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  1. Hi everyone! I would like to take some time to give a warm welcome to all of the new members of our community, we've recently seen a small influx of new players and we love to see it! With that, we would like to remind all of you, and old members alike to take the time to read through our RP rules, they can be found here! You are expected to follow these rules the entire time you are in the server. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please direct them to the "Ask Admins" section of our forums found here. I would also like to give a reminder to our community members who are apart of RP gangs to stick to your "gangs goals". These goals should be crime focused, but should also paint a picture of what this gang is focusing on. Gangs should not be "catch-alls" for all criminal behavior - rather focused on one "market" of crime. As stated in our gang rules, Admins+ maintain the right to dissolve a gang at any time should they break gang rules or when a gang is no longer relevant. And lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing Revo to be your home, we couldn't do it with you guys ❤️
  2. Weazel News Bulletin: Dodge has recently issued an urgent recall of their latest Dodge Ram Pickups to the discovery of unsafe hazards found on the body designs. Consumers of this vehicle around the world are being quickly rebated of all purchase and aftermarket costs due to the severity of the matter. Vapid has moved in quickly, advertising to former customers of their vehicles to persuade them back into shopping with their dealers once more. (If for what ever reason you do not receive proper compensation and you should have, let us know) You will not need to sell your vehicles, the manufacturer will be taking care of the work for you at no extra cost.
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