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    Hey All! For those who was not able to make the community meeting held today, here is a recording so you can listen in! >>Click Me!<< What was discussed: Floppy addressed the community on communication Floppy & Jasmine discussed upcoming development projects White-listing discussion and what it may mean for the server Upcoming new donation systems and more topics from the open floor Q&A with the community If you have any questions or feedback you can post them right here! Thanks everyone!
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    I will be re-opening the thread, as I think a lot of good can come out of it. As a reminder, you are free to bring up issues, and questions for staff, but if anyone, from here on out, posts ANYTHING we deem as trolling/stirring the pot/etc, you will TBanned, and receive points for causing a disruption, especially since it's in a thread where we are trying to make things better for everyone. Posts like @Mike Michaelson, while controversial to some, are helpful, and welcomed, and we'd love to see more people posting concerns or questions. Lets act like adults here. kthx
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    So what I am gathering from the responses on this is a few consistencies. Members want a bit more visibility on things in the background of where things are going. We are and will look at how to improve this. We hear you. Members would like a more engaged process when it comes to communicating bans and warnings. We hear you, there is room to grow on this and will look into some changes. Members are hoping for more unrestricted mechanics. We are and have been 100% looking into something about this, I can attest I am leading part of the model around the who's and hows There are a lot of misleading understandings of how things work that are festering in the member base. Please please, ask questions before you believe what you hear from someone else. There are a lot of statements here being made that are way off base and getting followers. There are a lot of good points that have been made here, and some sadly have lost their cantor of helpful conversation but I am glad people are responding. It shows that there is life here that is pleading for a positive experience. That is something we can all keep close and run with. Thanks to all the constructive feedback.
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    It seems people keep getting the wrong information about how things are handled around here... I don't know if you guys are noticing how often heating discussions / attacks are happening. It seems to be happening at least once a month, and it always inverts to people feeling like they can't say something or just not being heard. Ever since January you can notice the difference of the community specially since on forums since the idea of "community reps" being introduced. We really haven't had a real community meeting or discussion on what's happening behind the scenes from departs / staff (developers as well). I personally know their's a lot of projects going around but others don't know or hear about it... which is very misleading. Solutions that might help is bring back monthly community meetings or make a post about what's being talked about! Allow a google doc that allows people to ask questions directed towards either the departments/staff/or anyone and allowing them to be completely anonymous. Anyways I love you guys, Stay float of water and groovy ^-^ ❤️
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    I'm just gonna say with the current state of the server population some things need to change. I would just like to see more transparency with the community thats all. A lot of us have been here for years and I feel like when people state their opinions and ideas to better the server it gets shot down real quick even if the majority of people may agree with it.
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    First, let's talk about making people want to play here. Second, while I understand people make mistakes, the leadership of this community seems EXTREMELY quick to throw someone to the curb regardless of time spent and invested. Mind you these are my opinion, but I strongly stand behind them. Justin Creed situation? Absurd. The guy WAS a member of the community for how many years? Again, he made a mistake, and years of time and dedication, gone. Paco Garcia situation? Poorly handled and communication was nonexistent. I have proof of this. Sure what he did was wrong, but 3 days ban wrong? Without any communication? Shredxt situation? FFS talk to the guy or give him a warning, or some sort of strike system. For all the work he put in, he gets full IP banned at every level for something done in good faith for RP reasons. All the good things he did development wise, gone because he made a MISTAKE. Box truck being Fail RP announcement as the event is unfolding, when it has NEVER been against the rules (there simply isn't an alternative). Staff have done a very good job recently in removing some of the toxic, and negative newer members of the community. Staff can definitely do better. Next, lets talk about development choices when it comes to staff. STOP RESTRICTING AND REMOVING START GIVING MORE FREEDOM AND PUNISH ABUSE ACCORDINGLY For the sake of this discussion, lets use Tazers as an example. An issue for the longest time, was thought to be IMPOSSIBLE to allow the public to have access to. Initially there was an influx of