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Slippy Isquist

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  1. Originally from Sweden, Slippy slipped out of the much-needed helping hands of the mental health services and somehow found herself in Los Santos entirely by accident. Without knowing how old she is, who her parents are or where she really comes from, Slippy only has one true love in her life, and that is burgies. At first, Slippy made her slip-'n'-sliders on the engines of other people's cars, but soon she earned enough money from the burger sales for her to buy her own car, and then she cooked the burgies on that. The retro exhausts are perfect for smoking the bacon. Nowadays, if you don't see Slippy selling her burgies at Legion square, MRPD, or the dumpster between the two, you'll most likely find her en route to a delivery or cooking up fresh burgies in Big Beefy. It has been said that Slippy is a little absent-minded, scatterbrained and quite gullible, but she's a friendly person who likes to get to know everyone and she has just enough smarts to stop her getting into any major trouble. Though she has been kidnapped once or twice or maybe three times now. She once got a ticket for distracted driving because she panicked when she saw a police car, and now she's got driving anxiety. Also, she can't swim and hates wearing shoes.
  2. Martha - or Marf, as her old Bingo gang used to call her - came to Los Santos to move into a new nursing home closer to her only son. However, upon arriving at the airport it became clear that her son had no intention of collecting her, and has in fact blocked her number. Confused, forgetful, but nonetheless undeterred, Martha planned to use her newfound freedom to tear up the streets on her second-hand scooter and play some hardcore high-stakes underground bingo. After approximately two hours of disorientated wandering, Martha spent all of her government-provided cash on a pink mobility scooter, which she immediately crashed into a fire hydrant. Searching for a mechanic, she stumbled upon one William Sprinkles, who took her to see the sights of Los Santos and help her get acquainted with her new life. Cantankerous and vengeful, Martha now seeks to adopt William and fuck her biological son out of his inheritance since he left her high and dry at the airport. Once that's out the way, all that's left to do is withdraw her pension and get high on an endless supply of backalley cough syrup and smoke some weed behind the bins with her new, better son.
  3. Vagilante is originally from Ireland, though you wouldn't know it if you heard her talk, because her accent is a constantly fluctuating mess that occasionally turns scouse for no reason. That's because she's lived in America for so long though, obviously. Vag is mostly a quiet, self-destructive loner trying to get away with mischief for her own amusement. Besides that, she spends her time finding things that might be nice to burn. One should be careful not to frustrate Vag too much, as she becomes bored quickly and this fuels her compulsion to light stuff on fire. She has, on occasion, covered her accomplices' cars in gasoline when they've been indecisive in the clothing store, for instance, and then watched them drive 30 feet in their flashy sports car before inevitably exploding.
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