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  1. I will be re-opening the thread, as I think a lot of good can come out of it. As a reminder, you are free to bring up issues, and questions for staff, but if anyone, from here on out, posts ANYTHING we deem as trolling/stirring the pot/etc, you will TBanned, and receive points for causing a disruption, especially since it's in a thread where we are trying to make things better for everyone. Posts like @Mike Michaelson, while controversial to some, are helpful, and welcomed, and we'd love to see more people posting concerns or questions. Lets act like adults here. kthx
  2. I'm happy to talk to you about that situation, just let me know.
  3. If I didn't make it clear earlier, I'll clear it up now. There was a break down in communication on the staff side, primarily me, that you had been notified on TS. So a notification wasn't sent, but the forum notification was sent. I apologize that it happened, it was a simple mistake on our side.
  4. So I'll be happy to answer some of these concerns, but I will say, I may jump around a bit, so stay with me. Keep in mind, I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of everything, because I still believe, and prefer, not to publicly smear someones name, even when they are guilty, be it on the forums, ts, discord, etc.. 🙂 It wasn't a mistake. It was purposeful, willful, and by all appearances, planned. He did this while on his cop character. LEO corruption is not allowed, and as such, he received a 2 week ban, and a LEO ban. For a long time, staff had issues with being consistent with punishments, and that's our fault. We are trying to do better, and I believe in recent months, we have. This was long before we were doing better though, and even then, I was really pushing people staff to be consistent, regardless of who it was. So he got the same treatment as recent LEO corruption bans. While I'm sure there is room for improvement, I do not believe the situation was poorly handled. I even spoke to someone recently who had the same opinion, and then when i explained what happened, they think we did everything right. When Paco was banned, he was banned from the game, and notified on the forums by the admin/mod team, and notified on TS by the admin team. Due to the fact that our admin team ranks had recently emptied, I was unaware that it was normally admin task to notify the player, and as such, that responsibility fell on me to notify him on TS, and I failed in that manner. However, he was notified on the forums. The next time he joined the forum, he had a notification bar at the bottom, and a icon on the bell at the top. Just like everyone else. I'm not sure what you mean by proof of this, but, I can assure you, this did happen. And it was only 3 days, not a perma like so many people seemed to think for some reason. Again, not a mistake. He willfully, and knowingly abused his access as a Developer, to manipulate the database to give his friends an advantage. A favor for them, if you will, and while I completely understand his perspective from an RP side, it is still abuse of power, and powergaming to an extent. We had SOOO many complaints about this, including people being suspicious that he was being nefarious with the character, and going beyond what was originally agreed upon with myself. I get no enjoyment having to ban a staff member, or even remove them, especially someone was valuable, knowledgeable, and helpful as Shredxt. It was never in the rules, but it was agreed upon in staff that it was FailRP, and we had banned people before when we saw it. Just many people don't bother with a report, cause they think nothing will happen. I agree, the FailRP announcement during the event was kinda, immersion breaking. No one asked for the announcement, a staff member just did it. I even spoke up in our staff channels asking why it was done. Granted, that announcement was a warning to stop doing it, or they will be banned, instead of just straight banning them, which I *DO* think, was more than generous. While I do think we can always improve, I also think many people hold staff to impossible standards. We are expected to enforce the rules. But you also want us to give leniency on people who have been here a while, or that they like. And if we were to do that, we'd get accused of favoritism, something we used to get accused of a LOT until we got better at consistency. Staff will continue to fail the communities expectations, so long as we are being held to a double standard. We are happy to learn, grow, and adjust, but all of that is useless if we are being held to that aforementioned impossible standard. I still think it's completely and utterly stupid to have them in for anyone other than LEO. I can tell you for sure, that it abused all the time. Criminals LOVE to abuse a mechanic that involves tazers, that I have not yet been able to figure out if I can even prevent code wise. It happens nearly every week, either to myself, or others. And this is another area we will be enforcing FailRP in if we see abused. Generally, if a mechanic or