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Tairy Greene

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  1. @Maya Janssen Let's show everyone what not to do around gas stations:
  2. Name: Tairy Greene Birthday: June 15th, 1975 First language: English Favorite things: Everything green. Money, weed.....okay, two things that are green. Favorite color: Green Family: Cousin - CeeLo Greene (used to call me TeeLo) Personality/Attitude: Sassy, charismatic, and outgoing Dislikes: Shirts, chaffed nipples, cats Background: Tairy Greene was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 15th, 1975. Both of his parents passed away before his first birthday and their demise is unknown to him. He was adopted by Sheila J. Tyler-Callaway and quickly bonded with his "cousin", Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, aka CeeLo Green. From an early life, Tairy was always involved with music, especially when he would go to Church with his family. He was nicknamed "The Mean and Greene Machine" with how dirty he was with slapping the bass. He moved on to help CeeLo/Gnarls Barkley produce the hit single "Crazy" but due to a disagreement over crediting Tairy for his contributions, Tairy moved on to pursue an unsuccessful solo artist career. His solo album, " Nips n Tips", only sold two copies, one to him and a mysterious buyer. Upon moving to Los Santos, Tairy spent time making some new friends and collecting smells on his finger to share with everyone, which he uses as a “trust test”. He’s been learning how to get back to his first love of Mary Jane and has made a lot of people in this city feel goooood vibes. He’s been watching, learning, and adapting to everyone. Even if you don’t see Tairy, him and his titties see you.
  3. Thank you everyone for creating such a great community of people and for all of the hard work the staff puts into maintaining it! It is greatly appreciated!
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