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  1. Go for it. I just simply still feel very bad about it is all.
  2. The effect was reduced. To be completely honest, it was a mistake on my part. When I coded it, I had an OUTRAGEOUS buff to it that should have never been in there. It's been brought down to a more appropriate level.
  3. Have you tried them?
  4. We can always use more development funds. You can donate here: http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ However, that will not make storage come any faster. That being said... i've finished some core code that needed to be done, and have started on housing. once housing is done, storage will be worked on. i expect to release both at the same time.
  5. This coming from the same person who wasn't listening to a staff member, and instead, told them to "learn how to code" while laughing. When you have to preface a post with "This is not an attack towards floppy" yet mention my name several times, it really makes people question the heart of your message. Further, the contents of your post really to show that you don't know what you are talking about. You have a *few* valid points, but sadly, the rest seems to be that you are simply un-informed about the topics of which you speak. While I do think this post is meant to bash me (which, you even admit this is to bring up the negatives), I'm going to leave the post up for now, just in case something productive comes from it. I would like to ask Garrett, what bugs have you noticed, big or small?
  6. Well this is a weird obsession
  7. Travis.. Trigger and incel... I usually shudder hearing that terminology... So I'm going to assume that by triggering you mean to provide a response out of, yes? Assuming that to be the case, when you go around provoking people, you can't exactly get upset about the reactions if they aren't what you want, considering the fact that you are going out of your way to get a reaction "for content." Billy.. Everyone is free to rp how they so please, so long as it doesn't break any of our rules. You've said things in the past that people don't always enjoy, but, it doesn't break rules. If being called anything is deeply offensive to you, you can privately message the person, asking them not to interact with you like that. If it continues after asking them not to, you can message support and they or may not take action. However, like I said, if it doesn't break any rules, it's probably going to be allowed. If everyone that's getting heated in this thread can't cool down, we'll just lock the topic. Thanks.
  8. Of course. That's where the majority of our monthly donations go to, is the multiple servers that we have, that are required to run this community. When I said I use raspberry pi, I meant in my personal life, I use it for some servers. One of them is a firewall for my home network
  9. Let it be known... he egged me on for about 30 minutes saying wouldn't do it. lol
  10. How could you have thought this was a good idea.... Lol
  11. I'll be posting more details about the discussion in the coming week probably. It's not something for sure happening, I want to discuss with community first
  12. This isn't the place for you discuss your ban, however, you ran into an ACTIVE situation, which most people assumed a bank robbery, and when you arrived on scene across the street, I instructed everyone to LEAVE immediately, and you failed to do so, thus willfully interfering with a police investigation, and obstructing justice at the very least. As the shots rang out, you then STOOD THERE for a few moments, instead of fleeing. THEN you shot the suspect, while other officers were on scene, which in this case, you weren't authorized to do. Then in MRPD jail cells, while you were handcuffed, you started doing armless pushups, stating you were doing "dick-ups." If any of this sounds like something you'd do in real life, you let me know, otherwise, the ban stands. If you wish to discuss it FURTHER, you can take it to a ban appeal.
  13. I agree. Staff have been cracking down on this behavior. If it's alright with you, I'd like to use that gif, your vod, and mine as evidence
  14. I'm giving out temp bans to the others who ran over as well. No one runs up to an active back robbery, so stop.
  15. The rest of the icons are on the way, rest assured! Development slowed for the remainder of the icons due to IRL issues, but they should be here by the end of the week. 🙂 Thanks!
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