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    Angela McBride / Anna Stone 🤐
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    So before the great tsunami, I had a pretty extensive thread with folks that I'd made in Sims 4 form. I thought I'd start it again. Here's SOME of EMS - more to follow The Bossman @Gadon Baxter Deputy Bossman @Darcy Reid Top Marshmallow @Araceli Quinoa Elderly gentleman @Edward Thompson and his bombshell formerly bald lady @Susie Carmichael Smooth @Rigzby Rollins The dread pirate SnakeHips @Johnny Kimble Hair so red we gotta spray her with the fire hose @Ruby Blaze Another ginger Mark Jones @Leon Ravenscroft No relation to Mark Jones, Sally Jones @Matilda Lawson So stressful she's got white hair already @Dreah Johnson Evelynn Harper @Lea Johnson - this girl can drive! I'm running out of captions @Lena Tesla Yep, it's 6am and can't do any more @Eevee Lowe @Mace Ranco Flannelgan @Ernest Flanagan Not really a bear @Jeff Bear @Althea Castillo
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    So..recently I’ve noticed an issue happening to myself and a few others in the community, I try to stop myself from doing this as well but...if someone’s trying to do a voice or an accent whether it be on a character you already know or one you don’t know, don’t cancel out their attempt; I assure you they’re trying their best & I completely understand if you get confused by how often people change their appearance in the city. Just let people have fun, try to let them introduce themselves & do their thing, peace ✌
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    Just want to take some time to shoutout to our amazing Developers and contributors both here and behind the scenes. You guys are frequently faced with a barrage of FiveM updates, requests and newly found ways for us to break your stuff. Just want you all to know you guys are well appreciated. Thanks for keeping our experience alive with fixes and new ideas. @Jasmine Kali @Sean Callanan @Ted McFarlane @Floppy Pancakes @Dan Hasuki @Darcy Reid @Lexia Hasuki @Floppy Pancakes
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    YASSSSS PARTY WITH THE BITCHZZZZZZZZ - DJ CUCUMBER , @Creed @Flora Le'Fae @Eric Withakay @Lena Tesla @Lea Johnson @Dreah Johnson @Eddie Lee
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    HELLOO! i play as Armin Brusnikow! My name is Sonny IRl.🤑 and no my english isn´t as bad as Armins IRL lol! I am Danish! And no! danish people dont speak dutch ffs! 😂
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    The face of Lord Cuthbert Hedgeworth / Brenda / Blade Aurora ... 😎
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    @Mitchel Jansen "Hey Kat, I took your advice!" Kat Sweetser: "What? You got the snip?" Everyone there:
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    I second this. Playing Sloth has been kind of annoying at times because people can't seem to hear him. He has a raspy voice and gets talked over a lot.
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    Here we go! The Face of Ty eza.
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    https://www.twitch.tv/chunkyplays/clip/FrozenCrispyPastaKAPOW Deckard going for a swim
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    I am super guilty of this, and this is a good reminder to step back and not make assumptions. I mix up Granger's civ and cop, Trooper Kali and her mom, and others. It's mainly due to my inexperience and ongoing efforts at being a better RPer. Good post, +1
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    From the other side's perspective: I think it has a lot to do with the transmission on TS, at least for me. Max comes to mind (android voice changer), a Baller bloke using a voice deepener and Zander. Have not met Sloth so far, but my current assumption is that I will have the same issues. It seems to be a mixed bag - and nope, not while they are being talked over by others, but during them being the only ones to talk - but I have noticed that I and several others cannot understand a single word such characters are saying. Others in the same area apparently do understand them just fine. And when I watch a stream, with the streamer (in this case Max / Eric and Jeff / Sloth) talking I can understand them just fine. I can also understand, if they happen to meet those people on stream, the others using voice changers via the stream that I cannot understand when on the server. I usually play it off as (if on Karl) it being him not native to English or (on Rogers) his tinnitus coming back to mess with his hearing. However, it is one of the reasons why I rarely interact with voice changer folks, as something seems to mess up with the transmission. It literally, at times, comes across as an inarticulate garbled mess, while others with only mild adjustments or no changer at all at that same moment are just fine to understand. With what I agree though is the initial point of people sometimes ignoring the attempt to alter the voice, or outright assuming, even though the character does not look anywhere near the same as the other, that they are the same individual. Without even posing as much as a question.
