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  1. I've only been doing RP for about 3 months now and it has all been on Revo, I think I've learned a thing or two since my first day of logging on to the server but I would appreciate some feedback on my RP abilities. If you've encounter either one of my characters Ivan Rumenov (pale skinned baldy, normally wears a jean jacket and a white turtleneck sweater) or Takashi Nakamura - asian dude blonde hair with red tips, normally seen riding around on black and red bike - I would love to know what your opinion is of either, be it negative or positive. Also to the people who have met Both, was it easy to recognize I was Takashi (as Ivan was the first one I made) or should I work on my voice acting more 😄
  2. I joined a few months ago (2-3?) during the GTA RP boom on twitch. It was the first time I was introduced to GTA RP, it seemed like lots of fun when all the big streamers started playing on No Pixel, and like most of the viewers I realized I won't be able to get on NP due to the amount of applications they got, so I googled "GTA 5 RP servers" and came across this reddit post from 20.04.2017 and here I am.
  3. Bulgaria, land of the Kukeri
  4. There's a whole discussion thread about this. From my observation the issues weren't so much the fac there were 32/50/64 people on the server but the longer the server was up the more issues occured. http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/topic/68-continue-with-onesync/
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