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  1. BREAKING DISCOVERY: In the absence of the ever-reliable and award wining journalist, Gene Weathers (@Zeke / R. Devine), reports have surfaced that we are in the midst of an invasion from unknown Extraterrestrial beings whose sole purpose is to infiltrate human society and learn our deepest, darkest secrets so that they may attack and enslave mankind forevermore. Could it be too late to act? Would we have known sooner if we still had the investigative prowess of Gene Weathers? Who knows... All we do know is that your neighbour may have already been compromised and inhabited by this cruel alien species.
  2. Bruce Jackson was born in 1982 in the East End of London to John and Margaret Jackson. His father was a London cab driver and his mother cleaned houses for living, there was nothing glamorous about growing up in this part of London. His parents were cold and never really paid much attention to their only son, leaving Bruce to fend for himself throughout school and subsequently resulting in below average grades. Bruce never made it to college, choosing instead to make a name for himself on the streets as a Mechanic working for one of the most talked about criminal organisations in the South of England, perhaps unsurprisingly, Bruce's job description changed rapidly from just being a Mechanic, to sourcing and stealing cars for his mob boss clientele. Bruce moved to Los Santos with his cousin, Ted McFarlane, in 2017 and they attempted to set up a Taco business called Jacko's Tacos but soon went their separate ways. Ted was always one to go by the book and never put a foot on the wrong side of the law, he was a cop after all, but Bruce does what needs to be done in order to make it on the harsh streets of reality, currently sourcing and shipping high-end vehicles to an anonymous client in Barbados.
  3. Scott was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, February 11, 1990. His father, John, was a Butcher and his mother, Anne, was your stereotypical housewife... nothing about Scott's life was extraordinary, that was until he decided to move to the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos. Scott is one of three children. His brother, Angus, serves in the British Army but has lost touch with him. His sister, Sarah, is a University Professor, teaching psychology to a bunch of kids who'd probably rather be anywhere else than in a lecture hall at 8:30am in the morning... His parents were never very strict, and for the most part were indifferent about the activities and crowds that Scott hung out with growing up, I guess it has its positives and negatives... At the age of 18, Scott joined his local police department, working his way through the ranks but always feeling like he was destined for somewhere greater... perhaps it was this reason that drew him towards submitting a transfer request to the LSPD. On the evening of July 2nd 2017, Scott's parents were driving home from a weekend trip after celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, but were involved in a fatal road traffic accident which tragically ended both of their lives. I guess that was the catalyst that pushed the siblings apart, and made Scott decide to move to Los Santos to begin a new chapter...
  4. I just missed the sun, but I did get a couple of really nice shots and a little bit later...
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