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  1. I know my group has to run down some ways to get to a clothing changer. so one in our house would be fantastic and we would use that mainly
  2. So i know it was said once before that they weren't doing clothing stores and garages for gangs. But the big question is, is why then some gangs still have them. Its nothing against these people, or gangs. but syndicate has a clothing store and garage at their gang house that was entered in there. another house soon to be a gang house has a clothing store. i know my group would benefit having one. and we are only looking for a clothing circle. but my question is. how does everyone else feel about this?
  3. Try waiting like a minute before you press enter?
  4. - @Paul Owen - Ace Dover - @Johnny Kimble - First day back with the new department - @Jeff Bear
  5. Every single donation helps. I paid for 4 months last year, I'm tapped out right now. But let's help
  6. The new update was causing issues in server. Such as bot being able to hear people
  7. @Jeff Bear @Darcy Reid @Ernest Flanagan
  8. So I've been an on off role player for some time. Since I was 13 to now [I'm 26]. I was mainly a text role player. Never did it in games. And in about 2014 or so, my ex girlfriend and I were randomly watching pokemon streamers on twitch together. That's when I found @Susie Carmichael and really hit it off with her and Jimmy. When she went to start gta 5 rp. I really enjoyed watching it. thats when i also met @Paul Owen through her streams. I joined not long after in October of 2017. And I havent looked back. Sure I played other servers. But always came back to revo in the end. I'm thankful for all the friends I met her, the people I've come to trust more than anyone in the world.
  9. its because either they dn't meet the requirements or they haven't put themselves there
  10. awwwwwww thats so cute
  11. Like radio sounds and effects? Yeah we have that already
  12. Yes but you can add them, or so I was told.
  13. Those can be staff members right now
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