignore, and find other members content inside topics/post without needed to view their profile. If you're having issues with the new theme, the old theme is still here. Any problems with forum related issues, please use this https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/tracker/forums/
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    @Althea Castillo , The key card issue ultimately comes down to unlocking RP opportunities. I broke into prison and hid within to attempt to free a friend yesterday, yet there is NO other way to access these facilities other than direct force in some capacity. A simple change to promote healthy RP is to give criminals a means to craft an item that allows them to break into police stations, and access restricted areas. The alternative is we decide that breaking someone out of jail/prison is fail RP and the capability goes away completely. You have a core problem. There are RP elements that criminals can only access by getting a key card from a LEO. Give criminals an alternative means, and make the cards unable to be stolen (again they would be useless IRL immediately after being reported stolen). Many criminals don't want to rob police, and would rather spend the extra time crafting or creating an alternate means to accomplish these goals. At this time we are unfortunately forced to rob police due to current limitations.
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    Let's throw Margarita @Emilia Kali in there too
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    UPDATE: Floppy would like to set up some 1 on 1 times to meet with the community. We will be setting up 15 minute time slots for this Saturday 09/21/19. To sign up please comment below with the time slot you would like. IMPORTANT! TIMES ARE IN PDT. (https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/) 1300 - Wayne Fistacuffs 1315 - Jean Boudreaux 1330 - Available 1345 - Available 1400 - Available 1415 - Available 1430 - Available 1445 - Available 1500 - Available 1515 - Available 1530 - Available 1545 - Mike Michaelson I will be available at the following time frames the remainder of the week. Wednesday 09/18 --- 2000-2230 CDT An emergency came up and I cannot be available. Thursday 09/19 -- 1600-2000 CDT Friday 09/20 -- 1500-2000 CDT If you see me in the room alone feel free to pop in. If someone is in there with me send a message and wait in Hangout 2. Thank you everyone for your continued support and comments all of it is greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post: Good morning community! I have heard that there is still a lot that people are feeling unheard and issues are being brushed aside or ignored. I want to do better in serving the community and making that bridge, making sure you are being heard and we are working on the issues. Earlier this year Ruby had done some one on ones and so through out this week I will be hanging out in Teamspeak as I am available. If you see me there, please PLEASE come talk to me. I want your honest feedback on the community, the server, rules, actions. How you feel we can improve. Thank you.
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    Seems a little bit counterintuitive to say that giving you extra time ruined your RP when you are talking about shitting in vaginas in front of women who find it offensive.
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    For those of you that will or has been affected by Hurricane Dorian be sure you have a plan and FILL UP YOUR GAS CANS AND TANKS NOW. Gas stations are already running out in my area and the hurricane is days away. Have a bug out bag if you need to evacuate. Me being a 911 dispatcher I hate telling people we can’t do anything because they didn’t evacuate and it’s not safe for our officers to do so. If you’re in a evacuation zone there is an evacuation put in place for a reason so evacuate. If you don’t have a generator go and purchase one now. Right now it’s being predicted to be hitting as a category 3 and the eye by Daytona. That’s right in my area so coming next week expect not to hear me for possibly up to 2 weeks. Good luck to everyone in Florida and stay safe 🙂 UPDATE!! It will now hit as a Category 4 hurricane. Just got updated to a Category 5 hurricane. Probs gonna be out of power.
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    Samantha Smith @Lea Johnson and Tina Kolada @Susie Carmichael
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    Kat chilling with the girls! @Lexia Hasuki(Roxy Sweetser) @Nova Taylor @Bernie Staff @Cindy Dimitrijev @Rex Hughes
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    Come down to city hall and cast your vote for Sergeant Andrew Hart to become sheriff! With this you can receive a new addition to vehicles, rep your vote, and show others what you’re proud of. (@Lucas Vice Thank you for these solid ass pictures.)
  21. 6 points
    It's not abuse of power. Abuse of power is putting you in jail permanently. Adding 25% for trolls is well within our means and policy. And so we did exactly that. And seriously, you/the person you're defending were talking about shitting in vaginas? Come on? Are you 5? Do you need counseling? Get a life. Bye!
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    Bruh, y’all coulda just been like “I’m sorry, won’t do it again, my bad”, taken your L and moved on. Not sure why it had to escalate to this?
  23. 6 points
    Dude, I literally had nothing to do with your charges, I wasn't even in the room. I just find your conversation disgusting.
