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  1. There's no denying favouritism occurs, I've watched many of my friends being treated differently during situation that evolved us all. I witnessed the worst case of metagaming and powergaming the day I joined. I watched a big fellow streamer friend play to just get sandbagged, ignored and even thrown a passive aggression attitude to incite a group hatred toward said person.
  2. I don't think I have any right to comment on development or bug fixes, and I understand this is not an easy thing to fix. What I will say though is I've heard from a lot of friends/viewers that they've tried to join the server and spent hours on end in the support channel. Its very disheartening to watch my girlfriend wait all day to get her TS tags, but then staff to only attend when I join the channel and get spoke to before her. It feels like new players are not wanted or welcome. Sadly, one close friend waited 3 days to get tags just to get disconnected 3 times by server crashes. I think organising support would be a good step in the right direction.
  3. Just a WIP for a spoof I'm making.
  4. Right. this more looks like it, the other one dindunuffin. ty sir
  5. Billy heard a really nice sound mod on Daddy Warrens stream, plz link ASAP
  6. I fully understand floppy, but I can't take these terms lightly regardless of how Travis means them. Before the blackout I was accused of being a "Racist" in a report with not a single scrap of proof, it was just a fabricated lie. I reacted to such claims since Travis's statement towards me was out of character. Being falsely branded a homophobe or a racist is not something I take lightly, if Travis was a bit more mature in his replies rather than "LMAO, ITS OK NOW BILLY, YOU LOVE GAYS I GAVE YOU A GAY PASS" I'd probably just brushed it off an not gave a damn.
  7. I'm not telling you how to RP, I'm telling you not to call people names based off their sexual preference or views without sufficient evidence, and firing such words off because you are being attacked is straight up childish. You should know that these things are very serious, on the same levels as racism.
  8. Because you're insensitive towards my feelings...you spend your time slandering my straight brothers and calling them toxic homophobes but all we want is acceptance in this world. 😢 please learn to love more rather than hate.
  9. "In roleplay" yet you quit the game within a few minutes of being knocked out lol. And yes, I hope you learn accusations like that are not something to give out so lightly....I'm still upset with you though about this slander. 😞
  10. Calling someone a Homophone with out ANY evidence is straight up slander, you even said after out of character "Chat did you see that? he clearly attacked me because I was a gay male, Clearly" It seems its only clear in your head, since myself or anyone around even spoke about sexuality, that was all you. I think you need to sort some issues you have with yourself first rather than branding others as "Toxic" or "homophobic". And I actually told you why I was attacking you, since lastime we met you punched me without any reason (Or sucker punched pussy as you called me) and ran off.
  11. Triggering? I'd think you should be more careful to the people you accuse, these types of accusations can be very damaging to a persons reputation even if they were meant in a way to "Trigger" Straight people.
  12. Funny clip, shame you accused me of being a homophobe without any proof though.
  13. @Floppy Pancakes Honestly...I pooped my pants.
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