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    When you have so many EMS calls you end up in another dimension Veteran fire fighters
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    I joined in the initial wave of FiveM being noticed on Twitch back in 2017. I found Revo through streamers like Timmac & Proxy and got hooked. People haven't pushed me away yet. Started as EMS, when I wanted to be a cop originally. I joined PD back in July 2017. Taken a few breaks due to RL but always coming back because this server has tons of friends and those that I call family. Had highs and lows on the server - lows just being mostly burnt out. But, what's great about the server it hanging out in TS or in other games with people. Carrying friendships off the server and having fun elsewhere. At the end of the day, we come back to Revo because it's where these friendships started and where some continue. Still a cop to this day, with a rough NY accent, where my Southern accent comes through. I can't remember the last time someone said anything other than JT to me....outside of formal introductions. 😉
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    I started on Revolution in March of this of this year after spending some time on State of Emergency and meeting a group of people there (Bruce, Cindy, Guiseppe, and Michael). They suggested I come to check out Revo and I haven't been back since thanks to the great community that I found here. I first tried GTA V RP about a year and a half ago on NoPixel but I only played for a few weeks and then moved on to other games. I've been neglecting a backlog of games and hooked on RP!
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    Civilians being pissy at the police 😛 Bunch of the same cars. Traffic jam by cow. Dude swearing he didn't have a waterspider on his feet, so I had to have proof for him.
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    Joined back in April or May of 2017 when the last big GTA RP was happening. I had only RP'd in tabletop and improv at that point (and like a week on ARMA3 which I didn't love), doing it in an established world like GTA was intriguing. Somehow I got through the whitelist back then and have played on and off in RP in video games since. I don't even do tabletop RP or improv anymore, so this is where I get my fix. Rev has been welcoming and a great place to get into that part of RP for me. Love it here.
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    I know we had a post about this on the old forums, and I don't think many people were looking into it. But.... The inner child of me, who first played this game in 2005, squealed. https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/8509-WoW-Classic-Launches-August-27th-Beta-May-15th And yeah, like the WoW guy I am... I preordered this too. 🙂
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