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  1. The whole bike thing should stay IC. I get you were helping someone, honestly that whole situation would have never happened on a regular day because wayne hardly ever does tow work. But the Rp was too good to leave it. The whole scenario was sitting right there. so I wanted to make some good content as I do stream and clip content too. so all the stuff about taking the bike and you were doing something good by helping someone blah blah should stay IC. it is was it is in game. There was no OOC attempt for negativity towards you. This post was strictly to show a good RP situation for Wayne. The title of this post was for Wayne not for me vs you in any OOC meaning. So putting you on blast as a human being was in no way intended here, and putting you character on blast means nothing because this is all OOC. so i'm not sure where you are truly offended. But if you are truly offended, I can ask to have the post deleted. Also I dont plan to report you. It would have to be something serious to report on forums. I can dislike how something went down, but I mean its not a big deal. But i did wish Critical player could drop weapons..
  2. I mostly posted it because it was really good RP, not to put anyone on blast. Also I don't know how anyone would know who this person is. You kind of put yourself on blast by identifying that this is your character. And you didn't take the L, I gave you the L. Taking the L would have been to surrender when I had you at gunpoint and not try to swing on someone with a gun. But I wasn't trying to call out NVL. I played it out and made it fun. This post was to show a good RP scenario and how fun the server can be. Wasn't meaning to offend anyone, despite the title..
  3. #EveryTruckDriverCarries #PistalWhip>Fists #LayDown #NightNight
  4. I went full Immersive RP. I was taking down the tag and going to take it to the impound lot. But someone had to threaten Wayne. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AFv5VnOq8Q0L5wtK3AeIkxQqjPf1UByJ/view?usp=sharing
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