action isn't somewhat realistic, then don't consider it something you should be doing in game, without consulting staff first. I agree. In fact, iirc, the last two times this has been brought to me in staff, I said something along the lines of, "lets get something fleshed out on paper and discuss it" but I believe higher priority projects simply elevated above this. They aren't petty. Why do you think they are petty? In fact, any time we've added a feature that I was not a fan of, we saw a lot of FailRP with. Recently, a lot of players have went to other servers, and I've seen on their streams, the same mechanics you ask for, and it's being abused. Like picking someone up on your shoulder, and the person demanding they be put down, helpless. That being said, we are going to add something like this, but it's one of those things that *I* will probably end up doing, so it'll take a while after I finish my current big projects. I'll also likely implement the original suggestion (which, ironically, I've never seen mentioned), where the feature is only available when no ems or pd are clocked in. I agree. This is already being done. I've said it several times, I want class 3's to be so incredibly rare, that PD will likey need to return to the departments to get their own. I will say though, that telling me here to restrict something, when you made it VERY clear you want me/devs to stop restricting/removing things. Really feels like a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation, someone is gonna be unhappy regardless. I don't normally do this, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm extremely tired of people saying I don't get things done. I need breaks too, and I'll take them for months long, or just work on a weekend project. Like KOTH, I worked on that for like, 2.5 days, not actual coding time even, and people are already losing their mind, thinking I'm giving up the community, and I should just hand it to other people, because I don't care. Ironically, everyone had REALLY good things to say. I work on different projects all the time, to keep me fresh, try new things, and to prevent burnout, which has happened several times. I even used to freelance work to make extra money. So honestly, these rumors need to stop. Sorry for the mini rant. Any way, I don't normally do this, but: https://gyazo.com/f527c17165d43bed84c978d046ad583e ALL of that has in one way, or another to do with businesses. I can assure you, I'm hard at work on it, but I am trying to make ALL current and future development much higher quality than you've seen in the past. I work typically on BIG projects, and BIG projects, take a LOT of time sometimes. This is one of them. Myself, and the rest of the development team, would greatly appreciate if people were more understanding of just how much work goes into this. The main business file, is already 400 lines for one file alone. The mechanic job i'm working on? Almost 1000. I don't see the problem here. The reason it's significantly influenced by anyone, myself included, is cause we are in staff. For the longest time, and I'm talking years, I had written the vast majority of the code base by hand. Neat features that were publicly released were also incorporated here or there, but for the most part, it was all my work. If someone wants to help influence what work is being done, they need to apply for a developer position that would put them where they need to be, to influence these decisions. I will always make a decision that someone doesn't agree with, that's just the nature of being in a leadership position, I can't please everyone. But by an large, if someone makes a suggestion, and we accept it, we fully plan on implementing it. I'm not sure what you are referring to, but you are more than welcome to refresh my memory here, or in a message on here. I will say though, did you get banned? Very rarely do I ban anyone when I'm watching a stream or in game. It's incredibly rare, because I know many will think I'm abusing my position. I will simply report it to other staff, and let them be the judge. I don't mean this sarcastically, or to be rude, but... what on earth do you think I'm doing? lol. Why would I try and make a place that even I don't find fun? Why on earth would there be any sort of retaliation? One, we made this post in efforts to improve things around the community. Someone took great time and effort to make this. Two, we have NEVER banned someone who was trying to bring up issues in a polite manner. That would be absolutely absurd for anyone to do, regardless of whether or not you agree. If that were the case, there'd probably just be a dozen people here. There are MANY communities who will ban you for disagreeing, or politely pointing out issues. I've been banned from them too. I am definitely not one of the people who will do that here, nor will I ever tolerate it here either. Feel free to reply. I know my response was very long winded, and while we are going to have a community meeting very soon, I felt I should respond to your concerns. If you'd like to talk on ts as well, that's fine too.
