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    Angela McBride / Anna Stone 🤐
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    Tried not to smile... Far left in the green shirt ...
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    So before the great tsunami, I had a pretty extensive thread with folks that I'd made in Sims 4 form. I thought I'd start it again. Here's SOME of EMS - more to follow The Bossman @Gadon Baxter Deputy Bossman @Darcy Reid Top Marshmallow @Araceli Quinoa Elderly gentleman @Edward Thompson and his bombshell formerly bald lady @Susie Carmichael Smooth @Rigzby Rollins The dread pirate SnakeHips @Johnny Kimble Hair so red we gotta spray her with the fire hose @Ruby Blaze Another ginger Mark Jones @Leon Ravenscroft No relation to Mark Jones, Sally Jones @Matilda Lawson So stressful she's got white hair already @Dreah Johnson Evelynn Harper @Lea Johnson - this girl can drive! I'm running out of captions @Lena Tesla Yep, it's 6am and can't do any more @Eevee Lowe @Mace Ranco Flannelgan @Ernest Flanagan Not really a bear @Jeff Bear @Althea Castillo
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    The face of Lord Cuthbert Hedgeworth / Brenda / Blade Aurora ... 😎
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    The face of Cindy! 😊
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    Here we go! The Face of Ty eza.
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    Frustrated a bit by how things are on the server I want to share a story with you. This is not meant to bash the devs or to call anyone out but rather to draw attention to some things. So today, just recently actually I got held up at the gunpoint and robbed up in Sandy shores near convenience store. Nothing new there, nothing bizarre, whole robbery was done within rules and even with respect which I will come to back later. So what is the problem here? Its early for US playerbase so server is basically still empty. As far as I know there no LEO clocked in or they could not respond to a 911 call for more then half an hour. With the Onesync in place hunting places have been properly damaged, animals are not spawning, for example chickens are impossible to find, boars, deer and a lot of other animals don't spawn at all or randomly 1-2 times within the hour. Hunting has become tedious and a game of farming. That said I have spent last 2 days including 3 - 4 other people helping me out hunting, gathering needed variety of meat and to prepare it, calculating who will have what on him and who will be able to be online when it is needed. It is not needed to sell to locals but for the organized dinner party at my restaurant. Expected guest can be up to 20 people so that is quite a lot of food that I have to have prepared on hand and then some more in case I decide to open up earlier or not close instantly after dinner is over. There is no storage unit. So I have to play a mule game between myself and a car. When held at gunpoint I had a lot of the meat products in my vehicle since I do need to drink and eat and I wanted to buy a repair kit which also takes a lot of space. If at that point robbers decided to steal my vehicle which is completely in their RP right or steal the meat for profit following would happen; Not considering the monetary damage, time invested over 2 days to gather all of that, trying to organize people etc. RP for the whole restaurant situation that includes me and my employees would fall into water as well as RP scenarios for all the guests that will attend the dinner and especially for Maxine Hawkins who is trying to juggle the timing between about 40 people across different time zones to make all this happen, the birthday party for her boyfriend. I would just have to be ... well I lost most of it, I have no time left to acquire new goods, I'm sorry, the whole thing is off to both her and other people. All of that RP down the drain over a simple stick-up. Why am I saying this? Because when storage is mentioned everyone instantly jumps to conclusion that people want it so bad to store the drugs and sell it when no units are clocked in. No one is thinking about situations like this and how much damage it is making to the legal businesses. I have to spend 2-3 hours hunting and preparing every time when I plan to open up. I have to buy a new set for fishing that costs more then 3.5k in total if I want to serve fish. I have to limit my menu because I don't have enough space on me and due to constant crashes especially with onesync now being active all the time I am afraid to leave anything in my vehicle. There for most of the time I am FORCED to stay closed because by the time I have everything to open up I am completely drained or I have other obligations. I know plenty of other people out there that have same issue and they do not intend to use it for exploiting when police is not on. And even for people who do plan to do so with the amount of money we lose due to rollbacks, crashes, bugs, losing cars, upgrades, random damages to the cars by locals etc... I say what is the damage? So what if people are able to make some of the money back in the off hours? Its like taking away paycheck for police when no one is doing crime. And I know plenty of people who (to be fair do spend TONS of time on server and playing) have millions. So why should people who play criminal characters have the same chance then. In any case, that beside the point I am saying that due to so long of postponing of storage units TONS of RP is suffering and honestly I am at the point where I don't even feel like going through the grind. If I had storage I could dedicate a day or two to the hunting and have the place open for the next week for most of the time when I am on server. This way if robbers didn't get the hint or didn't care when I said "Guys I really need that meat" the damage to the following hours and hours of RP could have gone down the drain. Just because they wanted a car for example. Not their fault that I don't have a place to store my things till I need them.
