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  1. These are all the highlights I could make from all the crap that happened yesterday. What an amazing day.
  2. @Dreah Johnson @Eddie Lee @Sasha Dimitrijev @Lena Tesla @Ainsley Childers
  3. A combination of sunset, kush and being drunk looks like this:
  4. "When you're a professional good boy life is tough!" - Scooter @Jericho Bane
  5. Two years ago I could finally say that after three years of it, I was depression free. Although not completely happy with how my life was going, it felt really relieving to understand that I was in a better place than I was before. I just want to say that even when it seems like there is no end to the emotions you're feeling and no end to all the negative thoughts you're having, there will be one day. There are a lot of people out there to help. I found professional help and I am seriously glad I did. I learned to say my thoughts out loud and it relieves a lot. There is no need to find immediate solutions to what problems you may have, talking about it already does half the work.
  6. Civilians being pissy at the police ? Bunch of the same cars. Traffic jam by cow. Dude swearing he didn't have a waterspider on his feet, so I had to have proof for him.
  7. I'm sad to say that I'm usually one of those people who runs towards interesting things. I'm sorry for that. I'm now actively looking to improve my role play.
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