stupidity, but after a while it settled down and usage became normal for the most part, and to my knowledge there is not an abundance of complaints since their implementation. Things that would make the server more fun: Aircraft being allowed to be used or associated with crime in a limited capacity (right now it's a server rule break to even hold a pilot up, or for a pilot to do crime in any capacity). Universal vehicle "put in/take out". Just do it, stop making these petty arguments of "EMS RP loss" or "Abundance of Fail RP". Restrict weapons in some way, everyone having easy access to high power weaponry is nutty. Things that will make the server great again, and IMO should have top priority: Housing Businesses Large Content Releases that can be accompanied by advertising for the community The goal here isn't to point the smoking gun at the developers, the idea is to shed some light on how many of us feel based on things that have unfolded the last few months. If there is retaliation because I decided to speak my mind here, that's fine, I feel good about voicing my concerns. I hear it all the time that development is significantly influenced by staff and in particular by the owner. @Floppy Pancakes It starts with you and trickles downward through the community. The moment I posted a fun idea and something possibly creative to do in RP that was taken from a clip on my stream I shared, it was met with "that's probably ban-worthy". Imagine on my end, where i'm trying to go out of my way to make fun and dynamic scenarios that can unfold, and subsequently I get a swift kick in the balls from the owner. Now all the sudden everything I am thinking of doing that is new and unique is followed by "well, am I going to get banned for this too?" Sucks. Please focus your energy on making this a FUN place to RP, where abusers of the (hopefully) new and fun restrictions are punished accordingly and made an example of. Lastly i'm going to state that overall I feel that the vast majority of choices, and the amount of effort that is invested have been both good and appreciated. Some of these recent things have really taken the wind out of the sails so to say for people. Don't take the negative tone of this post to heart. There is a lot of good things happening and that have happened, but lately it's been a very bumpy ride. - Mike
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    Dear Revolution Community, Over the past few weeks as the Senior Admin here, I’ve noticed a lot of things about the way that people have begun to roleplay and what has become acceptable in this community. These are not positive things, and they are all mentality issues in regards to roleplay. I wanted to write this letter as a way to try and connect with those issues, address them, and maybe offer up some additional insight from someone that has roleplayed and been a big part of this community for over 3 years now. It has always been the biggest joy in my life to lead this community and be the person that is always open to discussing everything with each and every one of you. Know that my door is always open for you guys, and I will continue to hear you guys out and take what you have to say to heart. I will continue to go to bat for each one of you to make this place the best it can possibly be. I am writing this letter in part because I don’t know how else to express to everyone what these issues are, and how we can collectively go about fixing the state of roleplay here. I want Revolution to continue to grow, improve, and be a home base for continuing the amazing stories that we’ve all been writing all of these years. I am begging this community. Please, listen to what I have to say. Even if you feel like your roleplay is perfect, please still try to take something away from this. See the different perspective, be willing to admit that no one is perfect, and we all have room for growth. That we all have room to help each other grow and expand, and most of all, have fun. 1. Let’s talk about the box truck issue. This is one of those things that is so commonplace now, that it seems normal. We’ve also discussed having the ability to put people in vehicles, and what the heck is going on with that? The box truck problem is way bigger than the majority of people realize. As an EMS, I probably see the effect of the box truck issue more than any other department or person on the server. Most of you just think that you use it for the dire situations to help your buddies who are injured try to escape some jail time. In reality, it is a chronic, widespread issue on the server. People use them when EMS are clocked in. We’ll go hours with 1-2 calls, but watch trucks and cars pull up and people being dumped into the hospital with no regard to roleplaying their injuries (which is where it falls into Fail RP). Even at these big shooting scenes, there’s no regard for ripping off a piece of your shirt to tie off the bullet wound. Just mechanically grab, jump, dump, and drive. Where is the roleplay in that? Now, I can also understand the other side of the coin. If we can’t help our guys, then what do you expect us to do? Isn’t it Fail RP that my gang-loyal character has to just walk away from their hurt buddies and not help them? Yes, I understand. We have discussed putting people in vehicles mechanically for all, and that is on the list of things to do, it just keeps getting pushed down the priority list. So what do we do in the meantime? After hearing out the Community Representatives, Admins will stop drawing such a thick line on