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    So..recently I’ve noticed an issue happening to myself and a few others in the community, I try to stop myself from doing this as well but...if someone’s trying to do a voice or an accent whether it be on a character you already know or one you don’t know, don’t cancel out their attempt; I assure you they’re trying their best & I completely understand if you get confused by how often people change their appearance in the city. Just let people have fun, try to let them introduce themselves & do their thing, peace ✌
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    Just want to take some time to shoutout to our amazing Developers and contributors both here and behind the scenes. You guys are frequently faced with a barrage of FiveM updates, requests and newly found ways for us to break your stuff. Just want you all to know you guys are well appreciated. Thanks for keeping our experience alive with fixes and new ideas. @Jasmine Kali @Sean Callanan @Ted McFarlane @Floppy Pancakes @Dan Hasuki @Darcy Reid @Lexia Hasuki @Floppy Pancakes
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    Floppy, It's been a good while since the attack, and we are getting new people into the community regularly. Any chance the server welcome screen can be updated as we all put this behind us and move forward?
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    My baby, Lynx ❤️
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    Congratulations goes out to @Joshua Thompson who has been promoted to Senior Support! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
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    YASSSSS PARTY WITH THE BITCHZZZZZZZZ - DJ CUCUMBER , @Creed @Flora Le'Fae @Eric Withakay @Lena Tesla @Lea Johnson @Dreah Johnson @Eddie Lee
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    Well, this is the face behind Shamil Vor - Shaw. I'm 24, from Azerbaijan, living and studying masters in Sweden (soon in Denmark). Also, I do some singing on the side. Nice to meet you all!!
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    I will work on a list for everyone and post it on the forums somewhere. Might take me a day or so but I'll make sure one gets made.
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicUnusualRamenPeanutButterJellyTime One of my favorites since I started RPing Tina and it happened within the first 15 minutes.
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    Pretty accurate recording of Legion Square activities 😄 😄
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    HELLOO! i play as Armin Brusnikow! My name is Sonny IRl.🤑 and no my english isn´t as bad as Armins IRL lol! I am Danish! And no! danish people dont speak dutch ffs! 😂
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    @Jeff Bear @Darcy Reid @Ernest Flanagan
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    Truly the best day of my life. Thank you all for attending.
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    Last night, @Kyle Kip got a bit lonely and put out an advert that he is looking for someone special to marry him. Lil Flame (@Cole Palmer) answered the advert and though their meeting ended with both going to prison, they still managed to still get married at the mines. Officiator: Scooter Loggins (@Jericho Bane) Best Man: Me - Charli Misteke Attendees: Jeff Sutherland (@James Peterson) | Gildo lastnamehere (@Jay Bishop) | Kobe Jefferson (@Eddie Lee) | @Lea Johnson | Dillon Misteke (@Andrew Hart) | @Eric Withakay | @Gadon Baxter | Random Cop (@Jean Boudreaux) | Vago Girl named Margarita (@Emilia Kali) (If I am missing anyone, please let me know!) Pictures!!
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    @Mitchel Jansen "Hey Kat, I took your advice!" Kat Sweetser: "What? You got the snip?" Everyone there:
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    I second this. Playing Sloth has been kind of annoying at times because people can't seem to hear him. He has a raspy voice and gets talked over a lot.