  5. @Cara Samson @Michal Harris @Paul Gale @Oliver Hall We are still waiting for your answer. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.
  6. So your solution, is to make baseless accusations, and act like no one gives a shit? Please, do remind me of a single instance, where someone was banned for speaking their voice when they did so in a manner that followed rules, and was respectful. Cause if it's happened in THIS community, then it absolutely happened without my knowledge, cause that's a big no no. If you wanted to see change, you wouldn't try and hide behind a new name, and make baseless accusations. You have no idea how much work is put in behind the scenes to try and make things better for everyone. Ruby did a fantastic job trying to bring the community together, fix issues among the community, improve RP, create events, and I'm sad that we will be losing that work ethic, care, and passion that she has for the community. I can only hope, that it will continue. Even with all of that, doesn't mean that no one else hasn't put in astronomical amounts of effort though. I would encourage you to take some time and collect your thoughts, breath, and then take more time before making such accusations again.
  7. I watched the news van nearly roll as it barreled into the canals, trying to follow of. 😂
  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. @Carrowin Sol...... for LITERALLY years.. I've had staff believing that my birthday that was no where CLOSE to today... now they know... -.-
  9. Policing like real life eh? You're probably one of those same people who just watch youtube videos of cops fucking up, and going at it hard core in the comment section. By your own admission, remarks were said that others found foul and didn't enjoy IC, or OOC. and *SOMETHING* tells me, this is a major indication of your interactions with other people in the server. You have this MAJOR anti-cop bias, yet preach how the cops must be terrible here, just like IRL. That in itself, is limited your enjoyment of RP. Yet the hilarious part, is you try to justify your position by making definitive statements, as if anyone disagreeing is simply wrong, and uneducated. Let me give you some advice there "pal," that's one of the top was to lose any debate. Someone telling you to go to another server isn't cool in my book. But if all you wanna do is encourage behavior that others really DO NOT enjoy, then I'll have to just shed my snowflake tears for 1 less person in our community, that so many of use put a lot of time and passion into. Please, don't leave... https://gyazo.com/35b2c545356f9ad2a19cc5e97c771ab8 /thread
  10. Carrowin and I are on RattleGore. We will probably be starting up a guild. I love PVP. She loves questing and adventure, so I'm sure we will have something for everyone.
  11. If there is any interest in a PVP group for classic, please reply here! If you have a preference to which server, state your preference, or say "no preference."
  12. This coming from the same person who wasn't listening to a staff member, and instead, told them to "learn how to code" while laughing. When you have to preface a post with "This is not an attack towards floppy" yet mention my name several times, it really makes people question the heart of your message. Further, the contents of your post really to show that you don't know what you are talking about. You have a *few* valid points, but sadly, the rest seems to be that you are simply un-informed about the topics of which you speak. While I do think this post is meant to bash me (which, you even admit this is to bring up the negatives), I'm going to leave the post up for now, just in case something productive comes from it. I would like to ask Garrett, what bugs have you noticed, big or small?
  13. Well this is a weird obsession
  14. Travis.. Trigger and incel... I usually shudder hearing that terminology... So I'm going to assume that by triggering you mean to provide a response out of, yes? Assuming that to be the case, when you go around provoking people, you can't exactly get upset about the reactions if they aren't what you want, considering the fact that you are going out of your way to get a reaction "for content." Billy.. Everyone is free to rp how they so please, so long as it doesn't break any of our rules. You've said things in the past that people don't always enjoy, but, it doesn't break rules. If being called anything is deeply offensive to you, you can privately message the person, asking them not to interact with you like that. If it continues after asking them not to, you can message support and they or may not take action. However, like I said, if it doesn't break any rules, it's probably going to be allowed. If everyone that's getting heated in this thread can't cool down, we'll just lock the topic. Thanks.
  15. Let it be known... he egged me on for about 30 minutes saying wouldn't do it. lol
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