this particular rule, up until the point where the regular mechanical feature is implemented. That will be fully explained in an announcement. To all of you that rage-quit out of the server the other day instead of trying to talk things out, or go to your Community Representatives – that does nothing to make this place better. If you’re angry about something: an Admin decision, things going on in the server, speak up. Be heard. At least help us try to fix what you perceive as being a wrong here. 2. (Box truck issue, extended) EMS are neutral, and we don’t utilize them enough The EMS department has fought LEO’s a few times over on their rule of neutrality. The EMS department prides itself on their stance on remaining neutral. On being the people that are just there to help you and to save lives, regardless of who the person is or what they have done. We want to do our jobs, we want to help save lives. We don’t want to be kidnapped to help you rob a bank or a store. But if you kidnap us to help your hurt friend, we’re there. Shoot, you don’t even have to threaten us. Just tell us what happened, and we’re there. That’s an EMS’s purpose. We will always care more about saving lives than getting anyone in trouble with the cops. 3. Selfish roleplay and how its only fun for you One of our biggest issues as a community right now is selfish roleplay. The kind of roleplay where only your needs matter, only your character matters, and only you are having fun. Every complaint I’ve gathered from criminal, civilians, cops, EMS, everyone, boils down to this. When you are roleplaying, everyone in the situation should matter. Consider how your character’s actions are going to affect other characters. Are you the only one laughing? Are you shutting down someone else’s roleplay just so you can come out on top? 4. Your character is a character. It isn’t you. (Also – taking IC to the OOC) For many, there is a thin line between the real you, and your character. It’s easy to fall into a trap of just playing yourself, especially considering Revolution might be the first place you’ve roleplayed, and its easy to have your first character be a reflection of yourself. But even if you’ve designed a character as a mirror image of yourself, you still need to separate what is happening in the game versus how you feel out of character. If you find yourself doing this, fill out a character sheet and stick to it. Change something about your character that makes them different then the real you. Find the separation. Without separation, you are bound to translate OOC feelings into IC feelings. When you play yourself, those aren’t two different things. In game toxicity, harassment, combat logging, “salty” behavior, has become some of our biggest complaints and reports within the last month. Why is it that every time you’re caught by the cops you berate them with every word in the book? Yell over other people to shut down everything their trying to say in the interaction? Push people to the limit of quitting because they can’t even interact with you? How is that enjoyable? Why can we not find a common ground to stand on that says – this is my character, and I’m here to roleplay with another person? 5. Gunplay > Roleplay, and what happened to the long-term stories? No one is scared of each other anymore, and no one is scared of guns anymore. We pretend that our characters value their lives, but then start shooting each other after saying nothing to two words. Why are we all so quick to pull the trigger? This is rampant on both sides, not just one. What happened to talking to each other before shutting down the roleplay with bullets? What happened to smart criminals that stalked you, got to know who you were, and figured out a way to hurt you beyond all comprehension by not even shooting you directly? There is no regard for long term stories anymore. Anyone who wants to start up something long-term generally gets shut down. Why? Why is everyone living for a few hours to do their daily motions, and not thinking about the rest of their lives? This is why we all keep getting burnt out on roleplay. This is why we need breaks, need to play other games for a while, need to step away to find the love in roleplay again. When you’re just here to exist for a few hours, and you have nothing drawing you back in for the long game, then you’re not going to want to come back. Set a long term goal. Start a long-term heist (yes, those resources ARE available to you). Start a long term story with someone. Make a new character with a long-term purpose. Expand your business. Be more than just a singular drone that is here just to clock in, or just to shoot cops and rob bank. Think about how everything builds up and should change your character’s goals and daily life. I may have gotten long winded. You may all just skim the points and not take the time to listen to me drone on. But again. I am begging all of you. Each and every single one of us are responsible for the status of the community. This is not just a place for the staff. Revolution is ALL of us, collectively, agreeing on a set of rules and making our own place here. Every single person matters, every single opinion matters, and every single character matters. Please, let’s collectively take this to heart, and try and make this the best fuckin place imaginable. With all my love, Ruby Blaze
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    Going to tag @Mod Teamand @Admin Team. Some else will have to take over this now.
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