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  1. Scott was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, February 11, 1990. His father, John, was a Butcher and his mother, Anne, was your stereotypical housewife... nothing about Scott's life was extraordinary, that was until he decided to move to the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos. Scott is one of three children. His brother, Angus, serves in the British Army but has lost touch with him. His sister, Sarah, is a University Professor, teaching psychology to a bunch of kids who'd probably rather be anywhere else than in a lecture hall at 8:30am in the morning... His parents were never very strict, and for the most part were indifferent about the activities and crowds that Scott hung out with growing up, I guess it has its positives and negatives... At the age of 18, Scott joined his local police department, working his way through the ranks but always feeling like he was destined for somewhere greater... perhaps it was this reason that drew him towards submitting a transfer request to the LSPD. On the evening of July 2nd 2017, Scott's parents were driving home from a weekend trip after celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, but were involved in a fatal road traffic accident which tragically ended both of their lives. I guess that was the catalyst that pushed the siblings apart, and made Scott decide to move to Los Santos to begin a new chapter...
  2. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-tokovoip-a-teamspeak-based-voip-system/475479/200 It seems it might be related to the latest windows update. EDIT: I updated Windows for science and I haven't crashed... the plot thickens
  3. Did you delete both the .dll files or just the 32 bit one?
  4. What happens when you delete tokovoip_win32.dll ?
  5. Can you try these steps if you haven't already: 1. Uninstall Teamspeak 2. Delete everything inside here: C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client 3. Reinstall TeamSpeak
  6. Balancing can always be done to any vehicles which seem to be able to carry a bit too much or too little. Make sure you file a report for the devs and we can check it out 🙂
  7. Officers are trained and expected to use like-for-like weaponry, unless in gang territory where class 2 and/or 3 weapons are authorised (as you are aware locals like to go crazy as soon as someone pulls out a gun). If you see an Officer returning fire with a higher class weapon than the criminals they are engaged in combat with, outside of a known gang area, then please report it to a LEO Supervisor or Command and it will be dealt with accordingly. It seems to be a very common misconception that LEO is overpowered, and on first impression it may seem that way, however you have to remember we have strict protocol to follow and in order to gain access to more powerful vehicles and guns an officer must first attain a certain rank and also complete training courses. It's very easy for a crim to blend in, but we are always confined to our very obviously marked LEO vehicles and are constantly a target for a multitude of different criminal activity. Constructive suggestions and feedback on how we as LEO can improve your RP experience (within the limitations of the Code of Law) are always welcome.
  8. I just missed the sun, but I did get a couple of really nice shots and a little bit later...
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