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Taylor Faye

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  1. All ready for the wedding this weekend
  2. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    Oh my god these are so pretty! And totally jelly
  3. You guys wiped out so badly! i was actually shocked you guys were not as hurt as you were.
  4. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    know its not a drawn artwork. but i figured it would do this up too
  5. Taylor Faye

    Art of Revo

    So I originally had a thread before for the artwork of Revo, for people to share. And I forgot we lost it. so here we are again figured i would get us started again
  6. Got me the reshade shit @Lucas Vice
  7. @Lucas Vice took this picture
  8. It does not need to be directed at anyone to be offensive by someone.
  9. - @Paul Owen - Ace Dover - @Johnny Kimble - First day back with the new department - @Jeff Bear
  10. Every single donation helps. I paid for 4 months last year, I'm tapped out right now. But let's help
  11. @Jeff Bear @Darcy Reid @Ernest Flanagan
  12. its because either they dn't meet the requirements or they haven't put themselves there
  13. Didnt yuri have to pull her free? Man that went on for 10 to 15 minutes
  14. @Billy Sprinkle this is the man you got two punched by
  15. The one with ruby outside of fleece bank.
  16. Once I am home, I will gladly share it with him.
  17. I think it's time I showed @Billy Sprinkle the time that @Trevor Parker turned squad car into a flying projectile
  18. 1993: March 12th at 1:08 am, a girl named Taylor was born, buffalo, New York 1995: family moved to Akron, Ohio 1998: eight staples to the head due to a rock dropped on her head from her brother throwing them off the slide platform 1999: Started Grade School Several years of uneventful times. 2011: graduated highschool and got accepted into a good college for criminal justice 2013: met boyfriend Damien Maddox 2015: graduated College with a 4 year degree in criminal justice Feb 2016: found beat and bruised, but for unknown reasons. October 2016: engaged to Damien Maddox April 2017: disappeared from home November 2017: relocated in Los Santos as a police recruit December 2017: becomes a police cadet January 2018: started to date former chief of police May 2018: join the Blaine County Sheriffs Office July 2018: left LEO to join the PDO July 2018: returned to the LEO November 2018: promoted to Sergeant of LSPD January 2019: Adopted a child Feburary 12th, 2019: married March 14th, 2019: accepted into San Andres Highway Patrol as a State Trooper by Director Trooper Grinnin Barrett May 14th, 2019: divorced July 2019: Transfer to the BCSO as a Sergeant October 2019: Transfer back into the SAST Now: I will serve and protect those who cannot protect themselves, at all cost.
  19. Taylor Faye


    Name: Tuukka Koivu Birthday: 03/10 Birth Place: Finland Hometown: Boston, MA Occupation: District Attorney About: Tuukka was born in a small town of Finland, when he was 5 his family decided to move to Boston, MA. During that time, they were transitioning from Finnish to English. One day while driving home from just starting school, they were in a severe car accident which resulted in the family becoming hurt, Tuukka suffered severe cuts to his throat. Nothing extremely life threatening, but it was enough to cause the young boy to lose his voice at the age of five. Tuukka spent his life hoping to get his voice back, but it never seemed to happen. So when he had the chance to hop on a random plane an go wherever he wanted, he chose a city where his family didn't know and wouldn't need to worry about him. that is when he got to Los Santos and started to try and make a life for himself. He met a fellow guy who was mute, Adrian Holmes, the two bonded quickly over their muteness. During that time, Tuukka met a few friends, learned how to hunt, robbed a few things. But not once was he caught, in the end when the city made a law stating that all should have a voice. Tuukka went home to get a surgery to help with returning his voice. Knowing in the end it could cause him to not have one at all, he was shocked when he had one. Upon his return to the city, he joined the public defenders office and couldn't be happier, defending those that were like him, or even doing worse things than him. that is the life he seems to lead now.
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