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  1. Sadly I didn't realize this was going to be a thing so I did this. ???? This is me after the patch. http://prntscr.com/sc68ne http://prntscr.com/sc65kx
  2. "I'm the best driver there is on the force" @Nicholas Brown *Not even 10 seconds later crashes*
  3. Happy late womb extraction and umbilical cord severing anniversary! ? @Floppy Pancakes
  4. For those of you that will or has been affected by Hurricane Dorian be sure you have a plan and FILL UP YOUR GAS CANS AND TANKS NOW. Gas stations are already running out in my area and the hurricane is days away. Have a bug out bag if you need to evacuate. Me being a 911 dispatcher I hate telling people we can’t do anything because they didn’t evacuate and it’s not safe for our officers to do so. If you’re in a evacuation zone there is an evacuation put in place for a reason so evacuate. If you don’t have a generator go and purchase one now. Right now it’s being predicted to be hitting as a category 3 and the eye by Daytona. That’s right in my area so coming next week expect not to hear me for possibly up to 2 weeks. Good luck to everyone in Florida and stay safe ? UPDATE!! It will now hit as a Category 4 hurricane. Just got updated to a Category 5 hurricane. Probs gonna be out of power.
  5. Just ordered the GTRacing gaming chair! Thank you guys. ❤️
  6. That's the main reason I'm wanting a gaming chair. ? I have back issues and I need more support. I did my research and those gaming chairs are the best for support. I just don't know what to get. There is a wide variety.
  7. Looking to get a gaming chair. Any tips? ?
  8. @Darcy Reid I know ? I was just messin around. Lol.
  9. ? I don't see me. XD They look good tho!
  10. Thank you floppy for everything you do for this community. You sound like a really cool guy to go out and have a beer with. I completely understand everything you have went through as I have went through a similar situation before. Keep up the good work and stay safe ❤️
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