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  1. Folks, if you cannot be adult enough to refrain from personal attacks on a thread intended to send a positive message, then please choose another course of action. Out of disappointment, this thread will unfortunately be locked.
  2. All, With an understanding of a lot of the feelings about Revo we as a core have heard a lot of the perceptions circulating. Information and discussion from streams, privately and in public channels of discords we have done a lot of listening. We want to take a moment to help clarify some things based on some of the common statements that are circulating. Revo hates crimes! Revo loves its criminals, though at times it seems not because most people who get banned are criminals. We realize how that perception can develop. Unfortunately, sometimes the criminal behavior can lead to cutting the line on what's right and what's wrong. While sometimes we have to make hard decisions, the idea that we do not appreciate our criminals comes into play. This has never been true, we learn the most from our criminals, in retrospect they are not the only people who get in trouble either. Revo bans without saying anything. We immediately will send information about what is going on the moment a ban or warning points is executed. The forums are our one source of truth. We are sad to hear that this is what people feel happens. While at times the process can seem abrupt, we do hear your point and that's not to say we cannot adapt to them in the future. And we ALWAYS encourage people to come talk to us about a ban, something to do differently and so on. How the message is delivered is what matters most. Development is mostly for cops Some of the most complicated systems our Dev team has been working on is the criminal side. A lot of challenges come up with that because a lot of time goes into trying to figure out how to create balance with them, avoid abusable mechanics through glitching as well as cautious of ideas that could stimulate a surge of negativity with the population in game. That being said there is a lot on the way. Floppy just works on his own stuff. Those that work with Floppy directly know and understand that 90% of his time is dedicated to fixing, adapting, and improving the quality of the server in the background. The impact the health of the community has on Floppy has never been taken lightly by him. It is important to note that Revo/RMOG is a gaming community not just GTA and at times new ideas are played with as something possible to bring into the fold for both new adventures and possible outlets for players such as the latest creation of FiveM King of the Hill. Revo hates people who leave! Never, while we want this to be a place you call home, we will also be supportive of whatever makes you happy. Revolution and its staff will always be prepared to hunker down and rebuild because many of us have a passion for the place and its goal to be a higher quality of RP. Staff isn't fair! Honestly, we try to be. Sometimes people become confused because 1 person gets away with something while the other doesn't. A lot of this comes down to what is reported, witnessed, and by who brings it up. There's a lot going on all the time and we can only see so much. Evidence, step by steps, conversation, the details make the difference. But that is also why we encourage conversation. Staff isn't approachable. Many of us make ourselves available on a daily basis as much as we can. We become sad to hear that because there are a lot of people who we don't hear from who express that. We are willing to talk about anything in most cases. There are a few processes which we will direct to specific places, especially if that staff is in game. But for the most part many do not feel they are being approached. Revo promises things then does not deliver. Our Dev team and Floppy work almost every day to try to come up with ways to make things work, improve staff tools, improve backend performance. We as well as other communities are working with problematic changes that come from FiveM updates as well. At times promises have been made about things such as housing, business, whitelisting features. All of which are being daily discussed and looked into. There have been times the team felt they could pursue certain features but the level of reverse engineering required to pull back from all the custom code makes things fall apart. Revo has a unique code base that most do not know about and at times requires a lot of rework to fit in features that seem to come easy to other communities. There has also been a massive learning curve to the new Dev team who are round the clock trying to gain the skills to bring these features to the table. We know it’s been talked about for a while now, we are trying to come up with a solution. We try not to set up timelines because it can set expectations that we cannot predict. Failing an expectation is perceived worse than expressing the truth of trying to develop things long term. The CR Reps isn't being heard or working. Staff have been battling problematic issues with keeping a static leadership model around this. Either the members change, or the representation changes. Everything that is shared in their conversations is heard. We DO hear you. Sometimes things are actionable, sometimes not, or at least not yet. We are always open to new ideas and when something is actionable as well as feasible, we do our best to find a path forward. Feel free to ask any questions, and we will answer what we can as best we can. Please keep things civil and constructive. This thread is not here to be trolled or negative against others. Thank you everyone, We do love you and look forward to more adventures. -TEAM
  3. Hi All There has been a reported increase in members of our community who are reaching out to some of our staff members in an informal manner in order to bring up bugs, player issues, ideas and features. Our staff members are on a volunteer basis and their time is theirs when they choose. We have always provided forum-based outlets to be able to report and suggest things in a more communal fashioned. In some instances, we have received reports that members have been tracking down staff and developers outside of the community through twitch, steam and other discords to get their attention. This is not okay. Moving forward any lack of utilizing our formal forum features can and will result in warnings being given out. This includes private messaging through TeamSpeak. Please utilize our forum features moving forward. Issues: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/issues/issues/ Player Reports: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/56-player-reports/ Compensation Requests: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/59-compensation-request/ LEO Complaint: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/62-leo-complaint/ EMS Complaint: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/65-emsfire-complaint/ DOJ Complaint: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/115-doj-complaint/ Bug Reports: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/tracker/gta/ Dev Suggestions: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/forum/12-suggestions/ Thank you all -Staff
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