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  1. Brianna: https://prnt.sc/sck8zl Tuukka: he woke up p retty normal https://prnt.sc/sckdu8 Alys: https://prnt.sc/sckg7n Sophia: can't check due to i keep crashing in the VU Lucia 'Pride' Vex: https://prnt.sc/sckmk4 Lucien: https://prnt.sc/scko1e Hel: https://prnt.sc/sckp9q
  2. I'M BLIND https://prnt.sc/sc76da
  3. I'm up for anything you need to help further this story on any character! I like him. And I'm thankful you were willing to talk with hel!
  4. Give me about 10 minutes and I'll get home to help out better. If you could get pictures and post them here to see that would be great
  5. All ready for the wedding this weekend
  6. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    Oh my god these are so pretty! And totally jelly
  7. You guys wiped out so badly! i was actually shocked you guys were not as hurt as you were.
  8. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    know its not a drawn artwork. but i figured it would do this up too
  9. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    So I originally had a thread before for the artwork of Revo, for people to share. And I forgot we lost it. so here we are again figured i would get us started again
  10. Got me the reshade shit @Lucas Vice
  11. @Lucas Vice took this picture
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