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    Well, this is the face behind Shamil Vor - Shaw. I'm 24, from Azerbaijan, living and studying masters in Sweden (soon in Denmark). Also, I do some singing on the side. Nice to meet you all!!
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    Tried not to smile... Far left in the green shirt ...
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    All I see is the caption "Felt Cute, might save lives, idk.."
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    This is why I use different voices usually for most of my characters each one has a different style or pitch. But, yes please ask the persons name before assuming who they are 😛
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    My character has recently become blind. To be fare I did not take in the full aspect of the roleplay at the time but I thought it would be interesting RP. The issue right now is that I need someone or some sort of guidance in the city. I was just wondering if someone responsible can maybe apply to be a k9 or some sort of guide dog for my character. Obviously there would be a set of rules to be followed by this person and I'm willing to work with it. I am basically asking is there a way that dev's and admins would allow for this type of rp? It would greatly help my character in a roleplay view. I don't need to be a "burden" to other people and this said person has to agree to play the part correctly.
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    wheres my sexy boy @Lucas Henderson
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    The face of Cindy! 😊
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    The face behind Mega newbie , Maya Janssen ! first time RP-er.
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    I can confirm Ruby is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    watch out Calvin Kline, LSFR is in town
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    Announcing our newest arrival, Lil'Liam @Liam Cavanagh who just wanted a little attention, you got it, little buddy! @Ruby Blaze @Emilia Kali @Hunter Reglem @Jeff Bear @Ernest Flanagan @Frisco McGarrett Hope you are ready for the big world out there
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    We reverted back because of a lot of problems with hearing one another. It just wasn't working.
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    You still owe the hospital $10 for the bandages
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    Ladies and gentlemen ❤️❤️
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    I'll share some pics of the little man. 28 days old.
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    Me & my kiddo about a year and a half ago.
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    So I decided to go and reupload all of the pics that I put on this post last time ... apologies for the spamz. -.- #NotVain 😞
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    funny you should say that, you look like this Croatian asshole I know! He thinks he's my best friend but I really can't stand him because he has an annoying voice and constantly nags me to play games with him.
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    Omfg dude I kid you not you look like this one Brit wanker I know and he is like my best mate but I hate him cause he is a prick and... Oh.... Wait...
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    So my Name is Jamie, completely new to RP in Gta 5 but have had some experience with other RP stuff with D&D but this looks like a complete different kettle of fish xD hoping to have good fun and not be too much of a burden I have two cats, Totoro (the big one, part Maine Coon) and Cinnamon (the pastel ginger one) 😛
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    Hey all, I'm TJ. Currently an LEO in Vegas and I've been looking to get into RP for some time. I got rejected from DOJRP for not being "dedicated" enough I guess lol but I enjoy the RP community especially watching the great videos. I have a few friends that RP as well and would love to join them. I'm excited to get into character and bring my personality to the community
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    "I'm going to sue you Mitchel!" Kat Sweetser ( @Dan Hasuki )
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    Well fuck it. Meet the face behind "mitch"
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    Couple of wedding pics. I am the bride. Tall blonde bridesmaid is my sister, little dark one is my best friend. You can also see the back of my mam's head, a reflection of another bridesmaid in the mirror and my niece rocking her sequin dress.
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    Some pics of me Here i am in my close to 10 year old Satr Wars shirt that just so comfy Me playing Games Me at work. It's too cold here in England to have beach parties so we have them inside
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