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  25. 5 points
    @Lucas Vice took this picture
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  27. 5 points
    @Maya Janssen @Cindy Dimitrijev @Nova Taylor @Bernie Staff
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    Date day! @Jean Boudreaux 💕
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    @Eevee Lowe the biker twins! @Rex Hughesthe calm before the storm
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    Your friend Ray was actually really pleasant to RP with. He took his prison time in stride and got time off because he never once was offensive or going OOC with anger. What happened at the bank was proper protocol for all cops. Has nothing to do with us being "power tripping fucks". Hopefully you find a server the better suits you. Maybe you'll be a bit kinder and understanding, instead of getting OOC angry. Wish you the best of luck.
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    Couple of pics I grabbed on Saturday during the LSFR afterparty. Chief, DC, Paramedic Flanagan and EMR Paige in the private booth. We got 7 people in here. Darcy and the Sluts
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    10 minutes before my nephew pushed it into the water and got his ass kicked.
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    Lies! Anyone who uses light theme goes to heaven and see unicorns and rainbows.
  38. 3 points
    Anyone that uses the light theme is subject to capital punishment.
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    @Sasha Dimitrijev & @Cindy Dimitrijev looking to their future together ♡
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    Karaoke Night @Vanilla Unicorn! 6pm EST / 12am CEST. The Karaoke King or Queen will be chosen with some prize money! (ooc: If server is running)
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    When will we expect to see you all back then?
  42. 3 points
    Talking about shitting in females vaginas is foul language for the server. When approached and told that you may offend someone with the language, you got cranky. If you had said that in front of me, I would have been pissed off too. Nothing about this has to do with a report. I haven't even read the report, but think that comments like that are immature and derogatory.
  43. 3 points
    I'm just going to be blunt about this. About 8/10 times, robbing cops ends up being no RP. What I mean by this is that their only motivation is to get their friends out of prison or steal weapons from cops to use against other people or cops. There is 0 RP in that IMO. There is no originality in RP. It's extremely two dimensional. There is no complicated reasons as to why someone robs a cop. For instance, someone could rob a cop to get their key card in order to get in their "evidence" room in order to obtain drugs like cocaine or meth etc. Though cops don't have physical evidence to give, it would be RP'd as them trying to get it etc. We rely too much on mechanics in RP and people don't see that there are other avenues to pursue. And what's this need to get your friend out of prison? This happens more often than it should. To show loyalty? This game is fictional, but there is a sense of realism as well. How does this make sense for your character? Your friend is going to prison either way and you also will go to prison for breaking them out. There is no sense of fear from anyone against cops. When we tell someone to go against a wall because there is a violent situation, there is no fear, just people sassing cops like they are offended to be asked to do it. Where is the real Role Play in robbing cops all the time? Why add another crafting mechanic just to get in PD. Why target cops in general and not allow them to be the 3rd party? Is this just me that feels this way? ------ Player reports? Make it private so that people feel comfortable. It'll likely come out anyway because the person reporting or the person getting reported will speak about it to others anyway, however, there needs to be a safe place for these type of things so people don't get targeted for reporting. There are people who will take offense and get upset. For me, I feel that it's not fair to the reporter because YOU broke the rules. When you signed up for Revo and got your tags, you agreed you understood the rules, therefore you are held accountable for your actions on Revo - whether in Server, TS or Forums. Its is your fault for breaking the rules or unless you didn't mean to. Own up to it. ------ Costs for repairs is whatever for me. I don't really care.
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    I must say, this was purely skill and 0% luck 😉
  45. 3 points
    Benny's at its best
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    -The Repair costs I think for the most part are in the right ballpark but I think some of the cheaper cars/newer players are getting the (forgive my language) "shit end of the stick.". Even myself I have almost paid 10% of the total cost of my motorbike in the 3 days I have owned it in repair bills, none of which were actual damage to the bike. I get off it, walk 10 feet come back and the bike is smoking with no physical damage on the bike. I think it needs some tweaking but I am quite happy with the fact that my more expensive vehicles are costing more. It feels more realistic -For the Key Card Abuse, and I know there would probably be backlash but since police tools were made to implement RP and it's not anymore. It's promoting Rob-Play, constant robbing or even better shooting down cops then robbing them which in reality makes sense but it seems in pretty poor taste. My suggestion would be to remove the tools altogether. Make them alt-menu things. Force people who want the tools the PD has to have to kidnap a PD member. Higher the stakes, less grave-robbing.
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    Enjoying the sunset - Maya at MRPD + @Frisco McGarrett Spending time with @James Coldwaterand @Zach Greene -Academy graduation -Maya's new hair colour @Lucas Vice Martin trying to revive Maya -Matching couples ! @Mace [email protected] [email protected] Taylor ❤️ - @Spencer Thomsen and Maya
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    It does not need to be directed at anyone to be offensive by someone.
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