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  2. Its not TRUE @Rigzby Rollins Rigged it.
  3. YASSSSS PARTY WITH THE BITCHZZZZZZZZ - DJ CUCUMBER , @Creed @Flora Le'Fae @Eric Withakay @Lena Tesla @Lea Johnson @Dreah Johnson @Eddie Lee
  4. Kai Flippinton

    Harsh Zale

    Name: Harsh Zale Alias: Big H Current Age: Twenty Nine Years Old. Gender: I think Mail Ethical Origin: Half American / Half African Personality: Calm, Caring, Loyal Birthdate: 7th September 1990 Family: In NewYork City Astrological Sign: Virgo Birthplace: Queens, New York Blood Type: O - Sexual Preference: Bisexual Occupation: Los Santos Police Department. Hair: Black / Brown Hair Eyes: Blue Left/ Right handed: Right Handed Place/Type of Residence: The City of Los Santos. Languages Spoken: English Favorite color: Blue Fears: Losing loved once Near you. Interests: Being a Mechanic Dislikes: Criminals Good, Neutral or Bad?: Neutral Weapons: Your Voice Strengths: Family Weakness: Family Medical Conditions: None Harsh Zale was born in Queens, New York, in 1990, and attended Long Island City High School. Harsh also got a 2-year associate's degree as a mechanic. Harsh Joined Los Santos Police Department in 2018. He decided to join the police department because he likes to help the civilians and just wants the world to be a safe place and not get people hurt but deep inside he knows that's never going to happen. He likes to find good in people because he feels people can change if you lead them in the right direction.
  5. Age: 19 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Pink Deja never knew his biological parents. He was born and abandoned at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He spends the first 9 years of his life in Mercy Home orphanage, where he was taught how to read and write. Even though his life had a rough start Deja was always a happy child with a positive attitude and always full of energy. That being said he was always up for mischief and trouble making and he would influence other kids to do the same. He wasn't a leader but he sure knew how to make himself known and noticed. At a very young age, he found comfort in music and more specifically in singing. He would sing to calm himself and others down and slowly people started to take notice. When he was 9 years old a couple named Jasmine and Joshua Washington decided to adopt him. Deja was so excited and happy that he would have a chance for a real family and a proper home, but things didn't go as he imagined. For the first year, everything seemed fine but everything changed when Jasmine got pregnant and for reasons that Deja never found out she lost the baby. Their attitude towards him changed. They didn't care anymore about him and you could say that they didn't even want him to be around. They would always yell and shout at him for no reason and have him in his room for the majority of the day. This went on for years. At the age of 15 Deja's only comfort was singing and more specifically rapping. He started writing his own songs and soon enough he realized that this is what he wanted to do with his life. To be a famous rapper. He started meeting all sorts of people and getting into all kinds of trouble with the excuse that he wanted to experience every aspect of life so his songs would be the best. Deja, however, was always kind and sweet. Even after everything he went through, he was always a kind and caring person and very fun to be around. At the age of 19, he decided that New York has nothing to offer him anymore so he started traveling. His aim? to achieve his dream. His travels lead him to San Andreas where he had his first chance to perform his singing in public in a live show called Fame or Shame. He decided that this place might just be the right place to become what he always wanted, a famous rapper.
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