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  1. @Susie Carmichael and @Paco Garcia make a great team.
  2. I've been playing for about 3 months now and am still looking to improve my RP and would love some critique on Eric and Max. I don't really get offended so feel free to hit me with any good or bad feedback.
  3. I completely agree with billy. It's to the point where I very rarely go to legion anymore and when interacting with Billy I feel like I have to actively make sure people don't insert themselves into our RP. The other day @Slippy Isquist was kidnapped and Billy told me if I didn't get him $10,000 he would put a bullet in her head. I called the police and began working with them to get slippy back safely but the whole situation was ruined when Berro Garcia decided to be a vigilante. He ran to where billy was with gun drawn showing no regard for Slippy's life or his own.
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