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    You still owe the hospital $10 for the bandages
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    My doggo, Chika And our lasiodora parahybana called Lassi (nice and original) Got 7 more spiders, pics coming soon 😄
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    A clip from my stunt last night, please do not try this at home I am a trained professional. https://plays.tv/video/5d1af8a80c777418d9/super-thirsty More shenanigans with my Partner in crime here
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    How do I get this tokovoip off my screen?
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    https://www.twitch.tv/treyswaq/clip/HorribleAthleticAsteriskRiPepperonis During the race at the horse track the other night when I finished in third place like a G then got hit by a car. Shit had me rollin'
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    So I've been an on off role player for some time. Since I was 13 to now [I'm 26]. I was mainly a text role player. Never did it in games. And in about 2014 or so, my ex girlfriend and I were randomly watching pokemon streamers on twitch together. That's when I found @Susie Carmichael and really hit it off with her and Jimmy. When she went to start gta 5 rp. I really enjoyed watching it. thats when i also met @Paul Owen through her streams. I joined not long after in October of 2017. And I havent looked back. Sure I played other servers. But always came back to revo in the end. I'm thankful for all the friends I met her, the people I've come to trust more than anyone in the world.
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    Ladies and gentlemen ❤️❤️
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    The face behind Mega newbie , Maya Janssen ! first time RP-er.
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    https://www.twitch.tv/chunkyplays/clip/FrozenCrispyPastaKAPOW Deckard going for a swim
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    I am super guilty of this, and this is a good reminder to step back and not make assumptions. I mix up Granger's civ and cop, Trooper Kali and her mom, and others. It's mainly due to my inexperience and ongoing efforts at being a better RPer. Good post, +1
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    From the other side's perspective: I think it has a lot to do with the transmission on TS, at least for me. Max comes to mind (android voice changer), a Baller bloke using a voice deepener and Zander. Have not met Sloth so far, but my current assumption is that I will have the same issues. It seems to be a mixed bag - and nope, not while they are being talked over by others, but during them being the only ones to talk - but I have noticed that I and several others cannot understand a single word such characters are saying. Others in the same area apparently do understand them just fine. And when I watch a stream, with the streamer (in this case Max / Eric and Jeff / Sloth) talking I can understand them just fine. I can also understand, if they happen to meet those people on stream, the others using voice changers via the stream that I cannot understand when on the server. I usually play it off as (if on Karl) it being him not native to English or (on Rogers) his tinnitus coming back to mess with his hearing. However, it is one of the reasons why I rarely interact with voice changer folks, as something seems to mess up with the transmission. It literally, at times, comes across as an inarticulate garbled mess, while others with only mild adjustments or no changer at all at that same moment are just fine to understand. With what I agree though is the initial point of people sometimes ignoring the attempt to alter the voice, or outright assuming, even though the character does not look anywhere near the same as the other, that they are the same individual. Without even posing as much as a question.
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    I wanna be a dog
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    Hello Just wanted to know if there are plans to get ITC courses back up and running so people can take tests. As it is currently, all files from the ITS courses are gone forever and there is no way to take a ITC test for any vehicle. Thanks
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    @Susie Carmichael and @Paco Garcia make a great team.
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    I actually didn't Yeet, I just accidentally pressed my button, but... I will take it as it probably sounded like Yeet lol
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    having a day off with @Darcy Reid @Vitami Gattington @Araceli Quinoa with Deputy Colin McCalester
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    I'd been RPing in one genre or another since around 1999/2000 but had only recently got into voice RP the year before on Life is Feudal. I'd watched a few streams and liked the look of Revolution. The big one at the time was SoE but I thought it looked even buggier than the early Revo was and the wait to get in was enormous so I joined Revo in early May 2017. Then the wait times were also enormous! But I stuck through it and had a great time with my strange little bunch of semi-criminal buddies (Bernie, Dee, Chimi Churri, Emilio, Elliot, Celi, Boston Paul, Jeff, among others) before the drugs scene started really kicking off and I realised that it wasn't what I wanted for my character. So I joined EMS in July 2017 and I'm still there. And still here.
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    Good sir no need for the hostility. I was simply asking a civil question of why it was rescheduled. Unless you think twice before you post you can kindly leave. Good day
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