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Liam Owen

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  1. So we have tried to get One Sync to work but we have had very limited success with getting it fully working, And as the community is run and funded on the generosity of people from the community we dont tend to put a second server up due to fully staffing it and the costs of running a second server. ontop of that by the time we do get a second server up everyone wants in the first server as thats where their friends/most rp is going on.
  2. Thank you Thea you have been amazing, we wouldn't have Community Relations without you there was no one better for the position when it was first created and i still stand by that to this day, You have always made time out of your busy schedule for individuals and the community as a whole, So from someone who has RP'd with you and has personally had help from you on multiple situations Thank you, I hope everything is okay and that whatever reason you have to step down for gets better All my love !
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